What Is The First Thing You Will Do In Starfield? Top 5 Features


With the vastness of the cosmos awaiting our arrival, the question arises: what is the first thing you will do in Starfield? As gamers eagerly anticipate the release of this revolutionary title, the realm of possibilities within the game universe has sparked imaginations and discussions alike. From embarking on daring space explorations to delving into the game’s captivating storyline, every player is poised to make a choice that will set their unique journey in motion.


In this blog post, we’ll delve into the myriad of possibilities that await us in Starfield and explore the exciting prospects of what players might choose to do when they first step foot (or rather, float weightlessly) into this new frontier. Whether you’re an avid space enthusiast or a gaming aficionado looking for a fresh gaming experience, Starfield promises to deliver an immersive and awe-inspiring journey into the great unknown.

We have discovered the cities, combat, spaceships, base-making mechanics, and many other game-related features in the game. With the presentation of all the features as gameplay, serious hype has arisen among the players. Even on Reddit, some users have started to comment that they are planning to take a week off by purchasing the game with an early order.

As such, we wanted to list many different gameplay features that players can do or want to do in Starfield. Now if you are ready, let’s start the engine of our spaceship and take a journey to the universe of Starfield.

1. Exploring the Solar System

The most exciting feature of Starfield is undoubtedly the galaxies and solar systems. We will be in a solar system with the planet we first started the game with. It will be possible to travel to all planets and moons in this solar system. Even more beautiful than these, we will be able to land on planets and explore them as we wish and build a base.

In addition to all this, the point that players are most curious about is the size of the solar system. In a scene shown in Starfield Direct, it was possible to travel between galaxies. Of course, you need advanced engines and a spaceship to complete the journey to these galaxies. We especially think that this game mechanic gives players an extra motivation to discover new galaxies.

If Bethesda really succeeded in designing the living spaces of galaxies and the planets within them in different ways, it means that there are hundreds or even thousands of different locations to explore in the game. We hope that Bethesda will not make the same mistake as No Man’s Sky and we will have a really interesting game experience.

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2. Creating a Unique Character

Bethesda offers a unique experience in character creation in many of its games, especially Fallout. You can change everything in a specific way, from its appearance to the history of your character. It’s a bit like creating a backstory for your character in Mount Blade Bannerlord. For example, if you choose “hero” from the traits page while creating a character in Starfield, NPCs that are your fans will start to form in the game.


Want us to go even deeper? So imagine creating your character as “Bounty Hunter”. If you start doing space pirates, groups that are hostile to you will start to spawn in various regions. In fact, if you choose to belong to a group or belief on the character creation screen, you will be met with hostility by other groups that are opposite to this belief.

In short, Starfield seems to have been very meticulous about creating the characters of their dreams that players can enjoy playing.

3. Build Your Crew and Settle on a Planet

I think this is exactly the detail I will enjoy playing in Starfield. In other words, to find a planet that I love and have a beautiful view and settle there. As you know, it will be possible to build our own space base, or rather our living space, by using many different structures. The base building mechanics we are used to from Fallout 4 have passed in Starfield as they are. Even better, we will be able to decorate the interior of the living space we have built as we wish.


When talking about the living space, you should definitely not think of just making a base for living. Because we will have the chance to make production in the base by setting up some machines. Moreover, this base will not only belong to us. All our crew members will be able to live in the base with us.

4. Designing Great Looking Ships

One of the scenes in Starfield Direct was that we could customize the spaceships however we wanted. In fact, the spaceship designed by Bethesda developers and resembling Transformers in the gameplay looked almost magnificent. In this way, we were able to understand the freedom that Starfield will offer to the players in designing a spaceship with its huge image.

If you want, you can create a small but very fast spaceship, or you can create a huge starship that will include dozens of crews. Of course, you will need money and various items to make them. Isn’t the fun of the game here anyway? As you create your dream spaceship, you will complete missions, discover new planets and races and turn the game upside down.

5. New Content with Modding

If you look at all the games Bethesda has released so far, you can see quite advanced modes. Because all of Bethesda’s games have a very ideal structure for other players to mod. At this point, we can see some incredible mods shortly after the game’s release.

Especially, many players are already very excited about having a Star Wars mode in Starfield. There will probably be hundreds or even thousands of different game modes a year after the game’s release. It is also thought that new games will emerge with these game modes. If you’ve played Fallout 4 before and are a little familiar with mods, you can understand why players are excited about Starfield modding.

Because there is almost no limit to what players can do with modding. It will be possible to add new planets, new races, new spaceships, new characters, and many different features that you can think of to the game with the modding method. After this point, we will sit back and enjoy the game with great pleasure.

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