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We move a little further into the future while moving away from the World War II atmosphere of “Hearts of Iron 4,”.  While the dates show 2000, the US invasion of Iraq has not yet begun. With the Hoi4 Millennium Dawn mod, you choose your country and start the game in the modern age. You can end dictatorships or give life to a new dictator as a result of your choices. However, this mod can overwhelm some players. Don’t be concerned if you lack the necessary skills to manage your country’s economic situation; we have prepared a Hoi4 Millennium Dawn Cheats guide for you.

Hoi4 Millennium Dawn Cheats

In this article, you will be able to find events, money cheats, cheat mods, and console commands together as Millennium Dawn Hoi4 cheats.

Hoi4 Millennium Dawn Console Commands

As you know, Hoi4 transforms into a completely different game with the Millennium Dawn mod. Although the gameplay has completely changed, some events and console commands still have the same effect. That’s why we’ve prepared a detailed list of events and console commands. All of the event codes on our list will only be related to the Millennium Dawn mode. Other console commands will include general cheat commands.

First of all, before using the console commands in the table below, press the “é” key. After pressing that key, a window will open on the right. You can type all the commands we have listed in that box.

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Here are the Hoi4 Millennium Dawn console commands:

event cheat.1Disbands all factions in the game.
event cheat.2Disbands NATO.
event cheat.3Disbands CSTO.
event cheat.4Disbands PSF. (Only 2016)
event cheat.5Reconstitutes the factions in WW1.
event cheat.6Reconstitutes the factions in WW2.
event cheat.8All countries have a random ideology.
event cheat.9Creates a Commonwealth Alliance at war with the Holy Roman Alliance.
event cheat.10Population growth in the country.
event political.1 to political.12One of the ideologies you choose will strike a coup.
fascist[1], nationalist[2], communist[3], islamist[4], reactionary[5], conservative[6], libertarian[7], social liberal[8], social democratic[9], progressive[10], democratic socialist[11], monarchist[12]
event political.13 to political.24The ideologies you choose organize political rallies.
islamist[13], fascist[14], nationalist[15], monarchist[16], reactionary[17], conservative[18], libertarian[19], social liberal[20], social democrat[21], progressive[22], socialist[23], communist[24]
event political.25 to political.48Increase or decrease the influence of ideologies in your country.
islamist[+25,-26], fascist[+27,-28], nationalist[+29,-30], monarchist[+31,-32], reactionary[+33,-34], conservative[+35,-36], libertarian[+37,-38], social liberal[+39,-40], social democrat[+41,-42], progressive[+43,-44], socialist[+45,-46], communist[+47,-48]
set_var treasury 100 (millennium dawn money cheat)It regulates the national treasury of the country. We can say that it is a Hoi4 Millennium Dawn money cheat.

That concludes the Hoi4 Millennium Dawn console command list. Apart from all these, there are also events and console commands specific to Hoi4.

Hoi4 Millennium Dawn Cheats: Mod Usage

When it comes to Hoi4 Millennium Dawn cheats, we don’t like to restrict players. Therefore, we will talk about a Hoi4 mode that we have used before. If you follow the steps below, you will install an amazing cheat mod in the game. Also, in this cheat mod, you can do everything if you want to do it. There are quite a few cheats available.

  • First, open the Steam library and click on Hoi4’s workshop. Type “+Easybuff” in the search section on the page that will appear and continue. Log in to the page of the mod that we have shared the image of below and click the “Subscribe” button.
hoi4 millennium dawn money cheat mod
hoi4 millennium dawn money cheat mod
  • You don’t have to worry too much because the mod will install automatically. Now start the game and quickly lead your country.
  • As soon as you enter the game, you can click on the country flag in the upper right and see the cheat section. From here, all specific cheats, such as construction speed, technology speed, political power, and population increase, can be used.
  • In addition to all these, after clicking the “Decisions” menu in the upper right part, open the “Open Cheat Menu” page in the middle. This part will allow you to be free while doing Hearts of Iron 4 Millennium Dawn cheats.
millennium dawn cheats
millennium dawn cheats

For example, it is quite easy to add civil and military factories to various parts of your country by cheating in the “Decisions” section. In addition, extremely important natural resources such as oil, steel, and rubber can be added to the country’s territory immediately. In short, the +Easybuff mod allows you to control almost everything in the game with cheats. In this way, Millennium Dawn cheats will double the fun and experience of the game.

Hoi4 Millennium Dawn Cheats Trainer

In our Hoi4 Millennium Dawn cheats article, we now have a utility, WeMod. WeMod is a software provider that has designed trainers for most games in the gaming industry for many years. Moreover, it is completely free. As Console Bandit, we have been using WeMod for many years and have not encountered any problems.

It is possible to use WeMod and use unique Millenium Dawn cheats such as fast research, fast national focus, super production, and fast recruiting. All these Millenium Dawn cheats can be easily activated by following the steps below:

  • First, type “WeMod” into Google and click on the first site. Click the “Download for Windows” button that appears as soon as you enter the site and, download the program to your computer.
  • The download won’t take long. And installing the program on Windows only takes a few minutes. When the installation process is finally finished, the cheat program will open automatically.
  • When the program opens on the screen, take a look at the “Search Games” section in the upper right. Type hoi4 here, and the game will appear.
  • Click the Hoi4 button in the search section, and then the “Install Game” section appears on the right. In addition, there is a down arrow key that you can easily see in that section. Right as you click on the arrow key, a small menu will appear. Now click the “+ Add Custom” button in the menu that opens. Then find where Hoi4 is installed in the opened folder. A lot of players install the game in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hearts of Iron IV” folder.
  • Follow the folder path we mentioned above, select the exe of the game, that is, the application that says “Hoi4.exe”  and click the “Pick This Game EXE” button.
Hoi4 Millennium Dawn Cheats
  • Finally, launch the game from Steam and select a save file or start a new game. After loading the game screen and logging in, return to the program with the alt-tab and click the “Play” button again. Probably within 15-20 seconds, the Hoi4 Millennium Dawn money cheat program will be active.

After the cheat program is activated, activate F1, F2, F3, or whatever key combination you need, and enjoy the game.


Can I use cheats in HOI4 with the Millennium Dawn mod?

Yes, cheats can be used in HOI4 with the Millennium Dawn mod just like in the base game.

How do I enable cheats in HOI4 Millennium Dawn?

Open the console by pressing the tilde (~) key and enter the desired cheat command to activate various cheats.

What are some commonly used cheats in HOI4 Millennium Dawn?

Cheats like instant construction, infinite resources, research boosts, and manpower can be helpful in the mod.

Are there any specific cheat commands exclusive to Millennium Dawn?

While Millennium Dawn uses the same cheat commands as the base game, there may be mod-specific cheats implemented by the modders.

Do cheats affect achievements in HOI4 Millennium Dawn?

Yes, using cheats in HOI4 Millennium Dawn, as in the base game, will disable achievements for that playthrough.
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