How to Get Terraria Dark Shard? Easiest Ways 2023


Terraria has amazing weapons and items that will make you stronger. You need to craft most of these powerful items in order to defeat your enemies without difficulty. One of the most important materials needed to craft such items is Dark Shards. Terraria Dark Shards are essential for crafting deadly and destructive items.

Terraria Dark Shard
Terraria Dark Shard

Today we want to share with you what you can do with Dark Shard material and where you can find it. Once you get the Dark Shard, no one will be able to resist you in Terraria anymore. Then without further ado, let’s learn more!

What is a Dark Shard in Terraria?

Dark Shard is a rare material used in crafting Dao of Pow and Onyx Blaster items. You can only find Dark Shard material if you’re playing Terraria in Hard mode. Naturally, you can only use weapons crafted with Terraria Dark Shards in Hardmode. Before we talk about Terraria Dark Shard farming ways, let’s take a look at the items you can craft with this material.

Dao of Pow

Dao of Pow is a flail only playable in Terraria Hardmode. There is an 80% chance to apply a Confused debuff when hitting enemies. It is a melee weapon with 100 damage. The Dao of Pow is a powerful Terraria weapon that you can craft easily in the early game. Godly or Demonic modifiers can be used with this flail.

dark shard terraria
dark shard terraria

You’ll need the following materials to craft Dao of Pow:

  • Dark Shard
  • Light Shard
  • Soul of Night (x7)
  • Soul of Light (x7)

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Onyx Blaster

Onyx Blaster is a ranged weapon only playable in Terraria Hardmode. The Onyx Blaster shoots a spread of 4 bullets using a unit of ammunition. Additionally, it fires an exploding dark energy particle when it hits the enemy. This burst of energy deals 48 base damage. In addition, Onyx Blaster can be upgraded from Shotgun. You can easily one-shot enemies in the Hard mode with Onyx Blaster. Unreal is its best modifier.

You’ll need the following materials to craft Onyx Blaster:

  • Shotgun
  • Dark Shard (x2)
  • Soul of Night (x10)

How to Get Dark Shards in Terraria?

You can drop Dark Shard from Dark Mummies and Shadow Mummies with 10% chance. There are other mobs that spawn faster and are killed faster to drop Terraria Dark Shard. But they have lower drop rates. We have prepared a table for you from which mobs you can drop Dark Shards Terraria, you can go to farming by taking a look now!

Dark Mummy10%1-2
Shadow Mummy10%1-2
Blood Mummy10%1-2
Tainted Ghoul6.67%1
Vile Ghoul6.67%1
Bone Biter4%1
Flesh Reaver4%1

As you can see, the Terraria Dark Shard drop rate varies according to mobs. If you want to drop Terraria Dark Shards in more quantity with high chances, you can choose to farm Mummies because up to 2 Dark Shards can be dropped from them. Besides, you can drop Dark Shards Terraria with every other mob at lower rates.

how to get dark shards in terraria
how to get dark shards in terraria

Where to Do Terraria Dark Shard Farming?

To do Terraria Dark Shard farming, you need to first locate the Mummies. Shadow Mummies and Dark Mummies spawn in Corrupt Deserts, and Blood Mummies spawn in Crimson Deserts. Shadow Mummies spawn from sand blocks and die easily.

If you want to farm Tainted and Vile Ghouls, you should take a trip to the Crimson/Corrupted Underground Desert. Here Ghouls will spawn frequently and you can farm them at a rate of 6.67%.

Sand Sharks aka Bone Biter and Flesh Reaver are entities that appeared in the Desert Biome only during Sandstorm. You can farm these mobs with a 4% drop rate and meet your Dark Shards Terraria needs.

Easiest Ways to Get Darks Shards in Terraria

The best way to farm Dark Shard Terraria is to constantly kill the mobs with the highest rate. But you may have to wait because all mobs have a certain spawn time. For example, when you decide to farm Dark Mummies, you can speed up the process by increasing their spawn rate using Water Candles, Jungle Blocks, and Battle Potions. Or, when you completely kill mobs in a biome, you can gain time by going to the other one until they spawn. In this way, it is possible to farm Dark Shard Terraria quickly.


Dark Shards Terraria is one of the materials that will be very useful for you in Hard mode. The reason Dark Shards are used so much is that you can craft excellent weapons with them. You can quickly farm the mobs we have mentioned by going to their biomes and collecting Dark Shards. Then, have fun in Terraria and good luck with the drops!

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