What Are the Most Expensive Potions in Skyrim? [TOP 12]


One of the easiest and most profitable ways to farm gold in Skyrim is to produce and sell potions with Alchemy. You can brew expensive potions yourself and trade them for very good prices. Of course, for this you need to learn and craft the most expensive potions in Skyrim first.

Most Expensive Potions in Skyrim
Most Expensive Potions in Skyrim

You only need to have Lvl 15 Alchemy for this. But the higher your level, the higher the quality of the potions produced. Potions are in high demand as they are Skyrim’s spine. Potions provide you with many critical in-game features such as health, magic power, stamina, inventory boosting, and poisoning. So let’s find out which are the most expensive potions in Skyrim!

12. Potion of Invisibility

  • Price: 390 coins
  • Ingredients: Chaurus Eggs, Garlic, Luna Moth Wing
  • Effects: Invisibility, Recover Health, Fortify Stamina, and Drain Magicka
most expensive potions in skyrim

Invisibility is a widely used mechanic in Skyrim and allows you to pass certain areas. There are four invisibility potions that differ according to their Duration. You can be invisible for a maximum of 50 seconds, while the lowest lasts 20 seconds. You can buy these potions from vendors or craft them yourself. Chaurus Eggs are found in the Chaurus tunnels, Garlic is everywhere in the game, and Luna Moth Wings are found next to the cliffs at night.

11. Potion of Fortify Carry Weight

  • Price: 486 coins
  • Ingredients: Burnt Spriggan Wood, River Betty, Coda Flower
  • Effects: Fortify Carry Weight and Alteration, Damage Health, Slow
most expensive potions in skyrim

This alchemical magic effect will make you as light as a feather in the game. It greatly increases your maximum carry weight and gives you faster movement and inventory capacity. If you want to craft one of these most expensive potions in Skyrim, it’s actually very easy. You can loot Burnt Spriggan Wood from Burnt Spriggans in Solstheim, you can find River Betties in rivers and lakes in Skyrim, and you must purchase Coda Flowers from Khajiit Merchants.

10. Potion of Slow

  • Price: 707 coins
  • Ingredients: Deathbell, Salt Pile, Taproot
  • Effects: 50% speed reduction
most expensive potions in skyrim

The Slow effect allows you to restrict the movement of enemies and make them move slower. It gives a full 50% slowdown, lasting 87 seconds. This potion recipe is prepared by mixing together Deathbell, Salt Pile, and Taproot. If you want, you can buy this potion from vendors for 707 coins, but it will be more profitable to craft. This alchemy item is exceedingly powerful, so it is one of the most expensive potions in Skyrim for sure.

9. Damage Magicka Regen Potion

  • Price: 724 coins
  • Ingredients: Blue Mountain Flower, Hanging Moss, Hagraven Feathers
  • Effects: Damage Magicka, Fortify Conjuration, Frenzy
most expensive potions in skyrim

Damage Magicka Potion is both one of the most expensive potions in Skyrim and one of the best effects. Magickal Damage Regen decreases the rate of the target’s ability to regenerate magicka over time by a specific percentage. The alchemical skill is what determines how strong the effect will be. This potion is also used for exactly this. 

This is one of the easiest potions to craft because all the ingredients are very common. Wandering the roads of Skyrim, you can find Butterfly Wings and Blue Mountain Flowers everywhere, and Hanging Moss is also common inside and outside caves.

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8. Deadly Paralysis Poison

  • Price: 781 coins
  • Ingredients: Canis Root, Mora Tapinella, Imp Stool
  • Effects: Paralysis
deadly-paralysis-potion-skyrim (1)

Next on our Expensive potions Skyrim list is Deadly Paralysis Poison, which is extremely aggressive and fearsome. The specialty of this potion is that it paralyzes your target for 15 seconds. This will definitely give you enough time to hunt down your enemies. Because they are paralyzed, your opponents will not be able to escape from you and will fall into your clutch. 

Canis Root is often found on cliffs and rock outcroppings in the winter biome. You can find Mora Tapinella near fallen trees and in abundance at Autumnshade Clearing. Lastly, the Imp Stool is located in the Autumnwatch Tower, the Bannermist Tower, and the most in the Chillwind Depths.

7. Potion of Fortify Stamina

  • Price: 823 coins
  • Ingredients: Boar Tusk, Giant’s Toe, Large Antlers
  • Effects: Fortify Stamina and Health, Damage Stamina Regen
most expensive potions in skyrim

Stamina is a must for those who spend a lot of time in battles. You may have run out of stamina very quickly when fighting many bosses or mobs. The only cure for this is alchemy. If you keep your stamina at maximum with potions, you can stay longer in battles and deal more damage. To craft this potion, loot Boar Tusks by killing Bristlebacks in Solstheim, Giant’s Toe by killing Giants, and Large Antlers by killing Deers. Although it is one of the most expensive potions in Skyrim, it is very easy to make.

