Battlefield 2042 Season Six Changes Revealed.


Trick or treat?

battlefield 2042
Picture: Battlefield Official

It’s been two years since Battlefield 2042 made its debut in the gaming world. Even though the game didn’t blow up as expected, it has slowly managed to get back into it. The intense competition Battlefield 2042 was facing due to the likes of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Halo have since then died down. Battlefield 2042 is nearing its sixth season, and we just got graced with what seems to be essential information regarding the upcoming season.

The support EA has shown towards Battlefield is commendable. We live in a world where game studios and developers abandon games in a matter of a few months if they look to be failing. However, the continuous support and development managed to pull back Battlefield 2042 from the brink of death. The developers listened to the community, which is a godsend and highly rare nowadays! All of the “bad” maps and the specialist system were replaced with the regular class system from the previous installments.

The sixth season of Battlefield 2042.

battlefield 2042
Picture: Battlefield Official

The sixth season was teased in the second quarter of 2023. Players have been quite restless as there has been a significant lack of content over the past few months. The fifth season saw its finale a month ago, and there hasn’t been much to talk about since late, which is why this leak or tease is of utmost importance.

The sixth season will be named The Dark Creation and is set to launch on the 10th of October. Spooktober is a recurring theme amongst games in October and we were expecting Battlefield 2042 to follow through and they didn’t disappoint. The new battle pass will be Halloween-themed with spooky vibes to lighten things up this fall. There is a new map on the way, which was hinted to be close-quarters-friendly! If you are someone who loves to rush with those submachine guns, this will be an early Christmas present for you.

A gameplay trailer is scheduled to drop on the 5th of October which will reveal more details regarding the upcoming season. The teaser cinematic also showed a group of operators belting it out against a band of undead soldiers. While we aren’t 100% sure about this, we believe it’s simply a showcase of the skins that will be present in the upcoming bundles and battle pass. Whether there is a zombie PVE or not is yet to be decided.

It’s going to be a dandy spooktober this year for gamers with almost all popular games releasing their Halloween themes. It’s time to suit up and get geared for some action! We’ll be right here reporting to you the latest news haunting the gaming world.

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