Skyrim Spellsword Build: Strongest Warrior Mage Build


If you’re looking for a dynamic and versatile way to join the combat, this Skyrim Spellsword build is the strategy you shouldn’t miss!

Skyrim Spellsword Build

In Skyrim, Spellsword is a character build that combines magic and melee combat. This type of build often uses one-handed weapons, such as swords or axes, and magic spells to improve their combat abilities or kill enemies. Spellsword’s playstyle varies and is ultimately determined by the players’ preferences.

If you are new to this game or simply want to acquire comprehensive knowledge about spellsword, let this Skyrim Spellsword build article walk you through!

The Basic Of Skyrim Spellsword Build

As we know, the Skyrim Spellsword build combines melee weapons and magic skills. So, finding the right balance between them will, of course, be an ideal solution. On the other hand, too much emphasis on either side will break the balance and make your battle less effective.

When creating a Spellsword character, players can select a race with magic and combat skills that suit them best, such as the Bretons. Moreover, players can focus on leveling up relevant skills like One-Handed, Destruction, and Restoration. Building a Spellsword is difficult due to the numerous skill trees that require time and effort.

skyrim spellsword build

So, check out these popular Skyrim Spellsword builds that you may be interested in:

  • Destruction/One-Handed: This build uses destruction spells to weaken enemies, followed by a finished blow with one-handed weapons. Here are some spell examples: “Frost Cloak”, “Firebolt”, “Chain Lighting”, “Ice Storm”, and “Fire Storm”. 
  • Conjuration/One-Handed: This build focuses on summoning creatures or entities to fight alongside players. “Conjure Frost Atronach”, “Soul Trap”, and “Flaming Familiar” are some examples.
  • Restoration/One-Handed: This build focuses on healing the players and allies. Restoration skills include “Healing” and “Close Wounds”.
  • Alteration/Two-Handed: This build focuses on using alteration spells for defensive purposes, such as protection and paralysis, while also holding two weapons for attacking. Alteration is primarily valuable for the early game for its armor buff, such as “Oakflesh”.
  • Illusion/One-Handed: This build focuses on using illusion spells to control enemies’ minds while the other hand uses a weapon for backup. Illusion spells are super effective against crowded enemies. “Fear and Frenzy” make every enemy fight each other, or “Calm” can reduce the anger of the NPC.

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Tips For A Successful Skyrim Spellsword Build

Building a successful Skyrim Spellsword build can be challenging, but with the right tips and strategies below, players can create a strong and powerful character that excels in both magic and weapons skills.

skyrim spellsword build

Let’s take a look at them!

1. Choosing the right weapons

Besides some specific types of spells we listed above, players need to consider other factors that also play a vital role:

  • One-handed weapons: Swords, maces, and daggers are great choices.
  • Light armor: Wearing light armor can help players stay agile and mobile in battle, thus allowing better ability and also providing good protection.
  • Enchanted gear: Enchanting gear with spells or abilities can provide a powerful boost to combat effectiveness. For example, enchanting a sword with a Fire damage effect can make it even more deadly.

2. Leveling up and improving skills

There are a million ways to point out your skills, which may confuse you quite a bit, and if you choose it wrong, it may negatively affect the character subsequently. Check the leveling guide below for an example:

  • Level 1-10: Level One-Handed, Restoration, and Destruction. Focusing on Bound Sword and making a stockpile of Vegetable Soup.
  • Level 11-20: Grab the Lover Stone, Spam Soul Trap on a Corpse to level Conjuration. Focus on “Frost Attronach” spell.
  • Level 21-30: Focusing on leveling your main stats and another magic.
  • Level 31-40: Focusing on leveling your crafting skills.
  • Level 41+: Get the Slow Time Shout and build your skill trees.

3. Choosing the right gear and equipment types

By correctly choosing these items, Skyrim Spellsword build can enhance your combat abilities, making them more effective in battle. Check out the list of them:

  • Amulets and Rings: Amulets and rings with enchantments that increase magicka or magicka regeneration can be helpful for a Spellsword as they rely heavily on magicka to cast spells.
  • Fortify One-Handed Enchantment: Enchanting a piece of gear with the Fortify One-Handed enchantment can increase the damage output of one-handed weapons.
  • Fortify Destruction Enchantment: Enchanting a piece of gear with the Fortify Destruction enchantment can increase the damage of Destruction spells, allowing Spellswords to deal more damage.
  • Potions: Potions that increase magicka, health, and stamina can be useful for a Spellsword.

Skyrim Spellsword Build Playstyle

skyrim spellsword build

Skyrim offers a lot of customizations and flexibilities, allowing players to create their own unique Spellsword builds and playstyles. The way you choose your playstyle will have an impact on the effectiveness of the spellsword. Consider the following:

  • Aggressive playstyle: An aggressive playstyle that focuses on offense. It can make a Spellsword build very effective in one-on-one combat. High-damage spells, such as “Fireball” or “Chain Lightning”, and fast and lightweight weapons, such as a dagger or a short sword, are suitable for this playstyle. However, this playstyle can also be resource-intensive, as the player frequently uses spells and weapons.
  • Defensive playstyle: A defensive playstyle that uses spells for protection and survival. It can make a Spellsword build more durable in combat. “Ice Wall” or “Stone Flesh” spells create barriers or shields to protect players. However, this playstyle may be less effective against multiple enemies.
  • Stealth playstyle: A stealth playstyle that uses spells to remain undetected and take out enemies one by one. For example, “Muffle” spell reduces noises, or “Invisibility” spell makes players invisible. However, this playstyle may be less effective in open combat.
  • Support playstyle: A support playstyle that uses spells to assist and protect allies. “Blessing of Mara” spell increases health and stamina, or “Command Daedra” spell controls a Daedra to fight temporarily. However, this playstyle may be less effective in solo play.

Not to mention that each playstyle has pros and cons, so think twice before pursuing the one you like most.

If you are genuinely a fan of Skyrim, we highly recommend trying out our Skyrim Spellsword build suggestions. With the unique combination of magic and melee combat, a Spellsword build offers endless possibilities for players to explore and experiment with. No matter what style you are keen on, there’s always something for everyone. If you have any impressive advice or suggestion, leave them in the comment section below!

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