HoI IV Arms Against Tyranny: Unveiling the Epic Expansion


Explore the captivating world of Paradox Interactive’s latest expansion, HoI IV Arms Against Tyranny.

HoI IV Arms Against Tyranny

Generals, Paradox Interactive will be releasing the HoI IV Arms Against Tyranny expansion soon. Hearts of Iron IV, the classic grand strategy wargame that has captivated gamers with its historical accuracy and intricate gameplay, is set to have a brand new expansion that promises to bring even more exciting content.

Although Paradox Interactive did not announce the exact release date, they are promising to bring new content focusing on Nordic countries. Yes, the new expansion will focus on Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway and will allow players to rewrite their histories through fierce resistance or smart diplomacy.

In a post announcing the expansion, Paradox Interactive says the Hearts of Iron IV Arms Against Tyranny expansion will address the efforts of Nordic countries in WWII. To address this, the expansion will introduce alternative history paths and new focus trees.

Looking forward to the new HoI IV Arms Against Tyranny expansion? We also do, and that is why we went ahead to explore the new features of the expansion.

HoI IV Arms Against Tyranny Expansion Features

For a sneak preview of what the new expansion offers, check out the trailer below.

HoI IV Arms Against Tyranny Official Trailer Announcement

Powerful Nordic Countries

HoI IV Arms Against Tyranny

While HoI IV Arms of Tyranny gameplay will maintain the game’s commitment to historical accuracy, Paradox has recreated various aspects of the game. From the political landscape to military forces, players should expect an exciting experience as they step into the shoes of iconic WWII leaders.

The expansion introduces Sweden, one of the richest Nordic countries, to serve as an arms trader and designer. Fiercely independent and resource-rich, Sweden will have a new focus tree that places the country at the centre of Scandinavian resistance.

Players can upgrade Sweden’s obsolete forces to ensure it can defend itself against nearby predatory dictatorships. Or they can also choose to take sides of Sweden’s occupied neighbors or fail to do so, and its government collapses in favor of Fascists.

Other Nordic countries that will be available in the expansion are Norway, Finland and Denmark giving players a chance to relive the historical significance and challenges of these young nations. Like Sweden, players can choose to stay neutral in the face of an incoming invasion from German forces or build their forces and prepare for war to resist the invading forces. In an alternative historical path, communists can take over Norway and stand with Stalin or devious fascists can take advantage and lead the young nations to destruction.

HoI IV Winter War

HoI IV Arms Against Tyranny

The World War II political landscape was complex – from the ideologies to the power struggles. The new expansion will amplify the complexities of these dynamic nations, and players can take advantage to shape the course of WWII and alter history.

Besides WWII, players will relive the Finnish Winter War, a defining moment in the country’s history with its Northern neighbour. According to history, the Winter War began with the Soviet invasion of Finland in 1939. This was three months after World War II broke out.

Despite the Soviets having superior military strength, they suffered great losses and made little headway.

In the game, the Finnish have been disadvantaged in armoured and air forces. However, they have a strong homeland defense which gives players the “ammo” they need to fight the invaders. Alternatively, players can choose a different historical path where they get to pursue a socialist path with or without the Soviet Union’s support. It’s all about making choices.

Revamped War Machine

HoI IV Arms Against Tyranny

To make sure that you can arm your forces and fight invaders at your doorstep, Paradox is introducing a new war machine of your design. As such, your Heart of Iron IV weapon designers and manufacturers can specialize in their craft to build better weapons. In addition, this feature allows you to streamline your product lines through the improvement of production and research.

Besides building weapons for your military, you can sell and export weapons to other nations, turning your country into an arms exporting powerhouse. In return for the weapons, your country will gain civilian factory input. This will go towards increasing your production and ensuring the supply lines do not run dry for your military in the war.

Final Thoughts

Hearts of Iron IV recently celebrated its 7th anniversary, and from the look of things, the game is clearly still going strong. In fact, more than 50,000 players play the game each day making it one of the most popular grand strategy games.
The new HoI IV Arms Against Tyranny expansion is a paid DLC, and it will be released alongside the 1.13 patch. This patch is free for all players. To get a good look at all the features and improvements of the Hearts of Iron IV expansion, check out their developer diary.

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