Starfield Direct: The Latest News and Updates 2023


With the end of the Xbox Showcase, we are here with some amazing updates on Starfield, one of the most anticipated games of the year.
The latest information and updates about the game, which is expected to be released on September 6, 2023, were finally shared with the public by Xbox on Starfield Direct.

Starfield Direct

We watched the latest clips of its gameplay, explanations, and all the details about what awaits us while playing Starfield in Starfield Direct. We have prepared a short guide about Starfield Direct for those who missed watching it live. If you want to learn the latest information about Starfield, let’s take a quick look at our article together.

Living Planets

Starfield’s story has been conceived for exactly 25 years. More than a thousand planets were designed to fit this story. Moreover, all these planets are alive. Everything that lives on that planet, from the lands you step on to the mountains you see, lives with you. For example, a satellite you see directly opposite the planet is not there to be visual. You can jump into your spaceship and go on a journey to the satellite of the planet you are in. Thanks to global lighting technology, the lights of the planets are fully aligned with the physical laws around them.

Animations and Gameplay

Quite new animations and two different perspectives await us in Starfield. The first of these will be FPS, and the second will be a third-person perspective. With these perspectives, the exploration mechanism in the game has been made exciting. You can take out your binoculars in the area where you land with your ship and scan everything that is happening around you.

Starfield Direct

For example, you can see an iron or stone mine and scan it with your device and extract the mine you need. Also, there are some tricky surprises waiting for you on every planet. For example, if you discover an abandoned facility belonging to space pirates, the inhabitants will not welcome you very much. You will have to engage in a deadly battle with the space pirates living in that area. Various and lootable materials will be able to come out of each enemy you kill.

Starfield Direct

Character Interface

There will be a button in the game that you can connect to the character interface. From this page, you will be able to access your ship, skills, inventory and missions. In your inventory, you will be able to see all your weapons, their properties, almost all kinds of items such as spacesuits, foods and bullets.

Starfield Direct

Let’s say you fought and won and you owned all the loot. From this point, you can instantly go to your ship with the fast travel feature. If you want, you have the chance to reach your ship by walking the way you came. In the meantime, we would like to remind you that there is an auxiliary robot that will protect your ship while you are away.

Starfield Direct

Spaceships and Galaxies

While designing spaceships, Starfield developers referred to the period when the first space flights were made with the name “Nasa Punk.” They say they feature a rather tough-looking style that creates visual interest. Your ship offers complete home comfort for you and your crew. For example, there is a table in one part of your ship where you can access the entire star map. The map welcomes you with the first planet you have already entered the game.

Starfield Direct

Then, as you explore and gain new information, you will discover new solar systems. When you move away from your own planet, you can see the solar system to which that planet belongs. If you go further, you can see your position in the galaxy. So what will you do to go to the neighboring solar system or galaxy? Of course, you will use your ship’s space-time bending technology, the grav driver, and you will act at the speed of light.

Starfield Direct

If you want to jump to far more distant solar systems, you need to upgrade your ship. As the distance increases, the technology of your ship, unfortunately, falls short. But for now, we have enough technology to go to New Atlantis, the center of Alpha Centauri. Let’s take a closer look at the city of New Atlantis.

Cities and Atmosphere

When you land in New Atlantis, you will find yourself right in the future. A gigantic living city awaits you, with gigantic tall buildings, groups of people, and mission centers. The city is not only magnificent in design but there are many details that support the story. For example, while navigating the city, a simple robot can tell a short story by pointing to a pre-war monument. If you get further into the city, you can witness the speeches and actions of people who have their own worries and concerns.

Starfield Direct

By the way, cities are not limited to New Atlantis. Cydonia City on Mars, which is affiliated to United Colonies, is a region where people earn their living by mining. If you travel a little further in the United Colonies, you will reach the “Freestar Colletive”, Akila City, where the rules and laws are slightly stretched. If you don’t have moral issues and believe you can do anything to make money, welcome to Neon City. This city, which used to be a fishing center, has now turned into a place where the dirty work of the galaxy is done.

Starfield Direct

Although Starfield has dizzyingly large cities, it is located on derelict planets waiting to be discovered. But you will have to watch out for the predators and space pirates on these planets.

The Beginning of the Story

Speaking of New Atlantis, we would like to tell you a little about United Colonies, which has become the greatest civilization center of humanity. The people living here have their own rules. At the same time, the people claim to be the heirs of true humanity and the world. When you take a stroll in New Atlantis, we come across a group called Constellation, with whom we will determine our own destiny.

Starfield Direct

This group is known as humanity’s last explorers in the galaxy and they are working on a highly classified project. In this group, which works on a substance that is impossible to exist in the universe, there are various characters who fulfill the duties of theologian, scientist, space pirate, space cowboy and financier. At this point, we are embarking on our first adventure with the Constellation group as the captain of our own ship.

