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Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most sensational games of the past years. The RPG game, in which the expectations were kept extremely high, did not achieve the desired effect when it was first released. The reason for this was that there were many bugs in the game. However, with the new update, the game has been made more playable. The game now has fewer bugs and many improvements. Today we will talk about the coolest mechanics of the game and Dr Chrome.

Dr Chrome Cyberpunk
Dr Chrome Cyberpunk

Who is Dr Chrome Cyberpunk?

Dr Chrome is one of the Ripperdocs who deals with upgrades in Cyberpunk. There are many Ripperdocs in the city like Dr Chrome, but they all offer different upgrades. Also, this NPC has several conversation options and you can chat with him. However, this will not affect the upgrades you will buy from him. Cyberpunk Dr Chrome has build-ups such as installation, upgrades and sales of cyberware.

dr chrome

Cyberware and Mod upgrades available from Dr Chrome Cyberpunk and other Ripperdocs give V new abilities and allow you to improve even more. You can add deadly blades to your arms, put armor on your skin to protect yourself, or have various parts of your body implanted. The implant services that Dr Chrome sells are not available on other NPCs. So you should find a Ripperdoc that sells the kind of upgrade you want.

Cyberpunk Dr Chrome Location

You may find Ripperdocs all throughout Night City, and you can buy upgrades for the exact sum of money or Street Cred. Dr Chrome location Cyberpunk is exactly at Watson. Dr Chrome location is Watson in the South West of Kabuki Market.

cyberpunk dr chrome location
cyberpunk location

Dr Chrome Cyberpunk Services

As we said before, all Ripperdocs in Night City have different services. Although they all offer upgrades, they all have different enhancements. Let’s take a look at the enhancements that Dr Chrome in Watson has.

The following list of noteworthy cyberware and mods can be found at this Ripperdoc:

Zetatech Berserk Mk.5Legendary€$35000
Raven Microcyber Mk.4Legendary€$35000
Heat ConverterEpic€$25000
Optical CamoEpic€$16000
Subdermal ArmorLegendary€$14000
Fireproof CoatingEpic€$12000
Black-Market BatteryLegendary€$5000
Battery: Low-CapacityEpic€$750
Sandevistan: Micro-AmplifierLegendary€$600
Focused BerserkCommon€$45

And there are some crafting specs that you can find in Dr Chrome:

  • Crafting Spec: Neoplastic Plating
  • Crafting Spec: Blade – Chemical Damage
  • Crafting Spec: Monowire – Chemical Damage 

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Are Ripperdoc Upgrades Important?

Ripperdoc is a kind of cosmetic surgeon with the greatest power-ups. While giving your character a cool and glamorous look, you also gain incredible power. For people who indulge in risky activities, which are already prevalent in Night City, Ripperdocs are a great resource. Therefore, after collecting enough money after a certain part of the game, you should upgrade your character.

dr chrome

Which cyberware upgrades you choose is critical at this point, as some are superior to others and can put V into a god-like state. With buffs such as combat power, survivability, traverse proficiency, V can be much stronger than normal. That’s why you should not only choose the upgrades that look stunning, but also review their stats and features. For example, Zetatech Berserk Mk.5 upgrade, which you can acquire from Dr Chrome, will turn V into a deadly beast.

Who Are the Other Ripperdocs and Where to Find Them?

We already told you about the Dr. Chrome Cyberpunk location. Now we will talk about who the other Ripperdocs in Night City are and where they are found. Remember that Ripperdocs all offer different services and have different prices.

Ripperdocs in Watson:

  • Viktor’s Clinic
  • Buck’s Clinic
  • Dr Chrome 
  • Cassius Ryder
  • Instant Implants

Ripperdocs in Westbrook:

  • Kraviz’s Clinic
  • Finger’s MD
  • Ripperdoc in Japantown

Ripperdocs in City Center

  • Ripperdoc in Downtown

Ripperdocs in Heywood

  • Ripperdoc in Wellsprings

Ripperdocs in Santo Domingo

  • Octavio’s Clinic
  • Ripperdoc in Arroyo

Ripperdocs in Pacifica

  • Ripperdoc in West Wind Estate

Ripperdocs in Badlands (Outskirts)

  • Ripperdoc in Mobile Camp/Aldecaldos


Today we told you about the Dr Chrome Cyberpunk location and what exactly we can expect from this NPC. Simply put, Dr Chrome Cyberpunk offers the necessary services to strengthen and upgrade your character in the game. We also shared with you the locations of many other Ripperdocs in Night City. Now you know what you need to do to make V better. Then what are you waiting for? Go meet Dr Chrome and other Ripperdocs now. Good luck and have so much fun in the cyberlands!

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