Rimworld Moisture Pump: A Journey from Swamp to Civilization


Players who have been playing Rimworld for a long time may sometimes want to create different stories in different geographies. As one of these people, I decided to take a journey towards the swamps of Rimworld. Of course, I had to do detailed research before embarking on this journey. As a result of the research, I saw that the Rimworld Moisture Pump would be one of the items that I would need the most in the game.

Rimworld Moisture Pump
Rimworld Moisture Pump

However, I didn’t know how to use it as I hadn’t heard of this item before. With my research, I found that most people agree with me. Since the Moisture Pump was not used much in Rimworld, players did not know exactly what it was for. As a result, we decided to create a comprehensive guide on swamps and Moisture Pumps.

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What is the Rimworld Moisture Pump?

A Moisture Pump is an electrically powered device that is commonly used to create arable land. In addition, it allows you to create buildable areas by slowly pulling moisture from the land on which it is placed. A good Moisture Pump will gradually lift shallow water and other swamp tiles up to a radius of 6.9.

Moisture Pump becomes very important in biomes like swamps as there are construction issues with Rimworld soft sand. When Moisture Pump works only once, it will start cleaning the area with 1 tile a day.

rimworld moisture pump mud
rimworld moisture pump mud

In the list below, you can clearly see on which tiles you can run the Moisture Pump.

  • Converts mud, swamp and reed soil to normal soil.
  • Rimworld soft sand is converted to regular sand.
  • Other than the ice sheet and sea ice biomes, in which they are converted into ice, shallow water, and shallow ocean water turn into stony soil.
  • All other types of terrain, including moving water and deep water, are not affected by the Moisture Pump.

The Rimworld Moisture Pump, as you can see, converts mud, soft sand, and other tiles into many different things. If you want to create arable land, especially for those playing in the swamp biome, you definitely need to use the Moisture Pump.

How Do Moisture Pumps Work in Rimworld?

If you started living on Rimworld Marshy Soil, you need to roll up your sleeves now. Because you will need to use a lot of Moisture Pumps. Therefore, we have listed the details required for crafting Moisture Pumps for you below.

Building TypeSkill RequrimentRequired ResearchResources to CraftPower Consumption
Building – MiscConstruction 6Moisture pump75 Steel, 4 Components-150 W

If you meet all the requirements in the table, you can now place Moisture Pumps where you need them. So, let’s take a look at what exactly you need to do to place it.

Rimworld Moisture pump
  • First, place the Moisture Pumps in the center of the area you want to dewater. It will clear an area of exactly 6 by 9 from water and turn it into soil.
  • Even when the Rimworld Moisture Pump finishes working and clears a 6 to 9 area of water, it will continue to consume electricity. For this reason, you have to cut off the electricity production.
  • If you want to run it again, you can also apply the classic building move operation to Moisture Pump.


In today’s article, we conducted extensive research on Rimworld Moisture Pumps.To be honest, while I was writing this article, I was playing the game myself on another screen. I had the opportunity to try Moisture Pumps. However, I didn’t like the use of it.

Because it took nearly 50-60 days to clear the designated tile areas of water. In short, because Moisture Pumps took too long, I did not get much efficiency. Maybe you can use it more efficiently while playing creative or shaping your own world. Frankly, it made more sense to me to try to produce plants by installing a Hydroponics Basin system, instead of spending time with it to create agricultural land from the swamp. What do you think? Is it worth the hassle with Moisture Pumps?

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