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Easy hoi4 achievements can be difficult to find. Achievements in Hearts of iron 4 typically are a confusing and complicated experience – like the game as a whole, they can tend to scare off players old and new. All this is to say, Hoi4 can be a difficult game to learn, and this steep learning curve can also apply to something as seemingly innocent as achievements, diving into trying to get your hands on these priceless achievements can be a serious challenge.

This image shows top easy hoi4 achievements
While the top achievements are pretty common – the bottom few achievements have ownership rates of under 1 percent!

What Are Achievements In Hoi4?

Achievements are collectable digital trophies acquired by completing certain actions in-game. As of right now – there are 171 achievements in the game – with new achievements usually being added alongside DLCs and major updates. Upon completion of an achievement – it will be added to your Steam or Microsoft profile for others to gaze upon. Most importantly, achievements can only be unlocked in Ironman mode, which must be enabled at the start of each game.

With that out of the way – in no particular order – here are a few easy hoi4 achievements to get you started!

Easy Hoi4 Achievement #1 – No Country For Old Men

No country for old men is the first easy hoi4 achievement on our list, as it’s an easy one to get but one that you probably wouldn’t just receive from playing the game for 30 minutes – like ‘A friend in need’. This achievement requires you to reach 0 manpower with the maximum possible conscription enacted.

To get this achievement in Hoi4, do the following:

First – start a new game, selecting “other countries” and then click on this small country squeezed in-between Mongolia and The Soviets – ensuring Ironman mode is on.

easy hoi4 achievement

Next, leave your faction with the Soviets, and begin your first national focus – which should be political effort. This focus will give you vital political power that you will need to change your conscription laws later on.

easy hoi4 achievement
easy hoi4 achievement

Following completing ‘Political Effort’ – justify a war goal on the soviet union. You don’t need to do anything to prepare – your intention should be to lose.

easy hoi4 achievement

Next, begin the focus ‘Collectivist Ethos’, and then after that do the ‘Internationalism Focus’. These focuses will give you more political power that you’ll need later.

easy hoi4 achievement

From there, your final focus should be ‘Political Correctness’. Following the completion of that focus – do nothing, simply wait for your wargoal upon the Soviet Union to finish.

Once it is complete, declare war on the Soviets, do not defend yourself – just keep your one division stationed in your capital of Kyzyl. Then, wait for the Soviets to take a few provinces, and then check your surrender progress. To do this, click on the globe in the top right, then go to current wars, and select your war with the Soviet Union, and hover over your capitulation bar – once it reaches 25%, go to your conscription window by clicking the icon with the soldiers on it, and then go down to ‘Scraping the barrel’, select it as your conscription policy. This will fulfil one of the criteria of this achievement.

easy hoi4 achievement
easy hoi4 achievement

Finally, go to your recruitment panel (the tank icon at the top) and train as many units as needed to get to zero manpower.

easy hoi4 achievement

There you go, a very easy hoi4 achievement to add to your collection – more achievement guides can be found below.

Easy Hoi4 Achievement #2 – Transport Tycoon

Another dead-easy Hoi4 achievement is that of ‘Transport Tycoon’, to get it, you must simply have 1000 convoys (convoys are the ships used to transport traded goods, units and supplies across the ocean.)

The ideal way to get this easy hoi4 achievement is to start as the United Kingdom – due to their large number of starting convoys. After selecting the UK, and creating an Ironman mode game – delete all of your units by shift clicking the unassigned division icon at the top to select all of your divisions, and then press the trash can under your flag at the left of the screen to delete all of your units – this should give you some extra convoys back.

easy hoi4 achievement

Once you’ve done that, go to the production panel on the top left of your screen (the icon with the wrench and cog on it) and assign all of your dockyards to convoys using the build ships button (icon with the blue anchor and plus sign on it), and select convoys. Then delete all other production lines for ships – after all that – your production que should look like this:

easy hoi4 achievement
Make sure to put all of your available dockyards onto convoys like this

Then, go to your construction panel (icon with the crane on it) and build naval dockyards in your high infrastructure regions by holding SHIFT as you build, this will fill that region with the maximum possible naval dockyards.

easy hoi4 achievement

Then… just wait, assigning your newly built dockyards on convoys periodically until you eventually reach 1000 convoys.

easy hoi4 achievement

Another easy achievement to get you going!

Easy Hoi4 Achievement #3 -Time is on our side

The third easy hoi4 achievement for this guide is that of ‘Time is on our side’. Quite literally the only thing you have to do here is reach the year of 1948, so select a nation in South America, sit back, and relax. The countries in South America are great picks for this achievement as you are unlikely to get attacked in this region of the world. From there, just wait until 1948, and you’ll unlock this easy hoi4 achievement. You can join one of the major factions and get involved in the war if you’d like, but that is in no way essential to unlock this achievement.


With all that said – we hope you enjoyed this article and it gave you some ideas on how to unlock more of these achievements yourself! There’s nearly 200 out there, so there will almost always be a few to sink your teeth into. If you are not sure where to start with these achievements, we have guides on lots to do with Hearts Of Iron 4, which should make getting these difficult achievements just a little easier. Enjoy your new achievements, and have a great day!

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