Best Elven Assassin Tips And Tricks 2023 The Whole Guide!


Want to feel like an elven archer guarding a village in Lord of the Rings? Then it’s time to defend your land from a brutal horde of orcish. It’s up to you to destroy the fearsome beasts that are trying to invade your village and you may need the best Elven Assassin tips and tactics to do this. And we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this game!

elven assassin tips
elven assassin tips

What is Elven Assassin?

Elven Assassin is an archery game, offering a fun and lost-lasting experience. Elven Assassin is an interactive VR game that can be played in both single-player and 4 player max multiplayer. You need to stop the invading horde and don’t let them harm the town. Your task here as an archer is to kill them all one by one. 

The enemies you can’t kill will approach the town border and reduce the town health bar. Once the town health bar reaches zero, the game will be over. Smaller enemies reduce the health of the town by 5% and larger enemies by 15%. Despite this, you should not ignore any enemy as much as possible and kill them all.

How Do You Win the Game?

Elven Assassin advances in rounds. These rounds are called “waves’‘ and after each wave is completed, the next one starts automatically. Each wave gets harder and harder and the number of incoming enemies increases. At this point you should know that this game has no end. There is no maximum wave and the game continues as long as the town can withstand. If the town is destroyed, the game is over.

How to Play Elven Assassin?

Elven Assassin is a game played with a VR controller. You need to hold out your bow and arrow in front of you and bring them together. Once you lock the arrow into place, hold down the trigger button on the back of your controller and pull your right hand back. It is totally like a real life bowstring. When you take aim, release the trigger button to hit the arrow. And that’s it! Now you can kill everyone.

elven assassin oculus quest tips
elven assassin oculus quest tips

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Elven Assassin Tips and Tactics

Although Elven Assassin seems like an easy game at first, you will lose the game if you do not apply some tactics as the waves get stronger. It will be more difficult to control the late game waves, especially if you are playing the game alone. That’s why Elven Assassin tips can be your life saver.

Here are the best and helpful Elven Assassin Oculus Quest tips!

  • Killing enemies while they are further away earns you more coins and points. Also, hitting the enemies head-on increases the amount of these coins and points. Points level you up and allow you to use the spell mechanic. And you can upgrade your gear and bow with coins.
  • Most of the enemies make their way to the town and ignore you. However, axed orcs throw axes at you as they march towards the town. Since your health is based on the town, these axes do not reduce your health, but they are unable your functions for a while and make your screen red. You can dodge these axes by crouching.
elven assassin tips vr
elven assassin tips vr
  • As we said, as you earn points, you level up and upgrade your spells. You can choose two different paths, “fire” or “ice”. Ice has defensive mechanics such as shielding you while fire is more offensive. At this point, you should make a good choice. One of the Elven Assassin VR tips we’ll give you here is to wait to cast your spells to the more crowded hordes.

Elven Assassin Aiming Tips

You don’t need deadly accuracy to be good at Elven Assassin. Sometimes it is enough just to take the right position and follow the course of the horde. You can still check out a few Elven Assassin aiming tips that might be of use to you.

Let us introduce you the best Elven Assassin Oculus Quest tips:

  • Slinging arrows is not the only thing you need to do in this game. As the game progresses, you will have to develop various tactics as you will encounter even more hordes. Headshotting hordes will kill them faster than a bodyshot, allowing you to clear the area quickly. This is definitely one of the most important Elven Assassin VR tips.
  • Sometimes enemies can leave your sight before you kill them. So always check out some blue archery spots. When you shoot arrows at these spots, you will teleport and have a new angle. You should always be on guard and switch positions. Some enemies may be missed if you stay in the same place for a long time.
elven assassin tips
elven assassin tips
  • Aiming the arrows might be tricky and compelling, but the more you play the game, the more you will get used to it and become a killing machine. If you apply the right Elven Assassin tips, who knows how many waves you will survive. Playing co-op will be useful for teamwork. 

Try these Elven Assassin Oculus Quest tips to beat the game faster and easier!


Elven Assassin is an incredibly enjoyable VR emulation game for ambitious and hard-loving gamers. The game will get harder and harder and you will need to apply some Elven Assassin tips and tactics. As you’ve just seen, these Elven Assassin VR tips will help you survive longer in the game. If you can stay calm and stable, you can defend your town against evil enemies!

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