Hoi4 Fascist USA: Guide Without Civil War


Many people who love strategy games have experienced the World War II atmosphere of Hearts of Iron IV. Playing with fascist Nazi Germany or with the communist Soviet Union can be really enjoyable in the early part of the game. Or joining the war with the USA, which will determine the fate of the war, after 1942, increases the joy of the game. Since I ruled all these states, I needed a different adventure. And finally, I started to think about how the Hoi4: Fascist USA would be.

Hoi4 Fascist USA
Hoi4 Fascist USA

Then I started a new game right away and chose the USA, and the first thing I did was to look at the focus tree. But there was no way to establish fascism without civil war in the focus tree of the USA. However, with a little research and hundreds of hours of experience, I was able to establish a fascist USA while playing Hoi4. 

The fascist revolution was painful, but the pleasure of achieving success was magnificent. With this information I have obtained, I have now decided to prepare a Hoi4 fascist USA guide for you. If you’re ready, let’s start.

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Step by Step: Hoi4 Fascist USA

At the beginning of the Hoi4 fascist USA guide, I thought it would make more sense to explain everything step by step. We’re going to have a very complex policy, and I don’t want you to get confused. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you follow the steps below in order.

Hoi4 USA Fascist: Foreign Policy

  • First of all, there are three important points in foreign policy to which you should pay attention. The first of these will be to follow all of Japan’s moves. Therefore, as soon as the game starts, you should set up an “Intelligence Agency” and recruit agents. Then, send these recruited agents to Japan to “Build Intel Network”. As time passes, you will be able to see the progress of Japan’s focus tree thanks to these agents.
  • Another country that we should pay attention to in foreign policy in order to have a fascist USA in Hoi4, is the Philippines. As you know, the Philippines is under Japanese attack and is being occupied. Naturally, the Japanese have to declare war on us in order to seize the Philippines. Well, we don’t want that to happen. Because if the Japanese attack the Philippines without our country’s administration being fascist while playing the USA, then we will have to be against a fascist country. Naturally, this pushes us towards the allies, namely the Democrats. In order for this not to happen, we need to gradually puppet and then annex the Philippines. You can send a convoy to the Philippines on a “Start Lend Lease” to seize all land control. That’s what I did until 1939, and I took complete control of the Philippines.
hoi4 philippines
  • The third and final point to be noted will be the war with Mexico. So as soon as you start the game, start building an army on the Mexican border. Because in the coming years, we will invade Mexico under the pretext of nationalizing the oil.

Hoi4 Fascist USA Guide: Domestic Policy

If there is one thing that is more important than foreign policies, it is definitely the domestic policies of the USA. Getting congressional decisions in your favor and managing the focus tree smoothly are almost essential for an America without civil war. Therefore, if you want to enjoy playing fascist America in Hoi4, you should strictly follow our suggestions below.

  • From the moment you start the game, open the focus tree and do “War Plan Division” and “War Department” research. After these researches are completed, continue with the “Intervention in Europe”, “Intervention in Americas”, and “War Plan Black” focuses.
  • While all this focus research is going on, you have to wait for November 8, 1936, an important date for Hoi4 fascist USA. Because in this way, we will replace Franklin D. Roosevelt, the head of the Democratic Party in power, and replace him with a Republican president.
  • After the power is in the hands of the Republicans, we need to go back to the focus tree and complete the focus of “Reestablish the Gold Standard”. From now on, we need to increase the popularity of the “Silver Legion of America” party. As you know, this party has a completely fascist organization.
Hoi4 Fascist USA
Hoi4 Fascist USA
  • To raise the popularity of the “Silver Legion of America” party in domestic politics, it is essential to complete the “America First” focus. Because with this focus, we will be able to elect a fascist demagogue, “Charles Coughlin”, as a minister. In addition, we will have +0.10 fascism support per day with Charles elected as minister. With this daily support, the “Silver Legion of America,” which we put into government, will start to receive more and more votes every day.
  • Of course, while doing all these things, it is also very important to avoid triggering a civil war. As long as your Political Power is sufficient, try to do Small or Medium Lobbying efforts from the Decisions section. The sooner you get Congress on your side, the easier things will go for you.
Hoi4 Fascist USA
  • Another important obstacle for the Hoi4 fascist USA revolution is the debuffs caused by the Great Depression. To get rid of these debuffs, increase your influence in Congress and complete the “Adjusted Compensation Act” research in the focus tree.
  • If your influence continues in Congress with the “Adjusted Compensation” focus, continue the research with the “Labor-Management Relations Act”, “Protectionist Tariffs” and “Income Tax Reform”.

