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With La Résistance, one of the DLCs of Hearts of Iron IV, there have been quite a few changes in the game. Taking action on countries, especially using the network of intelligence agents, offers a wide gameplay area. Today, we decided to examine the Hoi4 collaboration government mechanics, which is one of these spying actions.

We’ll take a look at what it takes to quell resistance and create a more cohesive government in an occupied country. More importantly, we will try to bring people close to our opinion of power by making a coup against the governments of countries without a fight. Now if you are ready, let’s start our guide and set up intelligence centers together, and dive into the world of agents.

Hoi4 collaboration government
HOI4 Collaboration Government

A quick note, if you are looking for a collaboration government as a solution to suppress resistance and rebellion, we have a better recommendation for you. Check out our “Compliance Command Hoi4” article we wrote recently. We have made the easiest way to suppress the resistance as a guide.

HOI4 Collaboration Government and Intelligence Center

First of all, when you enter the game, you always have to set up an Intelligence Agency of your country. Because the faster you set up, the faster the number of agents you will use over time. It is very important not to be too late at this point. You can set up the Intelligence Agency by clicking the eye icon on the right of your country’s flag, as you can see in the picture below. After clicking on this page, you can select the logo and name of your central intelligence and start recruiting agents.

HOI4 Intelligence Agency

If you’ve completed everything so far, now you need to research operations like the HOI4 Collaboration Government. First of all, start the “Economy Civilian, Form Department and Localized Training Centers” research one by one; all three will take 90 days in total. In addition, you had to do research in about 3 different departments to be able to produce agents. That’s all we will do on the intelligence page for now; if you want, let’s move on to the next stage.

How to Create a Collaboration Government Hoi4

Now that your research is ready, you can start a trial operation. If you open the Intelligence Agency page again, you’ll see that most operations require two agents to start. Therefore, you may want to hire one more agent. When the recruitment process is complete, it’s time for the operation.

  • First, hover over an agent and select the target country by clicking the “Build Intel Network” button. With this process, your agent will prepare the necessary conditions to start an operation in the target country. Do not forget to make the same adjustment in the other agent.
Hoi4 collaboration government
HOI4 Collaboration Government
  • When your Network in that country reaches 50%, we can say that it is time to start the “Prepare Collaboration Government” operation. For this, switch to the Intelligence page again and click the “Prepare” button. A new page will appear in front of you. On this page, you will see the cost of the operation.

To give you a good example, I started preparations for an operation in the country of Czechoslovakia, and you can see the list of what I need for this operation below.

  • 200 Support Equipment
  • 1000 Infantry Equipment
  • 14 Civilian Factory Uses for 60 Days

If you click the “Prepare” button again after meeting all these requirements, the operation will start instantly. As in the image below, you should wait for the time required for the use of civilian factories to expire.

HOI4 Collaboration Goverment
HOI4 Collaboration Government

After days passed, you are finally ready to complete the operation. Enter the operation page and click the “Commence” button.

Hoi4 collaboration government

For the operation to be fully successful, you have to wait for the government that will cooperate with you to seize power for 90 days. If you look at the map of the game at that time, you will probably notice that the country is divided in two.

Hoi4 collaboration government

You can already see the time required for the complete division of the country on the map. However, unfortunately, this coup or forming a collaborative government can be quite difficult outside the war. For this reason, it will always be more logical to use the “Hoi4 collaboration government” for occupied countries.

Other Details

When the operations are successful, you may have to occupy many countries, especially if you are playing with countries such as Nazi Germany. Therefore, collaboration government is of vital importance to suppress the resistance in that country. However, trying to influence more than one country is difficult, so you have to see them all in one window. For this, you need to continue with the “Collaborations” button after clicking on the country flag.

Hoi4 collaboration government

From this page, you can see the collaboration levels of all the policies under your influence. It is possible to see clearly which country you have taken under your influence and which you have not. Especially increasing this place above 75% will be very useful for your business. Even without invading some small countries, you can take your side with the “Hoi4 collaboration government” operation.


In today’s article, we talked about intelligence operations that players do not understand or use very much. In general, most players do not show the necessary attention to such operations, since they choose to fight directly. However, with the “La Résistance” DLC, the game that we had to fight constantly is left behind.

Instead, we entered an era where we used agents, executed coups or stole technologies. In addition, I am one of those who think that such operations bring an innovation to the gameplay. That’s it from us for now, see you in the next Hoi4 article.


What is the HOI4 compliance command?

It’s a console command that adjusts compliance levels in occupied states, representing local acceptance and cooperation.

How do I use the HOI4 compliance command?

Open the console and type “compliance [state ID] [amount]” to modify compliance in the specified state.

What are the benefits of increasing compliance in HOI4?

Higher compliance reduces resistance, unrest, and unlocks resource extraction, manpower, and additional decisions/events.

Are there any drawbacks to using the HOI4 compliance command?

Adjusting compliance artificially may affect game balance and historical accuracy, so use it carefully.

Can I use the compliance command in multiplayer games of HOI4?

Command availability and usage may vary in multiplayer; consult session rules and other players for specific guidelines.
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