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Skyrim is a game with very strong enemies and, at the same time, very powerful weapons. Due to the numerous combat mechanics and complex gameplay in Skyrim, many players can be confused. Especially if you have an enchanted weapon, you’ll probably get pretty bored. Because from the moment you start using enchanted weapons, they will start to wear out, albeit slowly. It is at this point that players start asking, “Skyrim how to recharge weapons?”

Skyrim How to Recharge Weapons
Skyrim How to Recharge Weapons

As you know, when you enchant a weapon, its damage amount increases incredibly. In addition to the damage, you can also get extra buffs according to the characteristics of your weapon. That’s why we decided to prepare a Skyrim Weapon Recharge guide. If you need help to recharge your weapons, let’s take a quick look at the details of our guide together.

How to Recharge Enchanted Weapons in Skyrim

To be honest, we don’t want to beat around the bush. We will respond to your question about “Skyrim how to recharge weapons” right away.

  • First of all, you will always need the “Soul Gem” in Skyrim to recharge weapons. A natural magic stone that holds the souls of the dead, the Soul Gem is used to recharge any previously enchanted weapons.
  • If you have a full Soul Gem and you recharge your weapon, that Soul Gem will be destroyed. You may need to constantly farm Soul Gems as it is an item that you cannot use indefinitely.
  • In the meantime, to fill the Soul Gem, you need to collect souls with the “Soul Trap” ability.
  • For PC players, the best answer we can give to the question of “How to Recharge Weapons in Skyrim?” is to press the “T” key. However, you need to have a full Soul Gem in your hand for this. Then, with your weapon equipped, press the default key “T” and use the Soul Gem. The Soul Gem will be destroyed after the weapon recharge in Skyrim is complete.
  • Of course, we haven’t forgotten the PlayStation users who asked, “Skyrim how to recharge weapons?” If you’re playing Skyrim on the PS, all you have to do is click the Lower Right Trigger (R2) button and select the Soul Gem you want to use. Then the weapon recharge process will be completed.
  • Finally, we would like to talk about how Xbox users can recharge their weapons. With the gamepad in your hand, select the weapon you want to recharge in the game and click the Right Bumper button. Then select the Soul Gem you want to use and continue with the recharging process. It’s that simple.
Skyrim how to recharge weapons - soul trap
Skyrim how to recharge weapons – soul trap

As you can see, the answer to the question “How to Recharge Weapons in Skyrim?” is quite simple. However, there is still a small problem. As you can tell, Soul Gems run out pretty fast in Skyrim. Moreover, depending on the size of these Soul Gems, unfortunately, the amount of recharge for your enchanted weapon may not be enough for the players. For this reason, we have prepared another very short guide about Soul Gem farming for you.

Skyrim Recharge Weapon: Soul Gem Farming

If you have an enchanted weapon in Skyrim and have learned how to recharge it, you are aware that it will require a large number of Soul Gems. Moreover, Soul Gems are instantly destroyed after recharging a weapon in Skyrim. In short, you will experience a serious Soul Gem crisis. In order to easily overcome this problem, we will talk about the simplest ways to farm Soul Gems.

There are three major ways you can use them to earn Soul Gems. These are mining, purchasing, and dungeon looting.

Skyrim Soul Gem Farming: Blackreach Mining

Blackreach, located in the Dwemer underground kingdom, has “geode” mines. By digging these mines, you can get many different Soul Gems, from the small Soul Gem to the black Soul Gem.

how to recharge weapons in skyrim soul gem farming
how to recharge weapons in skyrim soul gem farming

The Purchase of Soul Gems

You can buy both full and empty Soul Gems from “General Goods Merchants.” You can also purchase Soul Gems from some NPCs in the College of Winterhold. However, keep in mind that full Soul Gems are twice as expensive as empty Soul Gems. 

Dungeon Farming

You can farm a lot of Soul Gems in the dungeons and areas listed below. Of course, the quality of the gems will depend entirely on your luck.

  • Dwemer Ruins
  • Vampire Lairs
  • Nordic Ruins
  • Soul Cairn (Dawnguard)
  • Riften Stables (Chest)
Skyrim How to Recharge Weapons

As an answer to the “How to Recharge Weapons in Skyrim?” question, farming Soul Gems is a fun way to do so but, but after a while, you may not want to waste your time. Because, as we mentioned at the beginning of our guide, Soul Gems disappear after recharging an enchanted weapon. So you would have to farm constantly. But don’t worry, we have a solution for that as well.

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How to Recharge Weapons Unlimitedly in Skyrim?

We mentioned that we have a solution. Skyrim has an item called “The Black Star” to keep its players from getting too tired of recharging weapons. This item is a reusable Black Soul Gem. Moreover, you have the chance to store high-level black and white souls together. However, the Black Star can only hold a single soul. More importantly, the Black Star never disappears after being used. You can quickly refill your Black Star Gem with another soul after recharging.

If you want to get the Black Star item, there is a simple task that you have to do. You can get the quest from an elf wizard after you go to the “Shrine of Azure” area. To complete the quest, you must bring “Broken Azura’s Star” to Nelacar instead of Aranea Lenith, and then destroy Malyn Varen‘s soul by extracting it from that item. You will then successfully own the Black Star Soul Gem.


That’s how easy it is. As you can see, the Black Star item completely eliminates the weapon recharge problem. If there are still those who do not know how to recharge weapons in Skyrim, they can share it with us in the comments. Because of some mods and cheats, there may be game disruptions. If you share this problem with us, we may be able to help you solve your issue. Have a good game, everyone!

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