FFXIV Live Letter 78: Exciting Reveals Regarding Patch 6.5


FFXIV Live Letter 78

On day two of Las Vegas FanFest ‘23, we were brought Live Letter 78 and the community gathered as usual to hear the latest news from Naoki Yoshida and Toshio Murouchi, gratefully translated by Kate, the head of the localisation team. We’re no strangers to the sheer amount of information provided in every Live Letter from the Producers and this time was no different. 

6.5 brings with it the title of “Growing Light” and is due to be released in early october. It will be the last major patch before 7.0 and will begin the culmination of Zero’s story arc. Before we head into the New World and begin exploring Tural, though, lets take a look at everything that’s coming our way in 6.5

Live Letter Reveals

New Main Scenario Quests

live letter

As expected, new main scenario quests will be split into two updates with the first one releasing in October 2023. We have to wait until January 2024 for the second half, though with all of the content dropping with 6.5, there is plenty to keep us occupied while we await the last main scenario quests of this story arc.

live letter

The post-Endwalker story is coming to a close and the team behind the live letter presented us with some rather teasing screenshots which revealed that Zero would not only be venturing to the First, but she would also be meeting Ryne. No further information was given, but we were asked to consider how the meeting would go and the reasons behind Zero’s visit to the First. 

New Dungeon

New dungeon revealed during the live letter

As with every major patch, 6.5 provides us with a new dungeon to overcome and explore. This time we’re heading to a moon (though Yoshida and the live letter team would not elaborate on which moon) in The Lunar Subterrane. This dungeon will be part of the main scenario and will be, as usual, undertaken by a four man party. 

live letter

Yoshida hinted that the dungeon will seem vaguely familiar to most players and that there is a dramatic shift in surroundings halfway through the dungeon, though again, he refused to elaborate further on this information. 

New Trial

live letter

During the Live Letter we were introduced to the newest main scenario trial, The Abyssal Fracture. Another dark and dramatic battle between us and, this time, Zeromus. His appearance has been predicted and awaited within the FFXIV community

New Unreal Trial 

live letter

As expected, a new Unreal Trial is being implemented with the drop of 6.5 and this time, get ready to face Thordan and his very loyal Heaven’s Ward Knights. Undertaking The Singularity Reactor (Unreal) will provide players with rewards from Faux Hollows and while Yoshida did say that it would be difficult, he also stated that those who did not enjoy the Extreme version of this trial may find some enjoyment within the Unreal variation.

New Trial Mount

live letter

There will also be a new mount available upon collection of all the 6.x trial mounts. We’re not unfamiliar with this, as each expansion has brought with it a new set of mounts to collect through trials.

The Final Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid

live letter

The FFXIV community has fallen in love with the Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid series right from the off and have been waiting patiently for the release of the third instalment. Well, it’s finally coming in patch 6.5! Playable by 24 people, split into full parties, the raid will feature the remaining Twelve and take place in yet more beautiful surroundings. 

live letter

Yoshida mentioned that the design of these raids and the fights within them was undertaken by a younger, more fresh group of designers and we honestly believe it shows. These raids have fast become fan favourites. 

Side Content

New Variant/Criterion Dungeon

live letter

Despite the fact that we were only just given Mount Rokkon  in patch 6.45, we are yet again being gifted another Variant/Criterion dungeon, though it won’t be coming until 6.51. Similarly to both Mount Rokkon and the Sil’dihn Subterrane, Aloalo Island will see us exploring brand new surroundings accompanied by a beloved character from the game. 

live letter

As we’ve come to expect, there will be three tiers of this dungeon; Variant, Criterion and Criterion (Savage) and you do not need to complete or even unlock Mount Rokkon or the Sil’dihn Subterrane in order to unlock Aloalo Island for yourself

Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures

live letter

As always, Hildibrand is proving impossible to shake and we are getting more Hildibrand escapades to enjoy. Playing (or suffering, depending on your viewpoint) through these quests takes us one step closer to the final stage of our Manderville Weapons, though this will be coming in January with the drop of 6.55.

Splendorous Tools

Although not coming with the drop of 6.5 itself, a new quest and upgrade for Splendorous Tools will be available upon the implementation of 6.51. Yoshida did show some screenshots to go with this announcement, however we feel it is unnecessary to show a Miqo’te doing the Bees Knees. We’re certain you’ve seen this plenty of times already. 

New Custom Deliveries

live letter

During the recent main scenario quests, we were introduced to Margret (described by one excited member of the audience as “the scientist we met who really needs some sleep”). Upon the release of patch 6.51, Margret will become a custom delivery NPC, which is very useful for those looking to level their crafters or gatherers, or otherwise looking to grind those sweet scrips.

Tataru’s Grand Endeavour

It looks as though we’re heading back to Old Sharlayan in our seemingly never-ending quest to assist Tataru with her endeavours. As we’ve all come to expect, I’m sure there will be some adventures to be had during these quests. 

Allied Tribal Quests

live letter

Upon completion of the Arkasora, Omicron and Loporrit tribal questlines, there will be new Tribal Allliance quests available. We haven’t seen these allied quests since Stormblood, so this is exciting new for the FFXIV community, particularly crafters and gatherers.

PvP Updates

live letter

Crystalline Conflict will be gaining another arena to play on and Series five will begin with the drop of patch 6.55. Season eight will begin with patch 6.48 and run all the way through until patch 6.51.

Island Sanctuary

As if we didn’t have enough to do on our Islands, we’re going to see rank increases, new quests, a new building and even a new piece of mini side content within the island itself – Felicitous Favours. These will have the Felicitous Furball wanting individual items to be manufactured and upon completion of this task, we will be rewarded with special tokens that can be traded for exclusive rewards. We weren’t told what these rewards would be, but we’re hoping they’re worth dealing with the Furball for. 

There will also be new crops, craftable items, animals (including the Morbol) and workshop crafts as well as a new structure and gathering area.

Job Adjustments

Although there will be no major job adjustments now until 7.0, there will be some minor updates to improve balance between party members and jobs. 

System Updates

Duty Support

live letter

Finally, after beginning work on the feature way back in 5.0, Yoshida and the team have now managed to implement Duty Support all the way from the beginning of A Realm Reborn right up until the end of Endwalker! This means that you can now play the entire game completely solo using the assistance of NPCs to get you through, if you so desired. 

Optional Item Storage in Armoire

In an effort to save space in Glamour Dressers, items bought from the online store will now be able to go into the Armoire! The FFXIV community have wanted this for a very long time and it is a welcome adjustment. 

Other updates

Fishers will get a small quality of life update with the addition of a green dot indicating which fish are newly caught within the Fish Guide. We will also be given a consecutive aetherial reduction function for collectables, which is much wanted within the community. 

ILevel restrictions for entering Alliance Raid Roulette are now based on your level, which means no more getting stuck with Crystal Tower raids because that one person decided to run it completely naked. This is a very welcome, though small, change. 

We will also be able to sort teleport locations according to expansion, rather than area, which will be a welcome change to those who struggle to remember what area they’re meant to be aiming for. 

Well, that’s everything that we learned during Live Letter 78! Upon drawing to a close, Yoshida informed the audience that there would be further information and additional previews of the next expansion, Dawntrail, during the upcoming FanFests in London (October 21st-22nd 2023) and Tokyo (January 7th-8th 2024).

To read about what’s coming beyond 6.5, including information about Dawntrail and the New World, you can click here.

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