Starfield DLSS Mod: Brave Modders To The Rescue


A modder promises to release a Starfield DLSS mod as Bethesda partners with AMD. Not all heroes wear capes, some just code!

starfield dlss mod

Starfield recently got a 45 minute showcase of its upcoming gameplay, which left gamers astounded at the game’s development progress. However, with all good news comes inevitable bad news as well! It was with the release of the gameplay footage that Bethesda studios announced their partnership with AMD in the development of Starfield. While for many this might not be of any significance, for tech geeks and gaming enthusiasts it came as a significant blow to their morale.

Why is this announcement so significant to gamers?

With Bethesda partnering with AMD for Starfield development, the upcoming game won’t have Nvidia’s game breaking technology integrated in it. DLSS or Deep Learning Super sampling is Nvidia’s revolutionary brainchild. The AI powered rendering machine is capable of insane feats and its absence is truly a sore sight for Nvidia users.

What is DLSS?

Deep learning super sampling is an AI powered image enhancement and upscaling technology that massively boosts performance. The technology is based on anti-aliasing and sharpening technologies that enhance low resolution imagery. DLSS will force video games to render their images in lower resolutions that increases the performance, the AI upscaling will then enhance the image’s quality. With DLSS a game can be run at a resolution of 1440p and enhanced to 4K, which is an unbelievable feat. This technology was heavily utilized by Nvidia GPU’s to tackle the FPS issues present in Cyberpunk 2077.

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The modder behind this heroic promise is PureDark. PureDark is a popular modder who specializes in the unofficial implementation of DLSS into video games. This legendary modder has released DLSS integrations for some of the most popular games out there: including Skyrim, Fallout and The Last Of Us Part 1. PureDark’s Starfield DLSS mod integration allows Nvidia GPU users to surpass FSR. In certain instances, PureDark has even been able to enable DLSS 3.0 in some of his modifications. 

starfield dlss mod

However the fun with the Starfield DLSS mod starts a bit later unless you own a Nvidia RTX 4000 graphics card. PureDark’s initial release will be a starfield DLSS mod specifically for the DLSS 3.0 package which is exclusive for the RTX 4000. The second release will contain the DLSS 2.0 upscaler modification which is what we are excited about! So, unless you own the RTX 4000, you might have to wait a while before PureDark releases it to the public.

However, even though Bethesda is exclusively partnering with AMD, there is still a slim chance that Starfield might contain DLSS upon release. Gamers will also need to understand that Starfield is a CPU intensive video game, which in turn means that a bottleneck is most likely to appear from the CPU. Therefore a DLSS integration might not bring about a massive boost in performance. However, we will still need to wait till the initial release comes along before we make any claims, as we are still grateful for PureDark on his valiant efforts.

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