Hearts of Iron 4

Hearts of Iron 4 is a grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive. Set during World War II, players lead a nation, managing diplomacy, economy, and warfare. Delve into the complexities of global conflict, shaping history through tactical decisions and strategic mastery. The game offers deep mechanics, historical accuracy, and the chance to rewrite the outcome of the war.
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Hearts of Iron 4 Guides

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Conquer new horizons and explore a universe of strategic delights in the best games like Hearts of Iron 4. Originally released in 2016, Hearts of Iron 4 WW2 histories...

In 2002, Paradox Development Studio, which was still in its infancy, released the first game of the series, Hearts of Iron. Although it offered a very small-scale grand strategy experience when it first appeared, it turned into a massive multiplayer strategy in 2016. With this transformation, you start to control your soldiers, factories, political structure and everything you can think of about running a country. In fact, it starts at the point that combines the game with grand strategy and simulation. When you start the game in 1936, you try to change the course of history by choosing any country in the world.

You can progress as a fascist, communist or democrat. The main goal in Hoi4 is to feel the atmosphere of the Second World War in your bones. With the Hoi4 guides we have prepared especially for beginners, we guide you and ensure that you get the best gaming experience.