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Conquer new horizons and explore a universe of strategic delights in the best games like Hearts of Iron 4.

games like HoI 4

Originally released in 2016, Hearts of Iron 4 WW2 histories and complex systems captivated both newbies and seasoned players to the genre. Like all Paradox Interactive strategy titles, HoI IV has managed to be many things to its huge fan base. 

Best of all, its whole ranks of DLCs and expansions like the recent Arms Against Tyranny expansion have expanded Hearts of Iron IV’s horizon many-fold. However, even the most dedicated fans of HoI IV crave a change of gameplay. 

Fortunately, there are several games like HoI 4 that offer immersive experiences and historical accuracy, each with its unique twist. Are you seeking a fresh narrative and new challenges? Well, we won’t keep you waiting. Here are seven captivating games like HoI 4 that will offer a fresh perspective.

Crusader Kings III

Crusader III

Immerse yourself in the world of medieval dynasties where you get to choose a noble house and then lead the characters to victory in Crusader Kings III. Developed by Paradox Interactive,  the game comes with a vast and detailed medieval map for players to explore.

Players can start in 867 or 1066 and then journey from there as they claim titles, and lands to secure their bloodline. As you journey through the beautifully detailed map, you’ll meet lots of historical characters, forge partnerships, and make strategic decisions. 

Crusader Kings III has unique and colorful characters and an excellent narrative that provides limitless paths for players to follow. You’ll get to conquer and rule counties, kingdoms, and empires.

Victoria 3

Victoria 3

Also developed by Paradox Interactive, Victoria 3 is a grand strategy game and a sequel to the 2010 Victoria II. The game is a simulation of 100 years starting in 1836. Players can choose any nation and then guide it through a transformative century where they shape their society.

To do so, players will have to make sound economic, political, and diplomatic decisions that will affect the lives of millions. Players will also trade by importing goods to keep the population happy and fuel the factories to produce goods for exports.

Besides trade, you can achieve victory by war, or diplomacy. Basically, you can make pacts and alliances or make threats and war to claim your place among the winners.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms

If you’ve conquered the Western world, why not travel east and conquer ancient China in Total War: Three Kingdoms. Players get to choose from a cast of 12 warlords. As players explore the map, they will recruit heroic characters to defeat their enemies.

Similar to the best games like HoI 4, Total War blends the best elements of real-time battles and turn-based grand strategy. Players will lead their factions to supremacy while making decisions on and off the battlefield just like they would in Hearts of Iron IV. Some of these factions are led by warlords such as Sun Quan, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei.

Players can deploy up to three generals on the battlefield. To achieve victory, the player must defeat all hostile generals or capture the central point of the enemy’s city.

Civilization IV

Civilization IV

Civilization IV is another turn-based strategy game where the main objective is to construct a civilization starting with limited resources. The game follows the 4X models where players get to control an empire and “explore, expand, exploit and exterminate.

It comes to life with a beautifully detailed 3D world that will elevate your gaming experience. As one of the top ten games of 2005, Civilization IV, much like the best games like HoI 4, is a must-have.

To win the game, players can defeat other civilizations militarily or control two-thirds of the game world’s population and land. They can play the game in multiple modes including single-player, multiplayer, or hot seat mode.

Endless Legend

Endless Legend

Another turn-based strategy game that you will love is Endless Legend. Developed by Amplitude Studios, the purpose of the game is to dominate Auriga, a fantasy world. Players can do so using one of the fourteen factions through military conflict or diplomacy just like the best games like HoI 4.

Players will take control of a faction or race and get to establish an empire through conquest, diplomacy, exploration, and research. The game world landmass and ecosystems are usually randomized per game to represent a hexagonal grid.

The map is populated with terrain, each made of biomes. Unlike other 4X games, Endless Legend world map consists of separate regions. Once a player establishes a city, the entire region becomes part of a faction.

Supreme Ruler Ultimate

Supreme Ruler Ultimate

Supreme Ruler Ultimate incorporates stories, scenarios, campaigns, and features from other releases. However, unlike previous releases, it expands on them with a new game engine.

In the game, players take control of any nation from World War II to the Cold War and the future. They get to play modern and historical campaigns with specific objectives. Using espionage, trade, diplomacy, and intimidation, players can influence the policies of other nations.

The game comes with detailed and historically accurate armies down to the battalion level. It also offers real-time strategic and tactical control of your armies. The game’s attention to detail and realism make it a worthy alternative for players who enjoy games like HoI 4.

Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations bridges the gap between grand strategy and real-time strategy games. It offers an engaging and fast-paced experience that players, both newbies and seasoned, will enjoy. Players will guide their nations from ancient times to the modern era. As they do so, they will explore various technologies and strategies along the way.

Like HoI 4, Rise of Nations centers around the concept of territory where players can construct buildings, obtain resources, and even expand territories. However, the game lacks the historical depth found in Hearts of Iron IV. Luckily, it still offers an enjoyable mix of tactical and strategic gameplay that fans will appreciate.

Games like Hoi4 For Strategy Enthusiasts

If you’re a fan of HoI 4 and crave similar grand strategy games that offer a blend of historical immersion and intricate strategy, then these seven titles should keep you entertained for hours. 

Whether you prefer shaping medieval dynasties or rewriting history in various eras, these games like HoI 4, these games will deliver the same intense grand or turn-based strategy experience that made Hearts of Iron IV a hit. So, what are you waiting for? 

Get yourself these titles and embark on a new journey today!

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