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Before we get to the Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences mod – let’s discuss peace conferences in the base game of Hoi4. They can be a confusing and occasionally grueling experience – the default peace conference mechanics introduced in the ‘Avalanche’ update last year were a step in the right direction with regards to these conferences – giving you far more flexibility with what you can do following the surrender of your rivals, and allowing you to battle the other war victors in order to get what you want.

Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences
The ‘Avalanche’ update expanded the amount that you can do in a peace conference.

With that said – due to the way that war score works in Hoi4 – the slice of the territorial pie that you receive can often seem unfair when considering your involvement in the war. Secondly – the AI has a tendency to make questionable peace conference decisions, which can cause border gore, additional lag from subjects – and many more problems.

Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences
The AI often causes situations like these (image courtesy of Reddit)

And finally – you might just want to have the freedom to take everything from that conflict – at the end of the day – it’s only AI you’re playing with in single player.

If you have found yourself in any of these aforementioned situations – you may well be wondering if there’s a way to deal with these peace deal issues – and luckily for us, a mod for exactly that has been around for years at this point – that mod being the Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences mod.

What is the Player Led Peace Conferences mod?

The Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences mod is a mod available on the Steam Workshop and Paradox Mods (Re-uploaded) developed by Steam user Neutrino since January 2017. It is the fifth most subscribed mod on the workshop, with a staggering 723,000 current subscribers – with even more unique visitors. As such – this mod is well known in the community and is a staple of many mod packs and player experiences.

Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences
Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences
The mod is one of the most popular ever!

According to the mod description: “This mod gives players full and direct control of peace conference proceedings in wars they are involved in. Wars without player involvement conclude as normal.” Due to the mod’s flexibility and popularity – it is supported with basically all other available mods – and is also functional in multiplayer.

What Can You Do With The Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences Mod?

Player led peace conferences functions by removing the ability for the AI to interact with any states in any way – they will still accumulate war score by passing – but they will not use it, and they will eventually leave the conference entirely.

Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences
The checkmark icon informs you when a country has left the conference.

From there – the player is free to take anything they want – including all of the default diplomatic options available to the player. In addition – should the player choose to do so, they can grant territory to other victorious participants, be that the player’s own puppets or even some of your rivals at the conference. This gives the player an enormous amount of control with how balanced they want their game to be.

Do you want to just take everything with no care in the world and probably become overpowered? Sure, you can do that, but you can also make realistic and logical borders that you often simply cannot in the default peace conference system due to the AI and its occasional stupidity – the freedom to do whatever you please is a huge plus for this mod.

So – How Do You Install Player Led Peace Conferences?

Like other mods, the primary place to install mods is on the Steam Workshop – assuming you have the Steam version of the game that is. If not – you can still install mods via the Paradox Mods Hoi4 page– but this is slightly more cumbersome than using the workshop, and the mod selection is much diminished.

Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences
The Steam Workshop is the primary and preferred method of installing Hoi4 mods.
Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences
You can still find the mod on Paradox Mods though!

Once you have it installed – simply add it to a mod playset in the Hoi4 launcher to use the mod – and it will be enabled the next time you launch the game from the launcher.


With all that said – we hope that you enjoyed this Hoi4 Player Led Peace Conferences guide, one of Hoi4’s most popular mods – and for good reason! If you’re interested – we have a whole host of other Hoi4 guides at Console Bandit – which you can find here – be sure to take a look, and have a great day.

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