Compliance Command Hoi4: Invade Countries Easily!


Although fighting in Hoi4 is fun, it can be annoying to keep the lands you have won by fighting. Because riots break out in the enemy lands you occupy, and they start sabotaging your infrastructure. In this exact case, Compliance Command becomes the savior of the Hoi4 players. With the increase in Compliance, the riots end as peace and security in the occupied lands rise.

Compliance Command Hoi4
Compliance Command Hoi4

We decided to prepare a more detailed guide for this cheat command. Especially if you like to play with Nazi Germany, the USA, the Soviet Union, Italy, or other different expansionist countries, this console command will be handy for you. If you’re ready now, let’s get started and take a quick look at the details of our guide.

How to Use Compliance Command in Hoi4?

Let’s say you start a new game with Nazi Germany, as the dates show 1936. The first country to incur your wrath will probably be Poland, followed by France. However, these two states have something in common that is different from incurring the wrath of the Germans. And that is their incredible public resistance. Unfortunately, the Germans cannot defend the lands they have conquered well, as they have occupied Europe rapidly. Therefore, they try to suppress the riots in that region with garrisons and laws.

You won’t have to worry about such a thing anymore. Let’s say you have captured the city of “Katowice” and are trying to suppress the riots by declaring Martial Law there. You will probably need something else as it will not work. As you can see in the image below, the resistance strength will continue to grow with each passing day.

Compliance Command Hoi4
Compliance Command Hoi4

In such a case, what you need to do is write the following command to the console.

“Compliance 100”

The compliance command will only be valid for whatever region you select with your mouse. By cheating, you will make it impossible for the people in the region to riot.

Compliance Command Hoi4
Compliance Command Hoi4

No matter how high the resistance is, Compliance Command will solve your problem in Hoi4 in a single move. However, now the game has become quite simple. Unfortunately, most gamers dislike using a console command like this because it spoils all the fun of the game and affects its realism.

Suppressing Riots Without Cheating in Hoi4

If Compliance Command bothers you while playing Hoi4, you’ll have to deal with riots manually. Honestly, even players who have played the game for hundreds of hours often have trouble controlling the riots. Therefore, you will need plenty of manpower and an advanced military unit. Otherwise, the rioters will start sabotaging all your supply lines before you start fighting the big powers.

  • The first thing to do is to create an excellent garrison army. A garrison template has been meta for the last 5-6 months. You can see the template in the picture below.
HOI4 Military Police and Basic Tank

As you can see, we have created a war machine made entirely of light tanks. We have also added “Military Police” to this garrison template as support. In the meantime, although we have formed a strong garrison, we will still be unable to suppress the riots completely. Nevertheless, we will do these things to ensure that our country can get out of these resistances with minimum loss.

Additionally, some may wonder why we chose the light tank as a unit. A Youtuber named “71Cloak” came up with the best possible result by examining the resistance factor of many military units.

Compliance Command Hoi4

If you look at his calculations, “Cavalry” units used to suppress riots at the beginning of the game take almost twice as much damage compared to light tanks. This doubles the cost that our country allocates for garrisons. Finally, now that we have understood the troop designs for garrisons, we can move on to the “Territory Management” section.

Occupied Territories

After creating a strong garrison, we must decide how to manage the lands we occupy. To do this, click on the country flag and continue with the “Occupied Territories” button. On this page, you can see the data for your territories.

Now we must move on to the last part of our resistance policies. While the Occupied Territories page is open, we will select our new options with “Garrison and Law” at the top.

Compliance Command Hoi4

First, select the light tank template we created from the “Garrison” section. Then enter the “Law” section, select “Martial Law” and confirm. That’s it. We have organized the troops and the management style in all the regions we have occupied. Now, over time, the violence of the rebellion will decrease, and it will progress in a particular order.

Especially for those who want to avoid using the Compliance Command Hoi4 cheat, manually suppressing riots can be fun. However, as we have just stated, it should be remembered that these resistances cannot be suppressed entirely. You can only minimize your losses.


In today’s article, we researched Compliance Command Hoi4 and shared our research with you. In the Hoi4 adventure that we set out to conquer the world, riots, and resistances can be problematic.

Moreover, the rioters’ destruction of the supply lines, just as we prepare for a big operation, puts our army at great risk. Our article will guide you to avoid such situations. Good luck to you all 🙂


What is the compliance command in HOI4?

It’s a console command that allows you to adjust the level of compliance in occupied states within the game.

How do I use the compliance command in HOI4?

Open the console, type “compliance [state ID] [amount]” to modify the compliance level in the specified state.

What is compliance used for in HOI4?

Compliance represents the local population’s acceptance of the occupying power and affects stability, resistance, and resource extraction.

Can I increase compliance instantly using the command?

Yes, the compliance command enables you to adjust compliance levels immediately, bypassing the natural progression over time.

Are there any limitations or considerations when using the compliance command in HOI4?

Modifying compliance artificially may impact game balance, historical accuracy, and AI behavior, so use it thoughtfully.

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