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In Skyrim, you can marry any NPC, regardless of race or gender. Of course, the Dragonborn has a lot of options, but note that you can only have one spouse at a time, so choose wisely. In this article, we will introduce one of Skyrim’s most beautiful ladies, Aela the Huntress, and how to marry Aela.

Skyrim how to marry Aela

Skyrim is well-known for its great open-world environment, which includes wildness expenses, dungeons, caves, cities, towns, and so on. Besides, marriage is a unique feature that you don’t often see in other RPG games. Just imagine how incredible and unique your journey is when traveling through the world with Aela.

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Who is Aela?

Aela is a member of the Companions, a group of warriors based in Whiterun.

With just a glimpse, you may find that Aela has a rugged and adventurous look, typical of a seasoned hunter and warrior. She has long, wild red hair and piercing green eyes. She wears a set of leather armor designed for mobility and comfort, with fur linings and straps, implying a connection to nature and the wilderness in the game. She also has a wolf teeth necklace, which is a symbol of her association with the Companions and their practice of lycanthropy. That’s enough to impress.

Where to Find Aela

Next, we will give you step-by-step guidance to meet Aela the Huntress in Skyrim:

  1. Travel to Whiterun: As a member of the Companions, Aela lives in the Companion’s headquarters in Whiterun, so make your way there first.
  1. Locate the Companions: The Companions are located in Jorrvaskr, a large building in the central part of Whiterun. It is simple to locate the building by looking for the giant wolf statue that stands outside the entrance.
  1. Speak to Kodlak Whitemane: A leader of the Companions, Kodlak will give you an initial quest to complete, which will lead you to Aela and the other members of the Companions. Some of the quests can be named: “Take Up Arms”, “Proving Honor”, “Purity”, and” Glory Of The Dead”.
  1. Finish the challenge: You need to join in some combat and exploration to be accepted into the Companions. Aela may involve in some quests, so you’ll get to know her better as you complete them.

How to Marry Aela the Huntress in Skyrim

how to marry aela

We already know about Aela and how to meet her. Our next job is to win her heart, let’s follow these steps:

  1. Raise Aela’s approval rating: Since you’ve been a member of the Companions, you are one step closer to having her as a spouse, but that’s not as easy as you think. To be eligible for the wedding, you need to have her approval rating high enough. Here are a few methods:
    • Completing quests for the Companions: You have to complete three crucial quests, as we show here: “Blood’s Honor”, “Purity Of Revenge” and “Glory Of The Dead”.
    • Accompanying her on her tasks: Aela may ask you to help her with hunting quests, personal quests, and miscellaneous tasks.
    • Keep in mind that the effectiveness of gifts you give or the specific tasks Aela ask for will depend on your progress in the Companion’s questline and the Dragonborn’s speech skill. Not to mention that the relationship between her and the Dragonborn will affect whether or not she will ask you for help.
  1. Acquire an Amulet of Mara: The objective of the quest is to get the Amulet of Mara, which is a special item that you need to propose to Aela. This item can be purchased from Maramal, or you can kill or pickpocket soldiers or Stormcloaks, or even get it by using its ID in the command console.
  1. Propose to Aela: Once you have the Amulet of Mara, let’s come and speak to Aela. Then select the marriage option and hope for a miracle. If she accepts, both of you will be married and Aela will be your companion for the rest of the journey.

Why Should You Marry Aela?

The following are some of the advantages of having Aela as a follower:

  • Access to personal quests: When Aela and the Dragonborn are in a relationship, she may offer you some quests, allowing you to know more about her, as well as earn rewards.
  • Fighting: Aela is most skilled with bows and one-handed weapons, she can assist you in battle or tracking down prey.
  • Temporary boost to attributes: After getting married, the Dragonborn will receive the enchantment “Blessing Of Mara” – which increases the healing spells restoration by 10% more.

Overall, marrying Alea in Skyrim can provide the Dragonborn with a range of benefits, making her a valuable addition to your journey. Since Skryim only allows one spouse at a time, it’s crucial to ensure you really want to marry Aela the Huntress before taking any steps. We hope this guide on how to marry Aela will boost your experience.

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