An Analysis Of The GTA 6 Leaked Documents.

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Reddit is going nuts over the GTA 6 Leaked document and we aren’t surprised. Gaming and tech enthusiasts worldwide have since then chipped to provide insight on the leak. A Reddit user has gone the extra mile to analyze the leaked information comprehensively. We’ll be taking a stroll through the GTA 6 subreddit page to find out what’s hot!

Release Date 

Professionals and tech enthusiasts have analyzed the GTA 6 leaked data and come up with a release date for the upcoming Rockstar title. The predictions by the community are that GTA 6 will get its launch in 2025, with the announcement for the game arriving this October. 

There is some technical reasoning behind this as most of the scripts within the game tests were shown to be failing. NPCs within the game were also not completely modded and there were large areas of the map completely blanked out without placeholders or assets. Reputed members within the community are stating the game is probably around 70% done and that Rockstar is on their way to perfecting it by working on the online mode.

Intelligent AI

The AI within games has always been a decisive point within triple-A games. There is no point in playing a game if it has dumb AIs that don’t even provide competition to the player. Getting a good balance between the lethality of AIs and playability is a feature we believe GTA 6 will accomplish. 

By analyzing the clips and GTA 6 leaked data, Reddit users have been able to conclude that the AI within GTA 6 will be top-notch. For example, by looking at the combat footage where Lucia takes on the police, we are able to denote that the NPCs are actively reacting to Lucia. Instead of doing the regular brain-dead cop shootouts, the police officers actually took cover and saved their ammo to only engage Lucia when they had a clear line of sight on her. 

Extreme Attention to Detail

The leaked footage showcases insanely detailed designs which increases the interactivity of the player with their environment. From what we know, the player will be able to enter a significant amount of buildings within the game and access their services. This is something even the likes of GTA V couldn’t accomplish. 

The developers have also opted for more real-life locations which will provide the player with a more “realistic” feeling. At the moment we do know that a section of Florida is being modelled into the GTA 6 leaked map.

Read The Entire GTA 6 Leaked Document Analysis.

Interested in reading the entire document? You can download it right here!

But be quick, as there is a high chance that it’ll be taken down in the event of a lawsuit going down over the footage leaked and everyone involved.

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