Hoi4 Ironman Cheats: Use All the Cheats Easily


Anyone who has played Hoi4 for a long time is aware of the existence of achievements on Steam. For example, dropping atomic bombs on Fascist Italy and Los Angeles is a game achievement. However, we must say how difficult it is to earn such achievements while playing Hoi4. Therefore, we researched to see if we could unlock achievements with Hoi4 Ironman cheats.

Hoi4 Ironman Cheats
Hoi4 Ironman Cheats

If you want to start a new game with Hoi4 and get achievements, you need to install the game in Ironman mode. In order to play Hoi4 with Ironman mode, an extra mod should not be installed in the game. Apart from this, it was not possible to run any cheats or console commands in a story you started with Ironman mode. Until we prepared this article. We especially recommend those who are looking for Hoi4 achievements cheat to read our article in more detail. If you’re ready, let’s start.

How to Run Hoi4 Ironman Cheats?

To be honest, we’ll get straight to the point. We want to tell you right now how to run a cheat in Ironman mode. Before that, we started a new game by choosing USA in order to fully explain the Hoi4 Ironman cheat program to you. If you have chosen the country you want to play and entered the game with Ironman mode, let’s move on to how you can use the cheat.

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  • First of all, the best answer we can give to the question of “how to cheat in Ironman Hoi4” will be “Wemod“. Wemod is a reliable trainer program that allows you to cheat in hundreds of different games.
  • If you type “Wemod” in Google and search, you can see the site you need to enter in the first place.
  • After entering the Wemod official website, you will see the “Download for Windows” button. If you click this button, you can move on to the next level for Hoi4 cheats Ironman.
Hoi4 Ironman Cheats
hoi4 how to cheat in ironman
  • After the Hoi4 Ironman cheat program is downloaded to your computer, you can install it in just minutes with the setup file. When the installation process is finished, Wemod’s shortcut will appear on your desktop.
  • One of the last steps to activate Hoi4 Ironman cheats is to run the program. After running Wemod, you will see a home page with many games.
  • If you type Hoi4 in the search section at the top left of the main page, you will see the game. If you click on the picture of the game, the cheat panel will open.
  • For Hoi4 cheats to work fully in Ironman mode, you must click the green button that says “Install Game” on the right side of the cheat panel. Then select the “hoi4.exe” application where the game is installed with the “Add Custom” menu. Probably the folder where the game is installed will look like this. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hearts of Iron IV”
hoi4 ironman cheat
hoi4 ironman cheat
  • If you have selected the exe of the game, all you have to do is click the “Play” button and run the cheat. That’s it, take advantage of various features such as fast research, fast construction, super production and unlimited with Hoi4 Ironman cheats.

Hoi4 Ironman Cheat: Can I Use Console Commands?

Normally, the game’s producer company has prevented using console commands so that it can be purchased with Paradox Hoi4 achievements cheat. However, with the Wemod program at the top of our article, you can activate console commands with just one click. As you can see in the picture below, if you press the “CTRL + F4” key, console commands will be active in your game.

hoi4 ironman cheats
hoi4 ironman cheats

We think that we have answered the question of Hoi4 how to cheat in Ironman with both the use of console commands and the Wemod trainer. Frankly, we generally try not to cheat too much while playing Hoi4. But when it comes to achievements, sometimes it’s necessary to push the limits. As a matter of fact, do you think it’s easy to get the achievement “As Poland, crown a King (or Queen) and capture Jerusalem”? We don’t think so. Therefore, it makes sense to do Hoi4 cheat in Ironman under some conditions.

Hoi4 Cheats Ironman: The Most Useful Console Commands

First of all, in order to use the cheats in our Hearts of Iron 4 cheats list, you need to open the console by pressing the console button. The console key can be (é) or “ESC”. Then use the commands below to use Hoi4 Ironman cheats:

Hoi4 Ironman cheat console commandsDescriptions
gain_xp [amount]Adds the amount of experience you set to your generals.
Cp [amount]Adds command power to your country.
Ws [amount]Increases your people’s war support.
add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]Adds any equipment you set to your army as much as you want.
research_on_icon_clickYou complete the research with one click.
Teleport [province id]Teleports a division you have specified to the city you have selected.
instantconstructionThe most useful cheat for Hoi4 cheat in Ironman is to complete the builds with one click.
Manpower [amount]You add as much manpower to your country as you want.
allowtraitsRemoves restrictions and allows you to add attributes to commanders.

As you can see, we have many answers to the question of how to cheat in Ironman Hoi4. It is possible to cheat in Ironman mode, whether with Wemod or with hundreds of different console commands. Unlocking your dream Hoi4 achievements is now easy. Finally, we could not list all the console commands of Hoi4 here. As you know, there are almost hundreds of different console commands. If you need different tricks, check out Paradox’s Hoi4 console commands wiki.

hoi4 ironman cheats console commands
hoi4 ironman cheats console commands


In today’s article, we have prepared an article on Hoi4 Ironman cheats, which many players have difficulty with. Thanks to our guide, you should have learned to use both a program and console commands. It is almost impossible to cheat in Ironman mode in normal game. Since console commands or mods do not work in Ironman mode, players will expect a very difficult gameplay.

However, at Console Bandit, we don’t think it’s that hard to unlock some achievements. And while we increase the pleasure we get from the game with these little tricks, we know that it is enjoyable to crown it with great success.


Can I use cheats in HOI4 Ironman mode?

No, cheats are disabled in Ironman mode to ensure a challenging and achievement-eligible gameplay experience

Are there any alternative methods to enable cheats in HOI4 Ironman mode?

Cheats cannot be enabled directly in Ironman mode. Consider playing in regular mode or using mods that provide cheat functionalities.

What happens if I use cheats in HOI4 Ironman mode?

Using cheats in Ironman mode will disable achievements and prevent you from earning them during that playthrough.

Can I switch from Ironman mode to regular mode to use cheats?

Yes, you can switch game modes to regular mode to enable cheats, but doing so will also disable Ironman mode and associated achievements.

Can I still earn achievements if I’ve previously used cheats in HOI4 Ironman mode?

Once cheats are used in Ironman mode, achievements are permanently disabled for that particular save file. Start a new game for achievement eligibility.
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