Where To Find Curtis’ Safe Key In Dead Island 2


Want to get your hands on the secret items that Curtis hides in his safe? To complete the Death of the Party side quest and get the valuables inside the safe, you’ll need to know where the key is located. While exploring Dead Island 2, you may have found keys to open other houses or garages. However, you’ll need a special key to open Curtis’ safe. Luckily, we’ll show you where to find Curtis’ safe key Dead Island 2, and how to open it in the easiest way. Without further ado, let’s get into our guide and find the key you need!

curtis safe key dead island 2

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Curtis Safe Key Dead Island 2 Location

Curtis’ Valuables Safe is located in his wine room, rear of the entrance to the staff restrooms. However, the safe key is nowhere to be found here. You’ll need to head to the back entrance of the mansion. This area is marked on your map as a Screamer hot spot, so you can find it more easily. If this doesn’t appear on your map, you haven’t progressed the main story enough. It also means you can’t get the key yet. Progress the story first and then go back to doing this quest.

curtis safe key dead island 2

When you arrive at the rear entrance of the mansion, you will see several Screamers patrolling the area. Among them, you have to find the one named Crystal the Lawyer, and put an end to her suffering to get the key. Once you defeat the Screamer, she will drop Curtis’ safe key in Dead Island 2. You’ll use this key to open the safe and get the loot inside. Head back to Curtis’ wine room and try to open the safe once more. You’ll find some cash and a Tactical Heavy Revolver that will make good use for you later.

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Today, we told you where you can find the key needed to open Curtis’ safe in Dead Island 2. As a result, this key can be obtained by beating and looting a Screamer in the rear of the mansion. Then you can open the safe with this key and collect valuables inside. This is a very easy side quest and only takes a few minutes. Good luck and have fun! bye!

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