How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft

How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games, with a staggering 126 million active players. This sandbox game has earned the love of gamers of all ages, from young children to middle-aged gamers. Minecraft gets its charm from its simplistic building style and the ability to make anything you want.

However, there’s one thing that all gamers struggle with, and that’s water. Water is essential to survival, but it can also wreak havoc on your build. In this article, we show you how to get rid of water in Minecraft.

Say goodbye to flooded crops and achieve your dream build. Read on to discover more!

Get Rid of the Source Block

If you’re struggling with flooding in a cave or a waterfall, you can resolve your problem with a single block. Water blocks in Minecraft spread from a single source of water. The first method is to place a block on the source block.

Any block will do, so this is an excellent way to get rid of water if you’re short on time. Doing this will cut off the water from spreading to other areas. Placing a block is a great solution for cave floods so that you can carry on your hunt for diamonds or the Warden of the Deep Dark.

how to get rid of water in minecraft
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Keep in mind that removing that block will not cause the water to respawn. So, if that’s your only source of water, it could be detrimental to your quest. Another solution is to place the water block inside of a bucket.

Create a bucket by opening your crafting table. Place three iron ingots in a “v” shape. Equip the bucket and right-click on the water block.

You should now have a water bucket. This eliminates your flooding problem and gives you something extra for future use.

Though water can be annoying when you’re traversing your world, it can also have some great uses! If you’re on a cliff or ravine, you can use the water to make a safe passage down. Water can also help slow mobs and break your fall if you know the water bucket clutch.

Sand, Gravel, and Gravity

All Minecraft veterans understand the feeling of having stacks upon stacks of dirt, sand, and gravel stuck in their inventory. The good news is that you can use these materials to get rid of water in a large area.

Sand and gravel blocks have different gravity physics. Blocks like dirt and stone will stay where you placed them. It will remain in the air regardless of if you put it on a free edge or get rid of other blocks around it.

how to get rid of water in minecraft
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Sand and gravel, however, will fall. If you place a sand or gravel block in water with nothing below it, it will sink to the bottom. Players can’t place blocks directly on water, so the first thing you need to do is to stand on some form of land.

This should be no problem if you’re dealing with a pool of water. Crouch on the edge of the block by pressing your keyboard’s ‘control’ button. Spam your mouse button until you’ve filled the area.

If you only want to fill a small section of the waterlogged area, use solid blocks like dirt, wood, or cobblestone first. This will prevent water from flooding back in when you remove the sand.

Removing Sand and Gravel

You can leave the sand as is if you plan to build on top of it. If you want to build in the area, prepare a shovel or two. Shovels have limited durability, and if you use them up, they will break.

It’s a good idea to have some extra shovels on hand if you have a larger area to cover. One great tip is to dig to the bottom of one column. Create a torch by placing a piece of coal and a stick on the crafting table.

Replace the bottom sand block with a torch, and the sand will fall. Repeat this for every column of sand or gravel.

Use Concrete Powder

If you have a surplus of sand, gravel, and dye, you can use concrete powder for this method instead. Concrete blocks in Minecraft give you the chance to add more colors to build. However, to create concrete blocks, you first need to solidify concrete powder with water.

Let’s start with creating concrete powder.

how to get rid of water in minecraft

Head to your crafting table and place the dye in the upper-left-most part of the grid. Place sand in the three bottom grids and the middle right column. Place gravel in the empty grids, and you should now have concrete powder.

Concrete powder blocks will transform into concrete blocks as soon as they touch water. This means that concrete powder may not be the best option if you’re dealing with a deeper body of water. If you’re drying up a shallow pool, this is an easy way to get rid of water and harvest new blocks at the same time.

Use Fire or Lava

Minecraft players always seem to have a never-ending supply of wood. If you have plenty of wood to go around, you can use up your supply to get rid of water. Fill the area of water with wood blocks.

You may also use other flammable materials, like wood or leaves. Next, open your crafting table and place an iron ingot next to a piece of flint. You should now have flint and steel.

Light a fire on the wood and watch it all burn. Another way to get rid of water is with lava. Lava and water combined can turn into obsidian or stone.
Lava will turn into stone if it touches a water block. If it touches a body of water, it will turn into obsidian.

Like water, lava spreads out from a single source block, but it’s much slower. So, this may not be the most efficient method to get rid of water. However, it could come in handy if you want to harvest some stone or obsidian blocks.

how to get rid of water in minecraft
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Get a Sponge

Sponges are by far the most efficient way to get rid of water in Minecraft. A dry sponge will suck up to 65 water blocks before it turns into a wet sponge. The only catch is that sponges are a rare and valuable resource.

