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Paradox managed to change the management of the countries in the Balkans with the “Battle for the Bosporus” DLC that they released in the past. Especially with the achievement “Hoi4 Balkan Problem Solved”, the players are trying to make Bulgaria a great state. Of course, civil wars, difficulties, and the danger of fascist states make managing Bulgaria very difficult.

Hoi4 Balkan Problem Solved

To make your job easier, we have prepared an excellent guide. We will help you establish a great Bulgaria through diplomacy without fighting with neighboring countries. The best way we have determined for this will be a dictatorial Bulgaria ruled by communism. Afterward, you will be able to face the big states by establishing an independent Balkan federation. If you’re ready, let’s get started and check out our step-by-step guide.

Hoi4 Balkan Problem Solved: Preparations

As we stated at the beginning of our guide, we will establish a Balkan Union through diplomacy as much as possible. However, just in case, check the position of your army, as there is a possibility that you may encounter civil war. If you are ready, start following the steps below one by one.

  • You first need to open the Bulgaria focus tree and activate the “Oppose the Royal Dictatorship” research. In the meantime, remember to start your research necessary for the country. Another critical point is to stop the “Motorize” production from the Production section. We will produce weapons and support equipment only.
  • The second phase of our plan will be the “Intelligence Agency.” We will use intelligence to influence and instill our ideas in the countries around us. Therefore, as soon as you start the game, create an Agency.
  • When the Dictatorship National research is finished, if you enter the “Decisions” section, you will see a menu called “Faction Management.” Here you will see the political formation “Zveno.” In those years, Zveno did not want Bulgaria to have a dictatorship dependent on either the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. They aimed to establish a more rational and national dictatorship. Our target is currently the same as the Zveno party.
HOI4 Faction Management
  • Before you start boosting the Zveno party from the Decisions section, go back to the focus tree and complete the “Cooperate with the Zveno” research. Right after that, start the “Democratic Principles” focus and switch to the “Decisions” section again. From here, under the “Factions Management” menu, start “Allow Zveno Speech” and gradually increase the Loyalty and Popularity to Zveno.

Towards the Balkan Revolution

With the rise of Zveno, internal turmoil will begin to emerge in the country. We will continue to carry out our ministers and our plans in the focus tree one by one to combat them.

  • First, search for “Support the Agrarian Union” from the focus tree. By the way, do not forget to increase the popularity of Zveno in your spare time.
  • If you remember, we established the Intelligence Agency at the beginning of our game. In this agency that we have established, first of all, you should give importance to the research on “Psychological Warfare.” Then, send one of your agents to Greece to prepare for the operation and start working. When the agent’s efficiency reaches 50%, infiltrate the Greek armies with the “Infiltrate Army” option on the Operations page.
  • While you are dealing with these, the research will be finished in the focus tree. Now continue with “Form a Popular Bloc.” And right after that, you should appoint Stoycho Mushanov, the “Democratic Reformer,” as the minister of our country.
  • Don’t forget to enable important decisions like “Integrate the Zveno” and “Fund the Zveno” in the decisions section, as the popularity of Zveno is on the rise.
  • To continue the rise of the Zveno party, return to the focus tree and complete the “Condemn Macedonian Organizations” research. If you miss even one of these moves, you may find yourself in the middle of a civil war or, worse, under attack by fascists. When this research is completed, do not forget to enter the Decisions section and make an “Anti-IMRO Propaganda.”
  • After the party finally reaches 30% support, the “Abolish the Monarchy” research will be active in the focus tree. Quickly complete this research. Another critical point is to send one more agent so that the operation in Greece will succeed.
Hoi4 Balkan Problem Solved
  • After all this focus tree research is finished, log in to the Decisions section and confirm the “Joint Act with the Agrarian Union” decisions. Then continue with the “Joint Act with the Agrarian Union.” Then go to the focus tree and finish the “Ban Far-Right Organizations” search. When you’re done with this research, approach dictatorship step by step with “Legislative Elections.”

