RimWorld Toxic Waste pack: What Are They For? 2023


While there are many reasons to end you in RimWorld, wastepacks are definitely the most annoying ones. A RimWorld toxic waste pack is one of the top resources in your stockpile that you need to get rid of immediately. Otherwise, things will not progress as you wish.

rimworld toxic waste pack
rimworld toxic waste pack

This nasty resource has the potential to wipe out all of your lands, make them infertile and can lead to many undesirable bad situations. So the moment you see the wastepacks, find a way to destroy them. Lucky you, we offer you the best guide for it!

What Are Toxic Wastepacks in RimWorld?

Toxic wastepacks are unnecessary wastes left behind by the use of mechanical technology. Toxic wastepacks were introduced in the RimWorld Biotech update. It is one of the biggest causes of pollution in RimWorld. The RimWorld toxic waste pack is a nightmare, as it both takes up space and hinders your actions in the game. It will not be of any use to you in the game, and it will cause plenty of damage, such as leaving 6 polluted tiles behind.

Toxic waste packs RimWorld will appear every time a mech recharges using the recharger and every time you build a mech using the gestator. What’s more, you also get wastepacks when you clean polluted tiles to keep the environment healthy. In fact, depending on the power of use of the machines, there is a risk of more damage than profit. So this is a meaningless operation.

That’s why the RimWorld toxic waste pack is an item that you need to get rid of as soon as possible. It has a very malicious effect on both the environment and your game development. This will be a great advantage for you in the long run when you manage the RimWorld toxic waste pack generation.

How to Get Rid of Toxic Waste Pack Rimworld?

The best answer to the question “What to do with toxic waste packs Rimworld” would be to get rid of them forever. The first solution is to freeze the toxic wastepacks, preventing them from causing deterioration once and for all. If no damage is applied to them, they will always remain frozen. When they are frozen, they do not harm the environment, they only cause visual pollution.

toxic waste pack rimworld
toxic waste pack rimworld

After freezing them, you can deport them to the far end of the world using caravans or transport pods. In this way, you will definitely remove them from your territory. It will be enough if you send them 4 tiles away. But just in case, it’s better to send them further away. As a toxic waste pack Rimworld hater, we tried it and we approved!

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What to Do with Toxic Waste Packs RimWorld?

Freezing and disposing of toxic wastepacks can take some of your time and be difficult. So living with them without disposing of them is also a solution. But this is accepting the pollution. Pollution renders your terrain useless and prevents you from using most functions in the game. Even if it sounds bad, it should not be denied that it actually has some benefits.

toxic waste packs rimworld
toxic waste packs rimworld

The toxic substances that accumulate the terrain form their own ecosystem after a while. This completely changes the terrain and creates some beneficial fauna. Insects grow stronger and new life forms that feed on toxicity emerge. You can even build brand new technologies by taking advantage of this pollution. In other words, by keeping Rimworld toxic wastepacks on your land and allowing pollution, you get a completely different gaming experience.


You must have literally received the answer to the question of how to get rid of the toxic waste pack Rimworld. A Rimworld toxic waste pack is a complex resource that you may need to get rid of because it takes up and pollutes your land, but also leads the game to a different ecosystem. So you have to decide that based on what you want. We definitely don’t want any toxic waste pack Rimworld because they are nasty! Anyways, have fun and good luck Rimworlders!

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