The only way to acquire a sponge is by finding an ocean monument. Because these monuments are underwater, you will be mining wet sponges. Once a sponge is wet, you can’t use it to suck up more water.

Fortunately, you can dry a sponge quickly by placing it in a furnace. Sponges are a great way to clear out larger rooms in a small amount of time. They’re reusable, and you won’t need any extra tools. 

Where to Find an Ocean Monument

There are different ocean variants, so it won’t be easy to find an ocean monument. Some players are fortunate enough to spawn near one, but many spend multiple Minecraft days looking for a monument. You can find these large structures in Deep ocean variants.

You’ll know you’re in a Deep ocean if you find tall kelp forests. Ocean monuments are unique in the fact that they don’t have any chests with loot. They do, however, have other rare blocks like prismarine, sea lanterns, and, yes, sponges.

Ocean monuments also have a central room where you’ll find eight whole blocks of gold.

You can hop on a boat and row in one direction until you find an ocean monument. However, if you want a little more direction, you can use an explorer map or a dolphin.

how to get rid of water in minecraft
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Explorer Maps

A player can acquire an explorer map when they loot an ocean ruin or shipwreck. Keep in mind that they don’t always point to an ocean monument. Some maps lead to buried treasure and woodland mansions.


Dolphins are cute, neutral mobs that grant players a speed boost if they swim near them. However, a dolphin can also lead you to an ocean monument. Get a raw salmon or cod and feed it to the dolphin.

Keep in mind that this also isn’t a surefire way to find an ocean monument. Dolphins can lead you to buried treasure, shipwrecks, or ocean ruins.

If they do, break the chests and feed the dolphin again. The dolphin will then lead you to a new location.

How to Defeat the Elder Guardian

One cannot traverse into an ocean monument unprepared. This gold mine of an underwater structure does not go unprotected. The Elder Guardian is a large hostile mob that protects ocean monuments in Minecraft.

how to get rid of water in minecraft
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Elder Guardians impose a level III Mining Fatigue on players near the ocean monument. This will make it difficult to break even the simplest blocks, and you’ll sooner run out of air than get close to even breaking the block. Elder Guardians also attack players with a laser beam.

Each ocean monument will have three elder guardians apart from other regular guardians. To overcome Mining Fatigue, you will need an enchanted pickaxe or a few buckets of milk.

The trident is the best weapon to use if you want to take over an ocean monument. You only need to hit an elder guardian ten times to kill it. Use doors to barricade yourself against the beams and wait for your chance to strike.

Tips for Building Underwater

Players who have spent a long time in their Minecraft worlds may want to create a more ambitious build, like an underwater base. However, building underwater comes with a unique set of challenges. Players take damage if they stay underwater for too long.

It also takes much longer to mine regular blocks like wood and stone. Here are some tips to help you bring your idea to life.

Use Doors

Placing a door underwater gives you an air pocket to breathe in. This is a great option for players who are early in the game and want to build something in an ocean or lake.

Brew a Potion of Water Breathing

Potions are a great way to buff up your attacks and speed. However, you can also use your materials to create potions to help you on your journey. To create a Potion of Water Breathing, you first need the following materials:

  • Blaze powder, acquired from one blaze rod
  • Brewing stand
  • Water bottle
  • Nether wart
  • Pufferfish

Click on your brewing stand to open the brewing menu. Place your water bottle on one of the three boxes at the bottom of the menu. You can place more water bottles if you want to create more potions.

Add the nether wart to the box at the top of the brewing menu. Your water bottle should transform into an awkward potion. Add the pufferfish to the top box to transform your awkward potion into a Potion of Water Breathing.

You may also add redstone to extend the longevity of the potion.

Build a Conduit

Even if you have water breathing under control, you still have to deal with decreased light and mining speed. A conduit can solve all these problems in no time. First, you need to get your hands on a Heart of the Sea and eight shells.

how to get rid of water in minecraft
Image: Minecraft

You also need some prismarine blocks to activate the conduit. Once created, you will get the Conduit Power effect, which gives you water breathing and underwater vision and restores your mining speed.

Work in Sections

If you’re tackling a massive build, it’s best to work in sections. This will make sponges more efficient. This is also a great tip if you’re using the sand method and don’t have enough of it to work with.

How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft

Now you know how to get rid of water in Minecraft. Minecraft is a game with a simple concept, but hundreds of builders have found new ways to unleash their creativity. With these tips, water will never get in your way again.

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