First Steps for the Hoi4 United Balkan Federation

If you have done all the spying activities and research we have just mentioned, “The Salonika Agreement” research has been opened in the focus tree. Remember to start this research quickly and start improving your relations with Greece from the Diplomacy section. Another important point is to ban anything that belongs to the “National Social Movement” from the Decisions menu.

  • After you’ve done all of this, start the “A Balkan Confederation” research from the focus tree, it will probably take a very short time. As we have just said, while this process continues, ban and destroy all actions belonging to the “National Social Movement.” When our operations in Greece come to an end, you have to send both of our agents to Turkey because that will be our next target.
  • In order to facilitate the coup in Greece, you must make all motorized soldiers Cavalry from the army templates section. In other words, you should not have any motorized units. Then turn all the soldiers deployed in your country into the “Cavalry” units we just created.
Hoi4 Balkan Problem Solved
  • If you do this without any problems, a decision called “Persecute IMRO Activists” will appear in the Decisions. Confirm this decision, and don’t forget to confirm the “Organize a Balkan Summit” decision by going up a little in Decisions. We’re not done with the Decisions part yet. Here you have to check your political power and confirm all the decisions you see under the name “Capital” (except Albania). Likewise, you should activate Industrial Romania, Turkey, and Kingdom of Greece decisions.
Hoi4 Balkan Problem Solved
  • Once we’re done with Zveno and the National Movement, we need to start boosting “Broad Socialists.” You can do this with the “Joint Act with the Broad Socialists” option in Decisions. The “Macedonian Revolutionary” decisions we just started have finally been completed after 60 days. Now, for the final stage of this decision, we need to withdraw our troops to the Greek border. Then you can activate the “Destroy IMRO Remnants” option in the Decisions section.
  • Continue to apply the “Capital Injections” options to all countries except Albania when we continue to interfere in the internal affairs of neighboring countries. Another important point is to send the Democrats among our ministers and appoint Todor Pavlov, a “Marxist Philosopher.”

Balkans Union Establishment

With the Capital Injections decisions, we aimed to raise the democratic parties in our neighboring countries. Finally, when the support for democratic parties reaches 60% in all countries, you will be able to achieve our goal. To do this, you must first select “Organize a Balkan Summit” under the Balkan Confederation section in Decisions. Finally, replace one of your ministers with the “Community RevolutionaryVasil Kolarov.

For the final stage of Hoi4 Balkan Problem Solved achievements, start the “Bury the Grudges of the Past” research from the focus tree. And “Balkan Trade Union Secretariat,” and then “United, We Shall Prevail!” and finally, complete “The Unifications of The Balkans” research.

HOI4 Balkans Union

That’s it! You successfully fulfilled the Balkan dream in 1939.

Hoi4 Balkan Problem Solved

Moreover, you did it without experiencing any civil war or coup. You have a strong state before the second world war breaks out. More importantly, you’ve completed the “Hoi4 Balkan Problem Solved” achievement. A great war with the fascists awaits you in the coming years; good luck to you all.


What is the “Balkan Problem” achievement in HOI4

It’s an achievement obtained by successfully resolving the complex political and territorial issues in the Balkans during the game.

How can I unlock the Balkan Problem Solved achievement in HOI4?

Accomplish the specific requirements outlined in the achievement description, which may involve diplomatic, military, or political actions in the Balkan region.

Are there any recommended strategies for completing the Balkan Problem Solved achievement?

Plan your focus tree progression, diplomatic alliances, and military campaigns carefully to address the Balkan challenges and achieve the necessary goals.

Can I earn the “Balkan Problem” achievement with mods enabled in HOI4?

The availability of achievements in multiplayer depends on the host’s settings and the consensus of all players participating in the session.

Are there any difficulty or game rule restrictions for obtaining the Balkan Problem Solved achievement?

The achievement can be earned in different difficulty levels and game rule settings unless explicitly stated in the achievement description.
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