PlayStation 5

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Sony’s cutting-edge gaming console PlayStation 5 (PS5) was released on November 12, 2020. Boasting advanced hardware, lightning-fast loading times, stunning visuals, and a line-up of exclusive titles, defining the future of gaming.

Explore our guides, walkthroughs & updates on games available to play on the PlayStation 5.

Game News most popular video games 2023

7 Most Popular Video Games 2023 to Play

Here is our roundup of the 7 most popular video games 2023. The year 2023 has been epic for the gaming industry. From the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the.

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Game News most popular video games 2023

Rockstar Games Finally Releases Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer

Join the global gaming community in the excitement surrounding the much-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI trailer. Rockstar Games has finally released the much-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. As the.

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Game News most popular video games 2023

Call of Duty 20th Anniversary: Celebrating Gaming Excellence

Join us as we celebrate Call of Duty 20th Anniversary Call of Duty is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. First announced on its X (Twitter page) under the hashtag #COD20, Call.

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Game News Diablo 4 Patch 1.2.1

Diablo 4 Patch 1.2.1 Drops Its Update For October

The update features several new additions and interesting changes. Diablo 4 patch 1.2.1 comes as a pleasant surprise to us all! Blizzard has just released the update for all the.

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Game Guides How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft

How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games, with a staggering 126 million active players. This sandbox game has earned the love of gamers of all ages, from young children.

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Game News battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Season Six Changes Revealed.

Trick or treat? It’s been two years since Battlefield 2042 made its debut in the gaming world. Even though the game didn’t blow up as expected, it has slowly managed.

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Game News CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red Is Ready To Abandon Cyberpunk 2077.

The last major update is out CD Projekt Red is moving away from Cyberpunk 2077 onto greener pastures! They recently released patch 2.0 for the game and our sources claim.

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Game News Jim ryan

Jim Ryan Steps Down As CEO Of Sony Entertainment.

A fruitful 30 years leading the tech giant. Jim Ryan is a legend both in the world of business and gaming. He was the veteran who spearheaded all the major.

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Games Like games like Terraria

5 Awesome Games Like Terraria for iOS and Android

Start new pixelated journeys and forge new heroes with games like Terraria. Terraria is a 2D adventure game, a bit like Minecraft that allows players to explore, mine, craft, build.

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Game News gta 6 leaked

An Analysis Of The GTA 6 Leaked Documents.

Reddit is going nuts over the GTA 6 Leaked document and we aren’t surprised. Gaming and tech enthusiasts worldwide have since then chipped to provide insight on the leak. A.

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Game News Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Teases Its Changes For Season 7.

Overwatch 2 is ready to enter into its seventh season and we just had the first peak at the upcoming changes. The changes include balance changes along with a few.

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Game News Mortal Kombat 1 review

Mortal Kombat 1 Day One Feedback

Mortal Kombat 1 got its global release yesterday and the ratings are pouring in! With an average review score of 88, Mortal Kombat 1 is doing terrifically well. The highly.

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Games Like most popular video games 2023

Top 7 Games Like RimWorld for PS5 to Craft Your Survival Story

Dive into immersive storytelling, survival and colony management on your PS5 with games like RimWorld. Over the past two decades, fans of strategy and simulation games have witnessed a great.

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Game News Texas Chainsaw massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Destined To Be A Better Friday the 13th

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an upcoming horror game from Gun Interactive based on the popular 1974 film. The asymmetric horror game is a beacon of light for those interested in.

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Game News elder scrolls online

The Elder Scrolls Online Might Get Dropped For A New Title

Is The Elder Scrolls Online reaching the end of its days? A new job listing from the developer behind the hit MMO could be suggesting such a possibility. While what.

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Game News most popular video games 2023

FFXIV Live Letter 78: Exciting Reveals Regarding Patch 6.5

On day two of Las Vegas FanFest ‘23, we were brought Live Letter 78 and the community gathered as usual to hear the latest news from Naoki Yoshida and Toshio.

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Game News ffxiv community

FFXIV Community Dying To Know: What Does It Mean?

The FFXIV community is no stranger to stunts being pulled by the development team which stoke conversation from fans, from Masayoshi Soken’s performance of LaHee during the digital FanFest in.

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Game News most popular video games 2023

FFXIV Fanfest 2023 In Las Vegas: Everything You Need to Know

Final Fantasy XIV is by far one of the most popular MMORPGs today with over 40 million subscribed players worldwide. Today, none other than Yoshi P himself opened the FFXIV.

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Game News Diablo 4 - WARNING: Season 1 Problems, Infinite Que, Loading Glitch, Game Breaking Glitch & More!

Diablo 4 Update Is Now Live: Here Are The Season 1 Issues

It’s the 21st of July and the update for Diablo 4 just went live. With that came a new list of season 1 issues that need resolving immediately. If you.

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Game News Malignant Hearts - diablo 4

Plow Through Diablo 4 Ranks With Malignant Hearts

The first season of Diablo 4 will be going live on the 21st of July and it’s time to get ready! To aid with the preparations Blizzard has officially revealed.

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Game News diablo 4

Tier 100 Hardcore Dungeon Achievement Leaves Gamers Amazed

Players are still getting used to the game when some are already completing tier 100 hardcore dungeon runs. Diablo 4 is a relatively new game as it got released globally.

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Game Guides Best XP Maps in Fortnite

Best XP Maps in Fortnite – TOP 12 List 2023

New characters, skins and animations are added to the game with each new battle pass in Fortnite. To have all these in-game items, it is very important to earn XP.

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Game News diablo 4 developer live stream

Summary For Those Who Missed The Diablo 4 Stream

The Diablo 4 developer live stream was held yesterday with a ton of promises on the line. With the bar set high, fans were expecting something that’ll blow their minds.

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Game News diablo 4 teaser

Diablo 4 Teaser Reveals The “Corruption”

A Diablo 4 teaser has been released! The developer livestream for Diablo 4 is on its way and something new is stirring in the depths. The Diablo 4 teaser from.

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Game Guides Curtis safe key location

Where To Find Curtis’ Safe Key In Dead Island 2

Want to get your hands on the secret items that Curtis hides in his safe? To complete the Death of the Party side quest and get the valuables inside the.

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Game News Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Servers Are Down Due To A DDOS Attack

Blizzard’s latest game, Diablo 4 is under a DDOS attack by an unknown group. The Diablo 4 servers are down and the tensions are up! Diablo 4 servers were hit.

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Game Guides Elden Ring Progression Route

Elden Ring Progression Route

Elden Ring is an action-filled role-playing game released in February 2022. It’s very popular, with over nine million total downloads.  In this game, you roam an open interactive game map..

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Game Guides Elden Ring Trophy Guide

Elden Ring Trophy Guide

Ever been consumed by the world of Elden Ring, only to realize there’s more? Can your gaming prowess be proven with trophies that showcase your remarkable achievements? With an intricate.

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Game Guides Skyrim-Survival-Mode

Skyrim Survival Mode

Due to a miscalculation in sales numbers, the popular fantasy roleplaying game Skyrim may have made $1 billion at launch. This is approximately $350 million more than the original sales.

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Game Guides no mans sky best multi tool weapon

No Man’s Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon – TOP 10 List

A Multi-tool is your lifesaver in No Man’s Sky and can give you the ultimate power in any combat. The purpose of the Multi-tool weapons is to ensure your survival.

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