6. Potion of Fortify Health

  • Price: 865 coins
  • Ingredients: Blue Butterfly Wing, Blue Mountain Flower, Giant’s Toe
  • Effects: Damage Magicka Regen, Fortify Conjuration, Fortify Health
potion of fortify health most expensive potions in skyrim
potion of fortify health most expensive potions in skyrim

Next on the list of most expensive potions in Skyrim is one with extremely powerful and legendary features. Boosting your max Health, reducing your opponent’s Magicka regen, and extending the duration of the Conjuration magic… it’s all in this excellent potion! In addition, ingredients can be easily found everywhere without the need to buy them. Creep Cluster and Wheat can be found on farms in Skyrim and even on your way. As the name suggests, Giant’s Toe is looted from Giants.

5. Damage Stamina Regen Potion

  • Price: 1,250 coins
  • Ingredients: Giant’s Toe + Wheat + Creep Cluster
  • Effects: Damage Stamina Regen, Fortify Health, + Carry Capacity
most expensive potions in skyrim

Now we are increasing the budget a little more in Skyrim expensive potions. Damage Stamina Regen literally means reducing the stamina regeneration of enemies. But this potion doesn’t just do that, it also buffs your max Health for 300 seconds and gives you extra carrying capacity. Even if it’s a bit costly, it’s more than worthwhile for these features!

You can loot Giant’s Toe from dead Giants, Wheat can be found in every farm in Skyrim, and Creep Cluster can be found in the volcanic region of south Windhelm and south of Bonestrewn Crest. An item that definitely deserves to be among the Skyrim most expensive potions.

4. Philter of Enhanced Stamina

  • Price: 1,568 coins
  • Ingredients: N/A
  • Effects: Stamina Regen
Elixir of Enhanced Stamina

Wouldn’t you like your stamina to be extremely buffed and never reduced? Then Philter of Enhanced Stamina, which is among the Skyrim most expensive potions, will be a cure-all for you. Since it is a level 30 potion, your Alchemy must be high to craft. It increases your stamina by 80 for 300 seconds. You can slaughter anyone without ever having to leave the battle. Or you can run fast without stopping. Philter of Enhanced Stamina is one of Skyrim’s end-game items.

3. Potion of Waterbreathing

  • Price: 1,891 coins
  • Ingredients: Boar Tusk, Fungus Stalk, Salmon Roe
  • Effects: Waterbreathing, Fortify Stamina and Health
Potion of Water Breathing

In Skyrim you need the Waterbreathing effect to stay underwater and the easiest way to achieve this is to drink potions. There is even a special potion just for this. When you drink the Potion of Waterbreathing, your HP bar does not drop under water and stays the same. When it is low, you should resurface and re-drink. Salmon Roe may be gathered by catching Salmon in the wild close to waterfalls. And you can purchase Fungal Stalks from Khajiit Merchants as part of the Rare Curios creation. Boar Tusk can be looted from Bristlebacks.

2. Prime Elixir of Plunder

  • Price: 2,030 coins
  • Ingredients: N/A
  • Effects: Stamina and carrying capacity buff
Prime Elixir of Plunder

The Prime Elixir of Plunder is a highly useful potion that boosts stamina by 70 points for 300 seconds while also increasing carrying capacity by 70 points for the same amount of time. Thanks to this potion, your job will be even easier when your bag is full of many items in a location where you are not close to the warehouse. This level 40 potion is obviously hard to brew. It can only be acquired from the Thieves’ Guild, where it is concealed inside barrels identified as the “Thief Cache.” That’s why it is one of the most expensive potions in Skyrim.

1. Salmon Roe Potions

  • Price: 5,000 coins
  • Ingredients: Salmon Roe, Nordic Barnacle, Garlic
  • Effects: Waterbreathing, Stamina buff, Magicka Fortification/Regeneration
Salmon Roe Potions most expensive potions in skyrim
Salmon Roe Potions most expensive potions in skyrim

Salmon Roe is the most expensive potion in Skyrim. This makes this potion the most expensive potion in Skyrim. You can brew Skyrim’s most expensive potion with just three ingredients. The shining star of this potion is Salmon Roe as it provides 60 seconds of Waterbreathing, 5% for 300 sec Magicka Regen, and 50 points for 5 seconds Fortify Magicka. So basically, this ingredient is the backbone of this potion. Multiple times stronger than others, this ingredient can be found in the stream between Talking Stone Camp and Orotheim. There are also a few in the steam in Ivarstead.

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