What is the Hoi4 League of Nations Mod? How To Install?


There was a political community in Europe before things heated up and turned into a second world war. The Hoi4 League of Nations, the subject of our article today, is a political formation founded by the British and French governments of the time. Their primary mission was to preserve the peace after WWI and prevent another disaster.

Hoi4 League of Nations
Hoi4 League of Nations

While the events are progressing like this in real history, can we create an alternative history in the game? In order to answer this very question, we decided to review the Hoi4 League of Nations mod, created by the user “LimonenZitrone.

How to Install the Hoi4 League of Nations Mod?

Before the things that you can do with the mod, let’s quickly look at how to install it. If you follow the steps below one by one, you will ensure a smooth installation.

  • First, log into your Steam library and click on Hoi4. Then you will see the “Workshop” button. Continue with the workshop and wait for all mod pages to open.
  • Now type “League of Nations” in the search box in the upper left corner and proceed.
  • Here you will come across various and similar mods. However, we will use the original one, created by the user “LimonenZitrone.” So, click on the first mod and enter the page.

Lastly, continue with the “Subscribe” button and wait for the mod to load. Your mod will probably be activated automatically. Remember to activate the mod from Paradox’s launcher page if it is not started automatically.

HOI4 United Nations
Hoi4 League of Nations

What Does the League of Nations Mod Do in-Game?

As we mentioned at the beginning of our guide, the League of Nations mod has only one purpose: to keep the peace. The features that it can do in general also develop around it. Now, let’s take a detailed look at all the decisions the League of Nations will allow you to make.

  • First, after the member states vote for approval, you can collectively decide to go to war against any country you want. A total of 55 members have the right to speak in this decision of war. For example, if you put a war decision to the vote, you can make a war decision with a vote of 28-27.
  • In addition to the war decision, you can impose full trade sanctions on a country depending on the members’ approval. In order to be successful, members of that country must have -50 views.
  • If war is waged on any of the League of Nations members in Hoi4, all members will be invited to war. However, you must have completed the “Defense” reform in the League of Nations for this. Additionally, the aggressor country must have a 50% aggressiveness level. Otherwise, League of Nations member nations will reject your call to war.
  • Another critical decision is the embargo that we will impose on luxury products. With this decision, the target country’s “consumer goods” will increase for 105 days. Naturally, this means that the country cannot use its factories efficiently.
  • Another essential economic sanction is to reduce the construction speed and stability of the target country. This sanction will take effect for approximately 75 days.

League of Nations Selections

When you first start Hoi4, France will probably be the leader of the League of Nations. Usually, elections are held every year, and the leader changes. On the game’s main screen, there are the names of the countries you can vote for and an empty box next to it. You can vote by ticking that empty box.


It is possible to change the fate of the League of Nations and the world in Hoi4 with reforms. There are two important decisions that players can make in the reforms.

  • The first decision is to transform the League of Nations into a new faction with its members. For example, we can say that it is like founding NATO.
  • The second decision is to create a dystopian world that mirrors the fascism that they oppose. With this decision, it is aimed that a single nation should rule the world. However, achieving it is challenging, and it also means that you will have to be up against other countries.
Hoi4 League of Nations
Hoi4 League of Nations

As you can see, it is possible to use the League of Nations sometimes as a weapon and sometimes as a protection shield in Hoi4. Especially creating a new faction or creating a single-nation world is quite tricky and dangerous to implement.

League of Nations Membership and Invitation Process

The leading nation of the community can invite other nations to the League of Nations if they wish. If you want to invite a member as a leader, you have to go to the diplomacy page of that country and click on the “Invite to League of Nations” button at the top. The country may accept or reject your invitation; it depends entirely on the current political situation.

Likewise, other countries can apply for membership themselves. For this, you have to go to the diplomacy page of the country that is the leader of the League of Nations and make the necessary agreement for the application.

HOI4 League of Nations
Hoi4 League of Nations

In both membership cases, the decision is put to the vote of the other members of the League of Nations. The new member will quickly join the community if the majority of votes are obtained.


In today’s guide, we examined the Hoi4 League of Nations mod details. It can add a little color to your game, especially if you are tired of the monotonous gameplay where there is constant war. With this community where politics is more active, you can pressure fascist states and prevent their development. In short, you can strengthen the weak allied states at the beginning of the game with League of Nations, as it offers extensive and easy gameplay. Have fun 🙂


What is the HOI4 League of Nations mod?

It’s a mod that adds the League of Nations as a playable faction, with unique mechanics and events, expanding the game experience.

How can I install the League of Nations mod for HOI4?

Download the mod file from a trusted source and place it in the HOI4 mods folder. Activate it in the game’s launcher.

What features does the League of Nations mod add to HOI4?

The mod introduces new focus trees, diplomatic options, events, and decisions related to the League of Nations and its member states.

Can I use the League of Nations mod with other mods in HOI4?

Compatibility may vary. Some mods may conflict with the League of Nations mod, so it’s advisable to check for compatibility patches or mod order adjustments.

Is the HOI4 League of Nations mod available in multiplayer games?

The availability of mods in multiplayer games depends on the host’s settings and the consensus of all players participating in the session.
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