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Air and sea battles are as important as land battles in Hoi4. As the distance between you and the countries you want to invade increases, you will especially need supply lines and naval forces. Therefore, the title “Hoi4 How to Use Floating Harbor” is starting to become very important. Because, with the floating harbor, we can get the sea and supply support we need to fight on wide fronts and in remote areas.

How To Use Floating Harbor

All these considered, we will discuss ways you can use floating harbor effectively. Of course, simply using it is not enough. We will also discuss details such as doctrines and strategic planning. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

What Does Hoi4 Floating Harbor Do?

First of all, we would like to talk about what the floating harbor does in the game. As you know, you have to fight on many different fronts in Hoi4. And in general, when you want to fight in regions other than the European continent, you have to cross seas or oceans. Naturally, you need a strong navy. But what is more important is to try to supply your soldiers in countries that have no land connection with you.

For this reason, you need floating harbors to provide an uninterrupted supply of fuel, weapons, ammo, and equipment. If you make a naval landing without a floating harbor, you will leave your soldiers to die when your supply line is interrupted by the enemy navy. So let’s take a quick look at how to create floating harbors in Hoi4.

In the meantime, you can take a quick look at our Hoi4 Garrison Template article, which protects your factories and cities from resistance in your country while making major naval landings.

How to Production Hoi4 Floating Harbor?

Before proceeding to the production of the floating harbor, you need to have the DLC called No Step Back. If you do not have this DLC, you cannot use the floating harbor content in the game. If you have purchased the No Step Back DLC, you can start production in your factories very easily by following the steps below.

  • First, you need to log in to the research page. Then you need to complete the “Landing Craft” research in the “Naval Support” section and then in the Transport section. Once this research is complete, you will see the Floating Harbor unlocked on the production page.
HOI4 Landing Craft
  • After the research is completed, you need to go to the “Production” section and produce a “Floating Harbor” from the shipbuilding page.
HOI4 Naval Production

If you have done all these things, you can now wait for the production to be completed. Since the production will take a shorter time than normal ships, you can produce in large quantities. However, in terms of usage, we are not entirely sure if you can use one continuously. In addition, after the production is completed, it does not take place in ports like other ships. Instead, it is automatically added to the sea by the game when landing.

Hoi4 How To Use Floating Harbor – Naval İnvasion

Now we have come to answer the game’s most asked question, “How To Use Hoi4 Floating Harbor”. As we have just briefly mentioned, the floating harbor is not used like normal ships. It appears automatically when you are landing it in the game. Here’s how to use it exactly, step-by-step, very easily.

  • In order to land with Hoi4 floating harbor, you need to set your navy to “Naval Invasion Support“. Then send your entire navy to the coastal seas of the country you are going to land on. We will land on the shores of Germany and France to set an example.
Naval Invasion Support
  • Now you need to unite the soldiers you will use for landing under one commander. Afterward, you must ensure that the soldiers are deployed in the safest port city so that they can make a comfortable landing. Again, we prepared our soldiers in the city of Weser-Ems to set an example.
Naval Invasion Order (With Floating Harbor Support)
  • If everything is ready so far, you can make your preparations by clicking the “Naval Invasion Order (With Floating Harbor Support)” plan in the command menu. First, you mark the exit port and then the enemy territory you want to invade.
How To Use Floating Harbor
  • Finally, you start the operation by clicking the “Activate Entire Plan” button on your commander, for whom you are preparing the plan. Your troops will probably land in the area you planned within 42 days.
  • When the expected planning period for the landing is over, floating harbors will appear, as you can see in the picture below, right next to the land in the area where you will be landing. Since this is automatic, you don’t need to do anything.
HOI4 Naval Operations


As a result, with the floating harbors you have seen, you can ensure that your soldiers, who are trapped in the sea landing, receive an uninterrupted supply. Hoi4’s floating harbor, which allows you to prevent unnecessary military losses, will help you gain great advantages, especially in wars away from your mainland. For example, Germany’s conquest of America or making military landings in America and Europe will require you to plan very deep and strategic moves.

We hope our guide was helpful to you. If you need more different Hoi4 guides, you can take a look at other articles on our site. Enjoy playing🙂

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