No Man’s Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon – TOP 10 List


A Multi-tool is your lifesaver in No Man’s Sky and can give you the ultimate power in any combat. The purpose of the Multi-tool weapons is to ensure your survival with weapon modules and collect many resources. The Multi-tool will give you more than you ever imagined to kill things like Abysmal Creatures, Sentinels, and fauna. To survive against such formidable enemies, you will need a Multi-tool with a high powerhouse. That’s why, in today’s article, we have listed the best Multi-tool weapons for you in No Man’s Sky. Without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it!

no mans sky best multi tool weapon

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The Best Multi-tool Weapons in No Man’s Sky

10. Mining Beam

Mining Beam may not be your preferred option when you’re stuck in a large group of enemies. This energy weapon will not be the best Multi-tool alternative as it has no insane damage deal potential. For this weapon to be successful, it must be upgraded with S-tier modules. Even that doesn’t help this weapon deal enough damage.

No Man's Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon

9. Boltcaster

Boltcaster is a pretty average Multi-tool that you shouldn’t expect too much from in No Man’s Sky. The Boltcaster is a basic, no-nonsense shooter with a high fire rate and decent accuracy. If you use this Multi-tool against powerful enemies, you have almost no chance. While it’s useful in 1v1 fights, its accuracy isn’t very good.

No Man's Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon

8. Geology Cannon

Another version of Terrain Manipulator, Geology Cannon, lets you launch exploding charges to a specific area. Those in the center of the explosion take more damage, while those near it take less. If you are fighting with a group of enemies, this weapon can give you a successful result. Also, be careful not to be near the blast zone.

No Man's Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon

7. Plasma Launcher

The Plasma Launcher is an average weapon that fires plasma projects at targets and deals explosive damage. This secondary weapon can help you take down grouped enemies. Even if it isn’t No Man’s Sky’s best grenade launcher, it’s ideal for knocking down armored doors and enemies in front of it.

No Man's Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon

6. Incinerator

Incinerator is an effective Multi-tool that deals godlike damage in close combat. This flamethrower-like weapon should be your go-to if you want to burn your opponents mercilessly because there’s nothing more fun than this in close-quarter fights! The worst part is, Incinerator is no longer available. If you have this weapon, there is no harm in using it.

No Man's Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon

5. Pulse Spitter

Due to its rapid-fire rate, the Pulse Spitter is excellent against Sentinel Quads and Corrupted Swarm Quads. You can easily hit enemies with it because it launches three projects quickly. However, to be able to use Pulse Spitter successfully, it is necessary to cope with its recoil and get the best aim. So the Pulse Spitter is one of the good weapons you can use in No Man’s Sky.

No Man's Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon

4. Paralysis Mortar

Paralysis Mortar’s main goal is to create space for yourself by stunning enemies in an area. It does no damage, but if you also have the Voltaic Amplifier module installed, you’ll earn a substantial damage bonus while using a primary weapon against stunned enemies. You can use Paralysis Mortar as a sidearm when hunting Sentinels or raiding somewhere. This secondary weapon will save you a great time.

No Man's Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon

3. Neutron Cannon

The best thing about the Neutron Cannon is its two firing modes. One is the shotgun mode, while the other creates an explosion by shooting energy blasts into a specific area. Compared to the Scatter Blaster, it deals less energy damage, but the greater AoE from the blasts provides it an advantage. It works well against groups of enemies, but you might briefly become vulnerable when charging. Still, this is not a critical downside to this weapon.

No Man's Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon

2. Scatter Blaster

The Scatter Blaster is one of the best Multi-tool weapons in No Man’s Sky. When fully upgraded, Scatter Blaster, which is essentially a combat shotgun, is practically unmatched at dealing with Sentinels and will easily one-shot Biological Horrors. This weapon succeeds at eliminating many targets at once, like Swarms. Except for single-target combats, this weapon is overpowered.

No Man's Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon

1. Blaze Javelin

Now it’s time for the best Multi-tool weapon in No Man’s Sky: Blaze Javelin! In essence, it functions as a sniper rifle, and players are rewarded with extra damage the farther a shot travels. When wholly upgraded, the Blaze Javelin is much superior. Once the Waveform Oscillator and Mass Accelerator modules are installed, this weapon becomes a beast. 

No Man's Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon

Your shots will make the enemy stun for five seconds and allow you to eliminate them quickly. However, remember that the Blaze Javelin is risky when confronting numerous and scattered enemies because of its lengthy charge and cooldown periods and its long reload time. However, it would be best to choose this weapon in No Man’s Sky would be best! Good luck.

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