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The ‘North America Divided’ mod is one of Hearts of Iron’s best examples of taking a seemingly simple concept – allowing you to play as any state or region in North America by dividing the countries in the region – and running with it to create a massive mod that has its own story, events and overall feel far greater than just dividing the countries of North America.

This Hoi4 mod can give you an experience like no other – so in this Hearts of Iron 4 game guide – we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started in the ‘North America Divided’ Hoi4 mod!

To Begin – Where Can You Get The North America Divided Hoi4 Mod?

The current version of the mod has been in development for several years – and was released on the 17th March 2022, although there were versions of the same concept before this. Behind this mod sits a large development team, who have been working hard to develop new content as time goes on.

Like most other Hearts of Iron 4 mods, the primary method for getting your hands on this mod is through the Steam Workshop – the link to the mod on the Steam Workshop can be found here!

Unlike some other mods – this mod cannot be acquired from the Paradox Mods website, with the most recent upload of the mod being over a year old – meaning Microsoft store users of the game are for the most part – out of luck.

So – What Does The Mod Entail?

The mod, as stated in the Steam mod page – adds the following:
– A full map of North America

– Content for 69+ nations!

– Sensible Alt History Scenario

– Russian Translation and Localization В моде присутствует Русская Локализация

– Fun and challenging game play

Nations with custom focus trees include:

California, Texas, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, New York City, Ontario, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Mexico, Cristeros, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana,New Orleans, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Yukon Territory, Alaska, Japanese Navy At Midway, Soviet Navy At Aleutians, Utah, Navajo, Nevada, Cozumel, Rhode Island

As you can see, this mod adds a colossal amount – with many nations that have been fleshed out, so that their playthrough experiences will be thoroughly enjoyable. In this guide, we’ll do a quick overview of some of the major players in the mod – to give you a taste of what to expect when you play the mod yourself.

North America Divided: California

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The most populous state in the union today – California, has an expansive focus tree – with multiple branches revolving around different facets of the country’s military, politics and economy. We’ll cover some of those branches in the sections below:

Military Government Branch

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Possibly the largest branch within the focus tree, the Military branch is a capable focus tree, allowing you to play as Patton and conquer the West. You receive substantial buffs, along with a large amount of Military factories courtesy of your focus tree.

Disney Branch

A wild and fascinating path for California in the North America Divided Hoi4 Mod is allowing Walt Disney to take power – this path is obviously a little jokey – but it predominantly revolves around making Disney and his enterprises as powerful as possible, and silencing those who would speak out against him. You get substantial economic buffs, but little in the way of expansion opportunities.

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North America Divided: Washington

The state of Washington actually has one of the largest focus trees within the North America Divided Hoi4 mod, with several political branches that are very interesting and expansive. The one that we will highlight below actually has you reinforce your democratic ideals, allowing you to form an alliance with other like minded nations and eventually reform a version of America.

Progressive Branch

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The branch in question is the progressive path, which is one of Washington’s many paths. In this path – you can eventually form a new union under progressive and social democratic ideals. You receive decent economic bonuses, with good expansion opportunities, but this branch is predominantly good for forming that eventual union.

North America Divided: The District of Columbia

It’s difficult to discuss the north America Divided mod without discussing where it all began, the United States. Suffice to say – the US is not in a great position at the start of the game – they control just the District of Columbia, have lost almost all of their military, and are surrounded by stronger and hostile powers. In addition, there are several different factions vying control of the collapsed republic, only worsening their starting situation.

Despite this, with enough perseverance – you can reclaim America in some form with a variety of the paths available, we’ll cover 2 main branches that you can use to reclaim America in your image!

Communist Branch

The first branch that we’ll cover here is the American communist branch, in this path – congress is rebuilt, but the communists end up taking power. This path allows you to decide how difficult you wish the game to be – with an easier and a more difficult path, ultimately forming a new American Communist Republic.

The primary focus of this branch is expansion – so it does partially lack in industry bonuses, but you get to send out a series of ultimatums to other states to have them rejoin the union – so you should be able to overcome your industrial weakness in no time.

north america divided hoi4

Democratic Branch

The final branch that we’ll discuss today is the democratic US path – staying true to the ideals of America.

north america divided hoi4

We’ve grouped these two branches together because they are very similar – both have the same expansion options, with the main differences being able to be found within the economic policies of the administrations, with FDR replicating what we saw in our own timeline with The New Deal, and Alf Landon keeping the gold standard alive and generally being in favour of smaller government.

The reason why this path is so good is because it is really the true successor to the United States, you can reform the union, with slight changes in policy – but generally keeping most things about the nation the same, which some players may want to do.

North America Divided Hoi4: Conclusion

With that, you now have a brief understanding of some of the nations available in the North America Divided Hoi4 mod – but in reality – we’ve only scratched the surface here. There are so many nations, and so much to do that you really just have to jump in yourself! If you enjoyed this guide, or found it useful, be sure to check out our other Hoi4 game guides, which you can find here. Have a great day – we’ll see you next time.

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