Reddit users planning a week off when Starfield releases


With the huge success of Starfield Direct fans of the upcoming epic space RPG Starfield have taken to Reddit to start planning the full week off when the game is released!

Due to the sheer size of Starfield, many players could be thinking the exact same thing, as they look to start exploring the 1000 planets & vibrant cities as soon as possible.

Along with the resource gathering, outposts & ships to begin building Starfield has the potential to truly hook players for hours on end.

Who knows how many jobs & relationships will be lost once this epic space adventure begins & players begin day-long ‘Starfield binges’.

Starfield Ship Cockpit

Set to release in 74 days, fans have been discussing how they are going to spend the first few days or longer! exploring the vast open world of Starfield.

If purchasing the Digital Premium Edition with 5 days of early access, players will be enjoying Starfield on Friday the 1st of September.

Reddit user u/xCExColonel had this to say…..

For me it’s the fact that September 1st is on a Friday that will give me all Friday all Saturday and all Sunday to play it and who knows I’ll probably miss work the day after


With Reddit user u/Thilenios commenting

Wait …. Really? That might actually give me a good excuse to ask for the rest of that week off if we aren’t too busy….


To which u/101955Bennu replied….

I’ve already put in my PTO request for that week. I’m playing Starfield for 10 days straight


The r/Starfield subreddit has been buzzing with excitement since Starfield Direct, with users covering every aspect of what they have planned when they get their hands on the game, including ship names, special abilities speculation & where they plan to travel to first.

Starfield Pre-Orders

Pre-orders of Starfield are now live with three editions currently available. The Standard Edition $69.99 & Premium Edition $99.99 are at the time of writing still in plentiful supply. The Starfield Constellation Edition $299.99 is currently out of stock in the US but can still be purchased for UK gamers at £249.99 from Game.


Bethesda Game Studios have taken to Twitter to express their delight at the positive response to last week’s Starfield Direct showcase, where they revealed a huge amount of new content for fans to begin getting excited about.

What are your plans for the release of Starfield? Will you be taking time off work to begin your constellation adventure in style? Let us know in the comments below!

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