Action Adventure

Action-adventure games combine elements of action and exploration. Players engage in dynamic combat, solve puzzles, and navigate immersive worlds, often driven by a compelling narrative, offering a thrilling blend of excitement and storytelling.

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Action Adventure Updates & Guides

Skyrim Survival Mode

Due to a miscalculation in sales numbers, the popular fantasy roleplaying game Skyrim may have made $1 billion at launch. This is approximately $350 million more than the original...

Skyrim – How to Marry Aela

In Skyrim, you can marry any NPC, regardless of race or gender. Of course, the Dragonborn has a lot of options, but note that you can only have one...

Top 20 Survival Games Like DayZ

Imagine zombies, apocalypse, hostile players and an incredibly cold city. We would like to talk about Dayz, which is considered the ancestor of survival games with its extremely realistic...