What is the Rimworld Nano Structuring Chip? Explained 2023


RimWorld is a game that stands out with its mechanical and futuristic theme. Technology and development doubled when the Biotech expansion was released on October 21, 2022. Many new content added flavor to the game, such as reproduction, advanced mechanoids, and genetic modifications. One of them, of course, is the Rimworld nano structuring chip.

Rimworld Nano Structuring Chip
Rimworld Nano Structuring Chip

The nano structuring chip, which is a resource added to the game with the Biotech DLC, has many uses. While there are many mechanoids in RimWorld, some are indeed more valuable than others. As a mechanitor, one of the things you have to do in the Biotech DLC is to find these nano structuring chips. Today we will talk about how you can find this resource and what you can do with it.

What is the Use of Rimworld Nano Structuring Chip?

Rimworld nano structuring chips are used to research a few items in the game and craft a few recipes. The main resource of these items is a nano structuring chip and they cannot be researched without it. So let’s take a look at what exactly these items are used for.

Please note that the chip will not be consumed in the process of researching these items.

  • Wastepack Atomizer: You can research Wastepack Atomizers which can securely dispose of Toxic Wastepacks by dissolving them at the molecular level. Its cost varies from 5000 to 10.000. You will need 1x simple nano structuring chip and advanced fabrication as required research.

By the way, speaking of Rimworld Toxic Wastepacks, we have to say that there are other ways to get rid of this nasty garbage. And we have prepared a detailed article accordingly. Check it out now!

Rimworld Nano Structuring Chip
  • Ultra Mechtech: The cutting-edge equipment required for your mechanitor to build and manage ultra-tier mechanoids, such as big mechs and ultra-tier mechanitor gear. If you want to research this item, you will need at least one Rimworld nano structuring chip. Its cost varies from 5000 to 10,000. And the required search for Ultra Mechtech is high mechtech fabrication. 
Rimworld Nano Structuring Chip crafting ultra mechtech
Rimworld Nano Structuring Chip crafting ultra mechtech

You will also need a Rimworld nano structuring chip in order to craft these:


Mechlord Helmet

Mechlord Helmet is a type of gear armor that can be crafted by using Rimworld nano structuring chip. You can craft this item only after researching Ultra Mechtech. To craft this item, 120 Plasteel, 6 Advanced components, 2 Nano structuring chips, and a Crafting skill of 7 are required.

Mechlord Suit

Mechlord Suit is a type of gear armor that can be crafted by using Rimworld nano structuring chip and many more items. Again, Ultra Mechtech must be researched to craft this item. Besides 2 nano structuring chips, 1 Powerfocus chip, 120 Plasteel, 8 Advanced components and Crafting skill of 7 are required.

War Queen

War Queen is a mechanoid commander added to the game with the Biotech DLC. You can acquire a powerfocus chip from War Queen, for use in advanced mechanitor tech. You can acquire it with 1 Rimworld nano structuring chip, 3 Advanced components, 300 Plasteel, 600 Steel. But Ultra Mechtech research must be completed. You can gestate War Queens with the Large mech gestator.

Repair Probe

The Biotech DLC’s addition of Repair Probes speeds up the rate at which mechanics repair their mechanoids. It is quite easy to craft. After completing the Ultra Mechtech project, you don’t need anything but 1 Rimworld nano structuring chip, 2 advanced components, and a Crafting skill of 6.

How to Acquire Nano Structuring Chips in Rimworld?

If you are wondering how to get a Rimworld nano structuring chip, the answer is very straightforward and there is only one way: Apocritons. Apocriton is a mechanoid added with the Biotech DLC and its sole purpose is to drop you nano structuring chips. You can farm nano structuring chips for further technologies by summoning this mechanoid many times. But we don’t think you’ll need more than 3.

Rimworld Nano Structuring Chip

You can get nano structuring chips by using a mechanitor to summon an Apocriton threat. Besides a mechanitor, you will also need a mechband dish. You have to destroy this dish in the summoning process. You must also have completed High Mechtech research to summon an Apocriton. After summoning, you must kill this boss-like threat. As a result, defeating an Apocriton will drop a nano structuring chip.


And we have come to the end of another article. Today, we told you how you can acquire the Rimworld nano structuring chip item and in which crafts this resource will be used. This resource is really used in a lot of areas and it has a huge place in the game. We wish you a day full of technology, and production. Don’t forget to have fun and take care! See you in other topics.

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