Starfield System Requirements and Release Date 2023


With Xbox’s Starfield Direct showcase on June 11, 2023, there is almost nothing we don’t know about the game anymore. There were a lot of question marks, especially about Starfield system requirements. Finally, these question marks were resolved, and we learned which system features the game will work in full compatibility with.

If you haven’t watched Starfield Direct yet, we’d definitely recommend checking out a brief synopsis. Because you can understand why the system requirements are so high when you see the content of the game. For example, with huge cities, derelict planets, and customizable habitats, the game seems to contain more than one game.

Starfield System Requirements
Starfield System Requirements

As such, Starfield’s system requirements have increased considerably. Now, if you want, let’s take a closer look at what exactly Starfield contains and the PCs we will need.

What are the Starfield System Requirements?

Frankly, we did not think that such a big game was waiting for us until Bethesda and Xbox shared the latest statements about Starfield with us. We can say that the thought that 8GB of RAM, which is one of our best guesses, will be enough, has almost failed.

Because when we saw the graphic structure and gameplay variety of the game, we realized that not every computer could easily run with high image quality. As you know, there will be more than 1,000 discoverable planets in Starfield. Likewise, we wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the number of areas you can explore on these planets reaches astronomical values. Considering all this, you should probably have realized right away that you need quite a lot of hard disk space.

starfield pc requirements
starfield pc requirements

Also, although we now have the Starfield system requirements, we do not have clear information about the settings of the game yet. They just said during the Showcase that a new generation of light technology is used on all planets in the game, thus creating a realistic day cycle. This brings to mind ray-tracing technology.

As a result, we know that a visual feast awaits us with this new game engine used by Bethesda. Well, what kind of computer do you need for this visual feast? Let’s take a look at it now.

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • OS: Windows 10 version 22H2
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 5700, NVIDIA GeForce 1070 Ti
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, Intel Core i7-6800K
  • File Size: 125 GB
  • DirectX: Version 12

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 16 GB
  • OS: Windows 10/11 with updates
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, Intel i5-10600K
  • File Size: 125 GB
  • DirectX: Version 12

As you can see, the system requirements seem quite high, especially in terms of RAM and storage. If you have an average computer and are looking forward to the release of Starfield, I think you should start updating your computer now. In particular, you will need an M.2 SSD to shorten the waiting times on Starfield’s interplanetary travels. Likewise, in our opinion, we need to stay away from 1000 series graphics cards in order to have a smooth experience. On average, you can make your Starfield experience more efficient by purchasing a 2070 TI or 3000 series graphics card model.

Of course, at this point, technologies such as Nvidia DLSS and AMD FidelityFX should not be forgotten. If Starfield is fully compatible with these technologies when it comes out, it is quite possible that we will see serious increases in performance values. However, it would be more logical to try to increase the performance of your computers a little while there are only 4 months before the game is released without risking too much.

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