Hoi4 Paratrooper Template: How to Do Cross-Border Operations


One of the most challenging stages of warfare in Hoi4 is defeating enemy lines. Because a strong line of defense always awaits us at the border. But did you know that with a high-quality Hoi4 paratrooper template, you can make cross-border operations and capture the cities of the enemy country? Moreover, it is possible to do this with a small army of only 5–10 units.

Hoi4 Paratrooper Template

Of course, there are some important rules that must be followed for the operation to be successful. Seizing air superiority and owning a transport aircraft are the first two rules for starting operations. When we thought about all these difficulties and details, we realized that we needed to prepare another Hoi4 guide. If you are ready now, let’s take a quick look at how to create the best paratrooper template in Hoi4.

The Best Hoi4 Paratrooper Template

The most important point to note when creating a paratrooper template is that you will not add any armored vehicles. As soon as armored vehicles are added, that unit is no longer a paratrooper. Still, we can’t just leave our soldiers to die when we want to go behind enemy lines. For this reason, we provide important support such as artillery, anti-aircraft, anti-tank, and armored scout squads while creating the Hoi4 Paratrooper Template. Of course, this situation increases the cost of production.

Hoi4 paratrooper template

However, as you can see in the picture above, we have not neglected to add maximum speed and flexibility to our paratroopers with the Engine Company and motorized scout unit. It would be a real shock if a small but well-equipped military unit landed in the capital while the enemies were trying to hold the borderline.

We have prepared a guide to Hoi4 tank builds in addition to paratroopers. If you are complaining about the slow progress of your army in enemy territory, our tank guide may be for you.

Leader Traits

Now that we have determined the best Hoi4 paratrooper template, we can now give extra features to the commander of the army we will create. After clicking on our commander, you should definitely choose “Paratroopers” from the “Traits” section. Because that commander provides +240.0 Hours Supply Grace support to your paratrooper troops while leading them. This will ensure the survival of your soldiers until your main army crosses the border and comes to support you.

Hoi4 paratrooper template

Military High Command

Regardless of which country you are playing, a commander with the features of “Special Forces Attack” and “Special Forces Defence” must be at a high command level. Thanks to this, the attacks and defences of paratrooper soldiers will be extremely deadly, even if they are cornered.

HOI4 Military High Command

Technological Research

An inexperienced Hoi4 paratroopers template would be just simple bait for the enemy. So don’t forget to research at the highest level possible in the research section.

Hoi4 paratrooper template

How to Do Cross-Border Operations with the Hoi4 Paratrooper Template

As we mentioned at the beginning of our guide, you need two important things before you can operate with paratroopers. One of them is a high-capacity “Transferporter Aircraft” and the other is to seize air superiority. In order to seize air superiority, it is very important to seize both the air superiority of the region where the paratroopers are located and the air superiority of the region where the operation will be held. The operation will never begin until you have fully gained air superiority.

When you have air superiority and are finally ready, deploy your paratrooper soldiers in an area with an airport. Then add a certain number of Transporter planes to that region’s airport. Also, don’t forget to assign a commander to your unit with the trait “Paratroopers”, as shown above. If you have done all these things, you are now ready for the operation. Now, if you follow the steps below strictly, you can plan and start the operation in just 1 minute.

  • First, click on your commander and continue with the parachute icon you see in the image below.
Hoi4 paratrooper template
  • Then select the city where your troop is located with a left click, and then hover over the city you want to subtract and right-click. There will probably be a green arrow between your army and that city from now on. If this is the result, it means you have successfully planned the operation.
HOI4 Paratrooper Operations

That’s it. If you have +70% air superiority, click the green arrow button above your commander, and your soldiers will take action. The extraction operation will probably be successfully completed in at least 10 days.


When it comes to Hoi4, I think everyone knows that the war cannot be managed from a single front. You have to inflict maximum damage on the enemy with your armies on land, sea, and air. Therefore, the Hoi4 paratrooper template has become very important, especially with the latest DLCs.

Organizing fast operations with the paratrooper allows you to be in a very advantageous position rather than wasting time on the enemy’s borderline and wearing out your soldiers. By the way, there is a limit to the production of paratroopers. In other words, you cannot produce unlimited military production. In short, these units should be used strategically. Without further ado, that’s it from us for now. See you in the next Hoi4 guide, and have fun playing!


What is an HOI4 Paratrooper Template?

It’s a specialized division design for paratroopers, optimized for airborne operations in Hearts of Iron IV.

How do I create a Paratrooper Template in HOI4?

Access the division designer and select paratrooper unit type, then customize equipment and support companies.

What’s the recommended composition for an HOI4 Paratrooper Template?

Typically, it includes paratrooper battalions, engineers, recon, and artillery, balancing combat effectiveness and transportability.

Can I modify an existing division into an HOI4 Paratrooper Template?

Yes, you can transform an existing division template into a paratrooper template by adjusting equipment and support companies.

Any tactics for effectively using HOI4 Paratrooper Templates?

Deploy behind enemy lines, secure objectives, and coordinate with ground units while ensuring air superiority.
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