RimWorld is a Sci-fi colony simulation. Guide survivors on an alien world, managing resources, relationships, and threats. Unpredictable events, intricate storytelling, and survival challenges shape your evolving community’s destiny.
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How difficult could it be to reach a dominant civilization spread across the planet from a simple colony? The answer to this question is the starting point of your adventure in Rimworld. We already offer you all the guides and strategies you need in this adventure. Will you be ruthless or merciful as you build your dream colony? If you take a look at our guides, you can find some tactics that will maximize your security, such as making weapons from mechanoid corpses or power armor.

Another important point is that your colony in Rimworld has a sociological infrastructure. For example, you can decide how you want to build your colony’s religion, ideas and future. Although the game was released in 2013, its origins are based on Dwarf Fortress, which is a very old game. As you know, in Dwarf Fortress, you can have control over everything from the technology to the sociological structure of your colony. Although the game sounds like a complex construction, management and strategy simulation, we have made the game very easy for you with our guides.