Plow Through Diablo 4 Ranks With Malignant Hearts

Malignant Hearts

The first season of Diablo 4 will be going live on the 21st of July and it’s time to get ready! To aid with the preparations Blizzard has officially revealed information regarding the Malignant hearts. It was just a few days ago that we initially learned about the Season of The Malignant, and Blizzard is ready to officially release more information. Is this due to the criticism Blizzard received regarding the progression and development of their games? 

The Season of The Malignant is the first season of Diablo 4 and the update is also rumored to bring in some much-needed tweaks for the game. We believe the first season will act as an official extension to the game. 

There will be a soft reset

The first season of Diablo 4 will act as a soft reset for players. You will not have any currency left over from the pre-season and your stash of items will be reset. This means that the only thing a player has at the start of the season is their knowledge of the game. The soft reset will give the players a fresh start at climbing the end-game of Diablo 4. If you messed it up the first time, your redemption arc is on the way.

What you need to know about Malignant hearts 

malignant hearts

Malignant hearts are the featured items of Season One, which are comparable to the legendary gems in Diablo 3. Malignant hearts can be equipped on characters by slotting them into a piece of jewelry. However, it’s important to make sure that the socket color matches that of the Malignant Heart. In addition to the Malignant hearts, there will also be new Legendary Aspects and Uniques being added to the game.

Types Of Malignant Hearts

According to the information provided by the official Diablo Twitter account, there’ll be four different types of Malignant Hearts. In total there’ll be 32 different Malignant Hearts being added to the game in the first season, which makes it eight hearts for each type.

The first type of Malignant Heart is the Vicious Heart. These hearts give characters powerful offensive capabilities when adequately utilized. The second type of heart is the Brutal Heart, which provides the character with defensive bonuses. The Third type is the Devious Heart, which awards the player with utility upon equipping. The final type of heart is called the Wrathful heart, and it is the rarest of them all, being more powerful than the rest.

How Can Players Farm Malignant Hearts?

Well, even though the developers gave us the option of target farming specific Malignant hearts, it seems that it won’t be as easy as it sounds. Players will have to hunt special Malignant Monsters in order to get a chance at obtaining a heart. The entire grind to get Malignant Hearts is layered in a ton of RNG, which makes it unreliable.

Remember how players were criticizing Diablo 4 developers for not adding a crafting system to the game? Well, it’s finally here! The new update will introduce the Cormond’s Wagon into Diablo 4. Players can craft items, including Malignant Heart’s using the Cormond’s Wagon. 

With just 4 days left for the update to drop, we highly recommend everyone to complete their main campaign. In order for players to access the season one content and the storyline that follows with it, completing the main campaign is mandatory. However, there will also be an option to skip the initial campaign, but that’s skipping out on the fun. Therefore, gear up and grind away to reach the end game before the 21st of July.

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