White Peace Command Hoi4: End Wars Instantly


The atmosphere of WWII can be bloody, devastating, and truly traumatic. We also find the chance to live this traumatic experience to the fullest in Hoi4. Sometimes it’s really enjoyable to get game experience on the side of the fascists and sometimes on the side of the allies. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to use white peace command Hoi4 because we can find ourselves in unnecessary wars. Especially in independent countries other than fascist countries, it becomes really difficult to play.

White Peace Command Hoi4

That’s why we’re going to talk about some Hoi4 cheats in today’s article. Although we will talk about the white peace command in particular, we will also show you other useful cheats. Now if you’re ready, let’s get started and take a quick look at these commands that will make your job easier when playing with small countries.

If you like to play Hoi4 without using cheats or console commands, we have prepared great guides for you. For example, you can take a quick look at the “Hoi4 Collaboration Government” article we wrote last week.

How to Use White Peace Command Hoi4?

As you know, White Peace is an agreement between two countries that ends the war. With this peace agreement, you can end the war between the two countries. However, when you write the code, you lose the lands you took or all the gains, meaning everything goes back to the way it was before the war. That’s why we recommend you to be extra careful when using it. Now let’s take a look at how to use this console command.

  • First, activate the console command if it is not open in the game. You can do this with the ” ` ” key; it’s just below the ESC.
  • Now you need to find the abbreviation of the country you are at war with and the country you are playing with. For example, detect tags such as FRA if you are playing with France and SOV if you are playing with the Soviets.
  • Now that you have learned the tags of the countries, come to the console, type “whitepeace FRA SOV” and enter. With this command, a peace treaty will be signed quickly between France and the Soviet Union.
Whitepeace Command HOI4

That’s it! White Peace command can be used quite easily in Hoi4. However, when it comes to the pluses you get from the war, unfortunately, you can’t get anything. Instead, let’s take a look at some alternative peace tricks. Maybe you will come across another command that interests you.

Hoi4 Other Peace Cheats

Hoi4 can be really challenging sometimes. With the rapid rise of the Nazis, your job is really difficult if you are playing any country in Europe. If you are playing a fascist country, the game can become quite torture for you after 1943. However, as we mentioned at the beginning of our guide, there are simple solutions to all of these. Now we will tell you about them.

First of all, we would like to talk about the “allowdiplo” command. With “allowdiplo” command, it is quite easy to make a deal with any state you want. However, another peace trick used is “yesman.” This command makes the AI accept all diplomatic offers, just like “allowdiplo”.

HO4 Yesman Command

For example, if the White Peace command does not give you the necessary privilege in Hoi4, you can protect your previous gains with the “yesman” command. Then you can immediately sign a peace treaty and withdraw from the war.

Well, you used all these tricks, and you want everything to be back to the way it was, then you have to open the console again. As soon as you type “allowdiplo” and “yesman” in the console again, all artificial intelligence countries will be back to their original state. So they will start not accepting peace treaties from you. However, the peace treaty you originally made will remain valid.


As the Console Bandit team, we do our best for Hoi4 players to have a good gameplay experience. Some simple tricks can be really life-saving, especially for beginners. For example, in the “Compliance Command” article we wrote last week, we talked about how players can easily suppress resistance.

Although the White Peace command does not make sense in Hoi4 for an expert player, it can be useful for beginners. That’s all from us for today. See you in the next Hoi4 article, good luck to you all.


What is the ‘white peace’ command in HOI4?

It’s a console command that ends a war by initiating a white peace agreement between all participating nations.

How do I use the ‘white peace’ command in HOI4?

Open the console and type “whitepeace [target country tag]” to propose a white peace to the specified country.

Does the white peace command work in multiplayer games of HOI4?

Command usage in multiplayer depends on the game’s rules; consult with other players or the host for specific restrictions.

Can I use the white peace command to end a war in progress?

Yes, by proposing a white peace, the command can end ongoing conflicts and restore peace between nations.

Are there any limitations or considerations when using the white peace command in HOI4?

The command affects all nations involved in the war, and acceptance depends on factors like war score, diplomatic relations, and AI behavior.
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