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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is the childhood game of many of us and it is quite old. But we know that there are many people who like old-school games and want to play the game. Although Morrowind is actually a very easy RPG game, the route you follow in the game is important. That’s why we will tell you exactly what you need to do in our Morrowind beginners guide.

morrowind beginners guide
morrowind beginners guide

There are certain actions you have to do at the beginning of the game and they will help you a lot in the course of the game. But if you’re playing the game for the first time or haven’t played for a long time, you may not know them. Check out our Morrowind guide for beginners so you don’t miss any details. So let’s start our Morrowind adventure!

Starting Guide to Morrowind – Everything You Need To Do!

Here we’ll explain the route you should take after being released from prison as you start Morrowind. After getting off the ship, name yourself and customize your character. From here on, we will have a few suggestions for you in the section where you will choose your class and character traits.

Features You Should Choose As a Beginner

You have come to the point where you need to choose your character’s class and other features. All of these selections will affect your performance in the game. So you need to make wise decisions. We prepared the best Morrowind beginners guide in this regard.

  • Choosing Combat as Specialization would be the best selection. Because Combat is always the most straightforward and least complicated in learning the game. It also won’t let you down with its high damage potential.
morrowind beginners guide
morrowind beginners guide
  • Mobility is very poor in Morrowind and you move slowly. You can choose Speed as your attribute to fix this a little bit. The faster you move, the more active and dynamic you will be in the game. And Strength will provide you the necessary damage output. 
  • Your Major Skill choices are entirely up to you and your playstyle. However, Medium Armor will be the best choice for beginners. Because it is very strong in the early game and will support you a lot. The only downside is that it is weaker in late game compared to Heavy Armor.
  • As Minor Skills, you can choose the strongest ones Block, Security (not necessary if you’re a Mage), Speechcraft, Mercantile and Alchemy, without any effect that you are just starting out. These are the Minor Skills that are mostly preferred and will be the most useful in the game, and they are much more essential than the rest.
  • Finally, you will choose a Sign for yourself. You can choose the Sign you want and think will help you the most. We recommend Steed, which gives you a speed bonus, and Warrior, which fortifies attack by 10 pts. These will be very useful for newcomers to the game. If you are playing Mage, you should select Mage directly.

Stealing and Early-game Quests

Stealing is the best way to make money quickly and easily. Collect and steal everything you see in the unguarded room where you start the game. If you are charged with theft, you will either be warned or go to jail. But if you get caught, all the loot you have collected will be taken from you. Stealing carefully everything you see at this point will make you a very good source of money.

morrowind beginners guide stealing
morrowind beginners guide stealing

There is a trick you can apply while stealing items. In order to use this trick, you must not have given your release papers to Sellus Gravius, otherwise it will not work. Before talking to Sellus Gravius, pick up an item then drop it on the floor right away before the guard catches you. The guard will seize any stolen items you have in hand or in your inventory if you act too slowly. If not, they will excuse you and give you a warning; you can then securely pick up what you dropped.

A more consistent method is to access your inventory, select an item from the menu and then drop it to the ground. You have time to pick up and drop all items that are displayed before closing the menus because time is frozen while your menus are open.

The Warehouse

In the guarded room, there is a key on the shelf that unlocks a very important room. There is a warehouse that has a bunch of stuff to loot inside. You can steal stashes of weapons, armor and so many ingredients. You should steal this key carefully using the tactics we explained in our Morrowind beginners guide. If you are caught trying to steal the key, every item on you will be taken and you will be in danger. That’s why we recommend getting the key before looting anything. Many items you steal by entering the Warehouse will take you far in the early game.

morrowind beginners guide warehouse key
morrowind beginners guide warehouse key

The Ring Quest

After handing in your papers and going out, loot the barrels right next to the door. Here you will find an enchanted ring. You should not sell this ring and hand it over to the owner, Fargoth, who is just a short distance away. He will reward you in return. This way you also complete a side-quest.

morrowind beginners guide warehouse key
morrowind beginners guide ring quest

The Lighthouse

Some items are located in two decaying tree trunks near the lighthouse. These are not containers; to get the contents, you must stand on top of them. One carrying 25 gold coins and a silverware cup can be found if you jump off the wooden walkway leading to the entryway. An Iron Shardaxe is inside the trunk of the second one, which is in a nearby swamp. Climb the stones next to the door and jump off in the direction of the trunk.

Extra Items and Money

First, find Processus Vitellius, nearby to the northwest of the city. He doesn’t talk much, but the items he’s carrying might be good for you. You might acquire a sizable amount of money, a few healing potions, a magnificent ring, or even a house, depending on who you speak to and what you decide.