Character Customization

As you know, you can make incredible changes in details while creating characters in almost all of Bethesda’s games. This feature has been passed on to Starfield as well. But remember that creating a character is not just about the image. If you want to decide who you want to be in the game, you will have to use the “Background” page on the character customization screen. You can be a Diplomat, Chef, Bounty Hunter, Gangster, Explorer, Pilgrim, Professor, or Ronin. Thanks to the originality in creating your character background, you will be able to bring your dream self to life.

Starfield Direct

For example, there is the Traits page. Here, if you give yourself an old hero trait, your fans will show up. A very nice gameplay related to this part has been published in Starfield Direct. While our character is wandering around the city, a random NPC starts running toward us. And he continues to insist on joining your team, saying that he admires you. After that, it’s up to you. If you want, you can take him to your crew.

Starfield Direct

Another character detail is related to your family. If you already have a family while creating your character, you need to visit them. You can even help them financially. When we look at this part of Starfield Direct, we do not want to go without saying that the game has a very complicated character structure.

Level and Skill System

Like most Bethesda productions, Starfield has an advanced skill and level system. You gain one skill point for each new level. Then you can use these skill ponies to improve your skills. There are five different skill trees that you can use on your character. These are Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech, respectively. You can design these skill trees completely according to your game taste. If you like to fight, you can make a combat-based skill distribution. Or you have the opportunity to improve your social skills and have very friendly relations with other people.

Starfield Direct

Ship Development Mechanics

As we mentioned earlier in our Starfield Direct article, your spaceship will be almost like your home in the game. Therefore, you will want to develop your comfort center. For example, your journey that starts with a rather small ship early in the game may end up with a huge space battleship. You will need to visit the spaceports to customize your ship. Here you will have the chance to buy fast warships, cargo ships or a wide variety of ships you can think of. However, when you weren’t able to do that early in the game, let’s move on to your starting ship, the Frontier.

Starfield Direct

When you enter any spaceport, you will find that every part of your ship is replaceable. For example, you can replace Docker, engines or reactor and add a more advanced version to your ship. Apart from buying and adding new things, there is also a free mode where you can edit your ship. For example, you have a gun on your ship and you don’t want it to be there. No problem, by entering the edit mode in the spaceport you will be able to make changes to every part of your ship with the freedom you want.

Starfield Direct

You will be able to enlarge your ship with dining halls, cargo rooms, research sections and many more details that you can think of. Of course, once you start adding them, your ship will no longer be your little home where you first started that game.

Again, to give an example, you can add an extra life module since your ship is small, limiting the number of crew. In this way, you can add +1 additional NPC to your crew. Or you can add a more advanced grav driver to your ship and plan new voyages to distant galaxies that you could not reach before. In short, it will be entirely up to you to get the look you want. Frankly, the fact that such a wide area of freedom is presented makes us very excited for the release of Starfield.

Starfield Direct

Spaceship Wars

Now let’s come to the battles you can do with your ship in space. Just like in Star Citizen, you are in complete control of your ships. You will need to check your ship’s weapons, shields, and engines in detail. You can fight to the death with any enemy you may encounter. The way to win the war is entirely up to you. If you want, you can tear the enemy ship to pieces with heavy bombardment, or you can lock your ship to the enemy ship and engage in head-to-head combat. If you capture the enemy ship with a gun before it explodes, that ship will be completely yours.

Designing and Creating a Base

Those who are very familiar with Fallout 4 are also familiar with the base creation mechanics. Bethesda has transferred this gameplay structure to Starfield as it is. For example, you can land on a derelict planet with your ship and create a living space for yourself. Moreover, you have incredible freedom in creating your living space. Again, to give an example, you have the chance to choose a structure from your inventory and place it on the top of the mountain or in any location you want, at the height you want. Then, you can create your dream design by adding other objects that are compatible with it, one by one, by looking at the map from a bird’s eye view.

Starfield Direct

In addition to all these, there are various sections in the living space you have created. For example, you can add living rooms for extra crew. More importantly, you will be able to install extractors so that artificial intelligence robots can dig and extract materials while you are away. Would you like to go further? You will be able to customize the carpets, armchairs, flowers, and windows in your base to your liking.

Starfield Direct


Fists, knives and enhanced weapons… Starfield seems to have given the player all the freedom it can give when it comes to armed combat. If you want to proceed silently, you can use muffler pistols and blades. If you want them to know you’re coming and be afraid of you, you can blow up the air using grenade launchers. You can also choose to blow the head of your enemies from afar by taking a sniper away from danger. As we said, Starfield has a very satisfying variety of weapons.

Starfield Direct

Maybe, just a little hit feeling may cause you discomfort. However, we think that they can handle this within 3-4 months with the return of the players.


We have finally come to the end of the Starfield Direct program. We’ve seen so many details about Starfield that we honestly think it hyped most players. It would not be an exaggeration to say that four different games will emerge from all these details they show.

We hope that when September 6, 2023 comes, Starfield will be released without any bugs or performance problems, and we will have the chance to play with pleasure. Bye now.

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