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Have you ever thought what would happen if Roblox’s unlimited variety of items combined with the creativity of the players? When we took a casual look at the avatar world of Roblox, we were surprised that there were thousands of different avatars. However, when we see the imagination of the players over time, we also see that magnificent avatars can emerge. In fact, it’s definitely possible to see funny Roblox avatars that have become memes lately.

Funny Roblox Avatars
Funny Roblox Avatars

Looking at funny avatars is always fun, so we wanted to list the funniest Roblox avatars that we think can make your friends laugh. You’ll find a wide variety of funny avatars on our list, from the Toilet Paper Man to the Silly Monkey. Moreover, we paid attention to the fact that all these funny Roblox avatars are sold at a very low Robux price. In short, we do not want you to make an expensive avatar, so all players can easily benefit from our list.

1. Gang O’ Fries – Funny Roblox Avatars

Gang O’ Fries, designed by Roblox player Mxhmoud, is just one of the award-winning funny Roblox avatars. As we can easily understand from the name, Gang O’ Fries consists of a batch of fried french fries. Their angry looks can cause you to have funny moments while playing with your friends.

Funny Roblox Avatars
Funny Roblox Avatars

Moreover, the Gang O’ Fries avatar costs only 250 Robux. You have the chance to click on the title link and buy this avatar as a whole.

2. Mr. Toilet

We are all used to both ugly and funny avatars on Roblox. However, we wouldn’t be wrong if we say Mr. Toilet is the best of our list of funny Roblox avatars. He looks really funny with the napkins he carries on his shoulders, the nasty looking poop cap on his head and the toilet seat on his back.

funny avatars roblox mr.toilet
funny avatars roblox mr.toilet

If you didn’t laugh even though you saw all these in the game, try looking at his face once. Moreover, imagine chasing after your friends in the game with an angry face. For those kinds of funny moments, you can buy Mr. Toilet right now for 350 Robux.

3. Blue Collar Cat

We are not the only ones who have problems with going to school or work on Mondays. Blue Collar Cat is very bored this time as every Monday. He looks so funny with his yellow feathers and the blue shirt he’s wearing. If you are looking for funny Roblox avatars about animals, you can get Blue Collar Cat for only 350 Robux.

roblox funny avatars blue collar cat
roblox funny avatars blue collar cat

4. Horse Face & Fallon

People don’t get on horses all the time, do they? The horse avatar mounted on a jockey’s back is enough to make those who see it laugh. As we just mentioned, if you like funny Roblox avatars with animals, Horse Face & Fallon may be for you.

how to make funny roblox avatars
how to make funny roblox avatars

5. The Gnomsky Brothers

The Gnomsky Brothers managed to escape from the circus to achieve their dreams and now they want to become lawyers. They sure look pretty cute and full of fun. The adorable Gnomsky brothers with their red noses, caps and short stature are selling for just 400 Robux.

Funny Roblox Avatars

6. Bubba Doll

A cute bunny with eyes closed…is she sleeping? Maybe she’s dreaming of a carrot cake. Meet Bubba Doll, who is both cute and funny with rosy cheeks, sweet ears and a sleeping face. Even for those who want more than meeting, Bubba Doll can be the cheapest among Roblox funny avatars. Because the price is only 250 Robux!

bubba doll

7. Man Face

Introducing Man Face, one of the cheapest Roblox funny avatars, with his black hat and sarcastic smile. If you want to walk around in the game with a black suit, you can have this avatar for only 55 Robux.

  • Man Face Tophead (5)
  • Black Tophead (50)
  • Linlin arms
Funny Roblox Avatars

8. Troll Banana

There was a banana that looked so cute with its back turned. But when that banana turns around, you may be frightened and run away. If you want to troll your friends at night with the scary face banana avatar, you can have it for 155 Robux.

  • Happiness (50)
  • Kid Nezha
  • Banana Suit
  • Rainbow Outline
Funny Roblox Avatars

9. Samuray Doge

Doge Coin’s famous dog was interesting to everyone with his two samurai swords. But if you look at him up front, you’ll see that it’s a vending machine. For those looking for both the coolest and funny avatars Roblox, Doge is worth only 355 Robux.

  • Slice and Dice (100)
  • Vending Machine (5)
  • Doge (250)
Funny Roblox Avatars

10. Alien Yoda

Our list of funny avatars Roblox now includes Alien Yoda, which has been taken over by the dark side. Forget that little wise Yoda we’re familiar with from the Star Wars series. Instead, a funny looking muscular Alien Yoda awaits you. And only for 315 Robux!

  • Alien (55)
  • Yoda Shirt (5)
  • Yoda pants (5)
  • Chester Finkleton (250)
Funny Roblox Avatars

11. McDonalds Devil Nas

With its bulging eyes and big belly, McDonalds Man is coming to make you hungry! While preparing the list of Funny Roblox avatars, we usually pay great attention to price and appearance. Therefore, we are sure that McDonalds Man will make you laugh.

  • Pal Hair (Free)
  • Goofball (25)
  • McDonalds (5)
  • Eye Poppers (77)
  • [FS] Stylish Jeans (5)
  • Laid-Back Cowboy (125)
Funny Roblox Avatars

12. Black Melancholy

Could you be one of those who want emo fashion to return? If you are, don’t worry, Roblox has a gothic avatar just for you. With Black Melancholy hairstyle and black clothes, you can create your own emo avatar for only 60 Robux.

  • Check It (0)
  • Tech Wear Pants (5)
  • Black Melancholy Hair (50)
  • Trashgang shirt (5)
  • Brocken tshirt (offsale)
emo funny roblox avatars
emo funny roblox avatars

13. Trash Can

Although it looks like a simple trash can, it is one of the most interesting and different avatars in the game. If you want to have a simple but remarkable avatar in the game, you will only have to spend 275 Robux.

  • Trash Can (200)
  • Trash Can Lid (75)
  • City Life Women (0)
Funny Roblox Avatars

14. Silly Monkey

Silly Monkey turns the Roblox universe upside down with his new supreme t-shirt. Don’t let his rosy cheeks and cute looks fool you. The player using most Silly Monkey avatars we came across in the game was quite annoying and troll.

  • Silly Monkey (102)
  • Drip Goku By Any Means Necessary (5)
  • Supreme Drip Goku (5)
Funny Roblox Avatars

15. Dora

At the top of our list of Funny Roblox avatars is Dora the Explorer. She has a pretty funny look with her tiny head, cute clothes and smiling backpack. Moreover, it will be enough to spend 25 Robux to have the funny-looking Dora the Explorer.

  • Dora Shirt (5)
  • Dora Outfit (5)
  • City Life Woman (0)
  • Drool (15)
Funny Roblox Avatars
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