Rimworld Resurrector Mech Serum (How to Get & Use)


In Rimworld, one of the game’s most sought-after items is the Resurrector Mech Serum, a rare, exotic, high-tech item that can bring a dead colonist back to life. The Rimworld Resurrector Mech Serum is highly valuable and challenging to obtain, making it a valuable resource for players looking to keep their colonies alive and thriving.

If you are new to Rimworld or interested in the Resurrector Mech Serum, this article is for you!

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What is Rimworld Resurrector Mech Serum

In Rimworld, the Resurrector Mech Serum is an item that can bring a dead colonist or animal back to life.

Regardless of how your pawn dies, for example, fatal injuries, disaster, or unfortunate events. This item can revive you and restore you to total health.

How to Get Rimworld Resurrector Mech Serum

As you know, the Resurrector is a high-value item that can be a game-changer. So it’s more challenging to acquire this item than others.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to craft this item without a mod.

rimworld resurrector mech serum
Rimworld Resurrector Mech Serum

Although some sayings indicate that this item can be bought from exotic goods traders, the chance is rare. The only way to acquire this item is by completing the quests well or by picking it randomly through certain events.

It’s important to note that the quest rewards, including the Resurrector Mech Serum, are chosen through a weighted random generator, meaning there is no guarantee of its availability in a particular playthrough. So, we’d recommend being nice and friendly with anyone for more quests.

Moreover, you can finish your quests more quickly to receive a faster turnaround.

How to Use Resurrector Mech Serum

Despite its difficulty in the acquisition, the Resurrector is extremely easy to use.

To use the Resurrector Mech Serum in Rimworld, select any dead colonist, right-click the serum, and left-click a selected corpse.

The revived colonist will be in full health (except for brain injury and Luciferium addiction) and will restore all missing organs but may suffer some side effects such as vomiting, dementia, or loss of movement.

Moreover, while artificial body parts remain unaffected, any deceased human or animal with artificial pregnancy from the Biotech DLC will retain their pregnancy when revived by the serum, which will continue progressing normally.

Not to mention that this item only works with the corpse that died recently. So you have to store your pawn or dead colonist in a freezer or cold room for preservation purposes.


In general, the Rimworld Resurrector Mech Serum is a valuable item in the game that can have a significant impact on gameplay and the survival of your colony. While it can be a game-changing item in certain situations, its rarity and the fact that it can only be used once mean that players must use it wisely. So take our guidelines carefully and enjoy your playthrough!

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