How To Get More Manpower In Hoi4? Recruit Your Way To Victory!

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Manpower is a vital resource in Hoi4. A lack of it can seriously hamper your ability to craft a world class military, and it can even lead to massive resistance increases if it’s left to fall too low! As such, ensuring that you have a plentiful supply of recruitable manpower is absolutely essential – so, in this Hoi4 game guide, we’ll show you how to get more manpower in Hoi4 immediately, and how you can ensure a more stable flow of men for the future.

how to get more manpower in hoi4
Your total recruitable manpower is shown at the top of the screen!

Firstly, What Is Recruitable Manpower In Hoi4 – What Is It Used For?

As established above, manpower in Hoi4 has a number of uses – but what is it really, and what is it used for?

Recruitable manpower is simply the sum of recruitable populations in all states the country controls. Not every single person living in your territories can be recruited though – there are a number of modifiers which impact what percentage of your population can be recruited from each state.

The first, and most obvious, is “Recruitable Population” – this value is a percentage and it directly dictates what percentage of your population can be recruited. For example – a nation with a total population of 1,000,000 and a “Recruitable Population” of 5% would be able to recruit 50,000 men. “Recruitable Population” is set by your conscription law, and very rarely by foci, national spirits, and events.

how to get more manpower in hoi4
The number in green tells you what base percentage of your population will be available for recruitment.

The next basic value that impacts your recruitable  population, is “Recruitable Population Factor”, which is applied after your recruitable population percentage. Say we had a recruitable population factor buff of 20% – that would mean:

(1,000,000 * 0.05) * 1.2, so a recruitable population of 60,000. This value modifier is much more common, being found in foci, events, national spirits, decisions and more.

how to get more manpower in hoi4
South Africa has a serious manpower mallus at the start of the game!

Now that we know what raw recruitable manpower is – and how it’s calculated to begin with – what is recruitable manpower used for. Below is a list of all the things that you’ll need manpower for in Hoi4:

  • -Recruiting and training new divisions
  • -Deploying newly built ships
  • -Deploying planes
  • -Occupation and garrisoning conquered lands
  • -Certain decisions

As you can see – manpower can have a major impact on how built up your military is – and even how firm your rule is in occupied territories. So, down below we’ll cover the best way to get as much manpower as possible in order to fuel your nation.

How To Get More Manpower In Hoi4?

#1 Increase Your Conscription Law – Get More Manpower Almost Immediately!

This is the easiest way to quickly increase your recruitable pool. Each law has an increasing “Recruitable Population” percentage, going from 1% to 25%. It is worth noting that each of the laws have different requirements and restrictions based on your ideology, surrender progress, military strength and war support. In addition, increasing your conscription beyond a certain point will give you significant economic and military debuffs. Changing your recruitment laws is typically the most stable, sure-fire answer to how to get more manpower in Hoi4.

how to get more manpower in hoi4

#2 Get More “Recruitable Population Factor” Modifiers

As discussed above – these modifiers are fairly common and can have a significant impact on your manpower pool – so removing negative modifiers, and increasing positive modifiers will help you to quickly increase your manpower pool. Unlike increasing your conscription law – there is no guaranteed negative consequence to getting more “Recruitable Population Factor” bonuses. As such, stacking these bonuses is certainly part of the solution to how to get more manpower in Hoi4.

#3 Grab As Many Core States As Possible

Another hugely important factor to think about when trying to understand how to get more manpower in Hoi4 is core states. In Hoi4 you have different types of state, the most important of these being cores, and non-cores.
Cores are classed as integral parts of your nation – you typically get full manpower, industry and resource control in the area – according to your existing laws and modifiers. The other type are non-core states, and for the purposes of manpower – these states have a 98% reduction in the recruitable manpower for that state, which is applied after the “Recruitable Population” and “Recruitable Population Factor” modifiers.

how to get more manpower in hoi4

As such, grabbing all available core states is highly important. Without mods, there is currently no way to core additional states unless you are playing as a certain nation – or happen to have a decision or focus which cores certain states. So, the next best thing we can do is increase compliance.

#4 Maximising Occupation And Compliance For Manpower

The final thing you can do in order to increase your recruitable manpower (for non-core states at least) is to change your occupation law and increase compliance.

Firstly, changing your occupation law to “Military Governor” will grant you an additional 8% recruitable population in your non-core states – which by default have a 98% reduction in your recruitable manpower pool for that state. Conversely – you could use the “Civilian Oversight” or “Local “Autonomy” occupation laws in order to increase compliance growth. 

how to get more manpower in hoi4

Compliance growth will eventually lead to additional non-core manpower through the “Local Police Force”and “Volunteer Program” compliance modifiers, which increase the recruitable population percentage and the recruitable population factor percentage for that state respectively.

how to get more manpower in hoi4
Compliance is the key to how to get more manpower in hoi4.

One Last Thing – Mobilisation

Mobilisation is another thing to bear in mind when it comes to understanding how to get more manpower in Hoi4. Changes in your recruitable population percentage do not happen immediately, instead – they take as long as your people take to mobilise, which is dictated by mobilisation. Mobilisation can be increased directly through foci, national spirits events or decisions, or alternatively by simply increasing the war support of your nation. Higher mobilisations mean faster returns on your investments into increasing your recruitable population.


So, now you know exactly how to get more manpower in Hoi4, using game mechanics to give you the edge in battle. If you enjoyed this Hoi4 guide – you’ll definitely like our other Hoi4 Guides, which can be found here. Thank you for reading – we’ll see you next time.

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