Diablo 4 Update Is Now Live: Here Are The Season 1 Issues

diablo IV bugs

It’s the 21st of July and the update for Diablo 4 just went live. With that came a new list of season 1 issues that need resolving immediately. If you are interested in Diablo 4 or if you are already an avid enjoyer of the game, knowing these bugs and issues will help avoid a world of pain within the game. We curated this post in the light that the community will pressure the development team to make amends.

This is the first Season of the 4th installment in the Diablo series and the game has single-handedly revived the action RPG genre. Ever since Blizzard’s failure in developing and maintaining Diablo Immortal, we expect the developer team to completely commit to Diablo 4.

After its release in June, Diablo 4 became one of the most popular games within the RPG genre. The new season is named the Season of the Malignant and will follow the storyline within the game. With the new season comes a ton of content, items, and season 1 issues, some of which are considered to be game-breaking by players.

Season 1 Issues

Lengthy Queue Times

If you logged in earlier this morning to play a bit of Diablo 4 and got slapped in the face by a massive queue time, you can stop worrying as it’s not an issue on your end. The persistent issue got posted on Twitter and the Diablo 4 development team has posted a response, promising to resolve the first of the season 1 issues as soon as possible.

Cannot Create a Character

If you managed to log in and attempted to create a new character you might have ended up crashing your game. Gamers reported instances of the game crashing or freezing during the character creation process. 

Cannot Progress Forward In The Storyline

Some players pulled through the login issues and managed to successfully arrive at the Season 1 storyline. However, they were not able to progress onwards with the story as there is an invisible barrier when going through the Cordons Questline.

We Expect A Hotfix For the Season 1 issues

With so many players experiencing these game-breaking issues, Diablo’s development team is sure to release a quick update to the game. Even though a timeline for the release of the patch is yet to be disclosed, we expect it to come within the next 48 hours. Players are frustrated enough to state that the release of the Season 1 update went worse than the initial release of the game. If you belong to the group of people affected by the Season 1 issues, then keep a close eye on our website as we will inform our fellow readers with more information regarding the issue at hand.

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