Sell the Stolen Pieces and Buy a Weapon

Now you have to sell the stolen pieces for a good amount and buy yourself a good weapon according to the class you have chosen. Here you can dispose of everything that is of no use to you, because in this game you will need a lot of money. By the way, you’ll get a better deal if you sell them all one by one. Instead of selling as a stack, you should get used to selling individually. You can select one of the multiple items by pressing CTRL. If you follow everything that is said in this Morrowind beginner guide, you’ll learn the game better.

If you’ve taken a look at our guide to Morrowind, we think you’re good with old games. But do you remember the insane battle of Unreal Tournament vs Quake, two old games?

Things to Do in Balmora

Balmora is now the new route you need to proceed to continue the main questline of the game. You can reach Balmora by teleporting. Try to do side quests before you go around killing things and you’ll earn some easy money this way. If you’re new to the game, don’t go to kill things and spend time learning the game and farm some money before you go do what they tell you to do. There are many side quests you can do in Balmora and this way you will learn a little bit about both the map and the gameplay.

morrowind beginners guide balmora region
morrowind beginners guide balmora region

Before you venture, get some training and explore Balmore. You can join Fighters Guild or whatever your guild is. You can loot the guild chest and it is renewed every week with new supplies. There are some potions that will be of use for you. You don’t need to pay for potions in this game. Then train yourself for the weapon you are using. But remember that the cost of training will increase parallel to your level. Mage’s Guild’s first quests are so easy to do and an easy source of money. They will give you quests like collecting flowers and mushrooms… Our Morrowind beginner guide makes sure that you fully comprehend the game. 

How to Make Easy Money?

Another issue we want to mention in our Morrowind guide for beginners guide is how to make money easily and quickly. Making money is one of the most important aspects of the game. You will also need a lot of money to craft and enchant your items, create your spells and buy houses. The main goal of this Morrowind beginners guide is to teach you the fastest way to make money.

Here are the basics you need to know:

  • You can earn better pricing while selling to a merchant by improving their disposition and making sure your Fatigue bar is full.
  • Never give stolen items to the merchant who owns the items. If you do, they will put a bounty on you.
morrowind guide for beginners guild
morrowind guide for beginners guild
  • In addition to purchasing items at base value and having more gold available to spend on your treasure, creature merchants also have pricing that are unaffected by disposition and weariness.
  • Carrying too many items can cause you to go over your encumbrance; by casting a Mark near a merchant, you can recall them when you reach your limit.

Money Making Tips For the Early-game

You can get all the money you need by completing all these methods we mention in our Morrowind beginners guide. However, some regions will be unlocked later in the game as you continue your main quests. In this way, you can create a very good capital for yourself.

  • Always loot chests in guilds. You can loot guild chests in Balmora, Ald’ruhn and Vivec. These guild chests are refreshed weekly.
guide to morrowind
guide to morrowind
  • Collect the Master’s Alchemy Set in Caldera, Guild of Mages.
  • Boots of Blinding Speed, located north of the Caldera, is a good source of money.
  • Complete the Vassir-Didanat Ebony Mine Quest to get a Daedric Weapon.
  • Goldbrand Long Sword requires a lot of traveling but it’s worth it and you don’t need to fight anything.
  • Glass Netch Dagger in Gnaar Mok as well.
  • There are some stealing spots in Vivec: Hlaalu Vaults, Redoran Vaults and Telvanni Vaults.
  • Get the Orcish Armor from Ghorak Manor’s third floor and sell it to the Creeper in Caldera.
  • You can buy damaged glass daggers for cheap and sell them for a profit. You can find it for cheap at Suran by Goldyn Belaram, Vivec’s Telvanni Waistworks by Audenian Valius and Vivec’s St. Delyn Plaza by Lucretinaus Olcinius. You need to repair them yourself then sell them for profit.
  • Go to the Balmora, Eastern Guard Tower. Stand behind the pillar near the bed and don’t let the guard notice you. Loot the Sword of the White Woe by jumping. You can find another Sword of the White Woe in the Suran tower. But it will be harder to steal.
  • Potion making is one of the most profitable methods. First, buy the required ingredients from merchants for cheap. And use your Alchemy to create potions. If you use higher quality mortar and pestle, you’ll get better results. Then you need to sell the potions to the merchant. If you repeat this process constantly, you’ll make a lot of profit.
  • Buy soul gems from merchants. Then acquire the Soultrap spell effect and cast it on creatures before killing them. Then you will have soul gems with captured souls. This process is one of the best ways to make money in our Morrowind guide for beginners. You should definitely try it!


With our Morrowind beginners guide, you will be aware of everything that is going on in the game and you will not miss any details. We have created a great roadmap that you need to watch in order to learn the game and make

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