Top 7 Games Like RimWorld for PS5 to Craft Your Survival Story


Dive into immersive storytelling, survival and colony management on your PS5 with games like RimWorld.

games like RimWorld

Over the past two decades, fans of strategy and simulation games have witnessed a great renaissance. Games like RimWorld have built a huge fan base thanks to their complex game mechanics, immersive building experiences and intricate story. However, RimWorld is not available on PS5.

Lucky for you, if you’re a proud owner of a PS5, there are games like RimWorld that will transport you to alien worlds or post-apocalyptic Earth. These games revolve around managing the survival of a group of settlers in a harsh environment while building fortified bases using available resources.

Ready to experience endless challenges and possibilities? In this post, we explore the top seven games like RimWorld that will keep you playing for hours on end.

Forever Skies

Forever Skies

When you think of games like RimWorld, Forever Skies stands out as an excellent choice. In this game, you play a lone scientist who travels back to Earth in the future. The planet has suffered a global ecological catastrophe, and there are toxic clouds in the skies.

So, you’ll fly in hi-tech ships and start scavenging for resources to survive. While doing so, you’ll come face to face with danger as well as pathogens that will help you cure a mysterious illness. Using scientific knowledge, players will discover new tools and obtain food to increase their chances of surviving the apocalyptic world.



Starsand invites players to explore a planet similar to Earth. However, the planet is an open world full of dangers and an ancient secret that players must uncover. In the vast and lonely desert, players must find their way while orienting themselves in sandstorms.

The heat and thirst are your enemy while the cold nights bring in lots of dangers. In the desert, players are both prey and hunter. Players will come across insect-like predators living in dark nests and scavenging the desert for food. So, if you don’t want to be food for the insects, learn to build a fire to protect yourself. Players also need to secure their bases and take more steps to survive.

Endzone – A World Apart


Games like RimWorld often revolve around building and managing a small colony in a harsh environment probably on a distant planet. Endzone takes players to a post-apocalyptic world where the mission is to start a new civilization with a group of people.

Players will gather resources and build a new colony for the survivors with over 70 different buildings. Besides building, players will encounter a variety of challenges with a distinct narrative and winning conditions that will put the skills of every player to the test.

Remember, the invisible danger of radiation still haunts the planet. So, players need to protect their people from radiation sickness. In addition, they can obtain clean water using coal filters and dig up the soil to remove the radiation.

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

Another sci-fi city builder that fans looking for games like RimWorld will love is Surviving Mars. In this charming title, players will travel to the Red Planet where they will build the first functioning human colonies.

Out of nowhere will appear black cubes that contain all the resources that players need to build colonies. From oxygen to other suppliers, players will build domes and other infrastructure that will shape the colonies.

Similar to games like RimWorld, players will encounter lots of challenges. To overcome them, players need to execute sound strategies to give the colonies a chance of survival.



Frostpunk stands as an example of human resilience in the face of extreme adversity. Set in a frozen, post-apocalyptic world, Frostpunk is a city-building game with several scenarios, each with unique stories and challenges.

Players will take the role of leader of a small group of survivors that consists of children, engineers, and workers. From there, players will cultivate and harvest food, mine coal and steel and cut wood to keep the group healthy and warm.

Balancing the resources and needs of the colony plus the moral dilemmas of leadership makes Frostpunk an excellent choice.

Aven Colony

Aven Colony

Aven Colony takes place on Aven Prime, an alien planet located light years away from Earth. The planet has tundras, jungles and even desert. Much like RimWorld, players will start with a small colony as they build the first extrasolar settlement.

Settling on a new planet is stressful. As the leader, players will have to work extra to help the colonists become comfortable on the new planet. If you play the game in single-player mode, you’ll participate in a story that will reveal some of the secrets that Aven Prime holds.

Stranded: Alien Dawn


Wrapping our list of games like RimWorld for PS5 is Stranded: Alien Dawn. This sci-fi survival sim places a small group of people on an alien planet. Players must guide the group of settlers through the deadly planet and ensure their survival.

The deadly alien planet is plagued by disease, extreme weather, starvation and more. Players must build fortified bases and camps to ensure the group of settlers have a place to call home. In addition, the fortified bases and camps will protect the settlers from alien creatures that roam the planet. Get ready to experience an epic journey as you build a thriving colony in Stranded.

Games Like RimWorld for PS5: Which Game Captivates You?

RimWorld is a classic that has captivated millions of players around the world. However, it’s not available on PS5. Lucky for you, there are games like RimWorld that offer players the chance to test their managerial and strategic skills in the face of challenges.

With PS5’s impressive hardware capabilities, these seven games mentioned above offer a great opportunity for players to experience an epic journey with unpredictable outcomes. Whether you prefer building on distant alien planets or on post-apocalyptic Earth, these games like RimWorld will keep you engaged for hours and keep coming back for more.

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