Fascist USA Hoi4: Wars and Lies

If you want to become a regional empire, you have to occupy other countries in the region. That’s why I’m going to tell you a little bit about the battle details required for the Hoi4 fascist USA.

  1. As usual, we first open the focus tree and activate the “War Power Act” focus. Then, we activate our expansionist policy in foreign policy with the focus of the “Selective Training Act” on the right side. Then at this point, we should do some military research to reflect America’s full strength in the war. For this reason, it will be very useful for you to complete the focus of “Louisiana Maneuvers” “Army of the United States” and “Women’s Armed Service Integration Act”.
  1. Expand your armies and network of operations into Mexico while doing all this research. Draw a line for your generals and determine the most ideal battle line for naval landings. Of course, do not forget to dock the navy on the Mexican coast. Otherwise, we cannot land without a navy.
  1. If you remember, at the beginning of our guide, we had you complete the “War Plan Black” focus in the game. That focus was actually built on a lie. We will pretend to help the British in their war with the Nazis and seize all their islands close to us. We will do this with the “Destroyers for Bases” focus in the focus tree. Once this focus is complete, we will be in control of Bermuda, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and many more islands. However, we will not provide support for the British to fight the Nazis through these islands, as we promised. Because we have different dreams for fascist America in Hoi4. In the meantime, don’t forget to sign the “Non-Aggression Pact” with the British.
Hoi4 Fascist USA
  1. While the dates show the 1940s, Mexico is trying to break its ties with us as an indicator of its nationalization effort. As a result, we need to show our attitude during an event that takes place. The first of the three resolutions that you come across is to ignore the first, the second is to impose an embargo, and the third and last is to declare war on Mexico. That’s exactly what we crave when playing Hoi4 with the fascist USA—the war itself. Now we can sit back and start enjoying the Hoi4 with the fascist USA.
hoi4 fascist usa guide
hoi4 fascist usa guide

The Silver Legion of America Government and Fascist USA in Hoi4 

If you have fully implemented all of our recommendations and have not done political research on your own in the focus tree, you will face a referendum in November, towards the end of 1940. This referendum is happening because we increased the vote share of the Silver Legion of America party above 50%. You will see two options when the referendum event comes up. The first of these options means “there is no need for a civil war; bring the fascist party to power”. The second option starts a civil war and divides the country into two.

hoi4 usa fascist
hoi4 usa fascist

As you can see, after choosing the first option, you will now be able to manage the Hoi4 fascist USA with the Silver Legion of America party. Moreover, you didn’t have to join either the allies or the Axis while doing all of this. You can freely start expanding your imperialist hegemony.

By the way, you can make a change to the Hoi4 fascist USA flag from the decisions section after a change of power. For example, it is possible to change the flag of the country by changing the name of the USA to either “Confederated States of America” or “Free American Empire”. I usually prefer playing with Confederate America. At this point, the choice is entirely yours. Enjoy the game.


As Console Bandit, we tried to write about Hoi4, which is of great interest to strategy lovers, in today’s article. We tried to give the most detailed answers to the long-awaited question of “How to play Hoi4: Fascist USA?”. As a result of our research on the internet, we saw that most people cannot establish a fascist America without starting a civil war.

However, with our Hoi4 fascist USA guide, there is no need for a civil war. You will be able to play America you want in the smoothest and most successful way. That’s it from us for now. See you in the next Hoi4 guide, goodbye.


How can I turn the USA fascist in HOI4?

Focus on specific national focuses, events, and decisions that allow you to embrace the fascist ideology and transform the USA accordingly.

What are the benefits of playing as a fascist USA in HOI4?

Embracing fascism grants unique national focuses, political power, and access to different mechanics, altering your gameplay experience.

Can I form alliances with other fascist nations as the USA in HOI4?

Yes, forming alliances with other fascist countries is possible, allowing for coordinated strategies and potential military support.

How does being fascist affect diplomatic relations in HOI4?

Embracing fascism may strain relations with democratic and non-aligned nations while improving ties with other fascist and authoritarian states.

Are there any challenges or drawbacks to playing as a fascist USA in HOI4?

The transition to fascism may trigger resistance, internal political divisions, and international tensions, requiring careful management.
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