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The world and atmosphere of Rimworld are endowed with a wide variety of biomes such as glaciers, mountains, tundra, and forests. Many players who have learned a little of the game do not find it very enjoyable to play in biomes where it is easy to survive. Because of this, they prefer to play in biomes where it is difficult to live, such as glacial or winter tundra. So, our team thought it would be sweet to make a Rimworld Tundra guide before your entire tribe froze and smashed their beds to make a fire.

Rimworld Tundra
Rimworld Tundra

There are few mountains, no forests, animals are on the verge of extinction, and the temperature is cold enough to make your people hypothermia. Moreover, there is a raid danger that may come from outside. We will be explaining step by step what you can do while a hard realistic survival adventure awaits you. How long will you survive?

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1. Welcome to the Rimworld Tundra Biome

Your adventure began after you made a forced landing on the planet. The first thing to do is to stop the game and examine the environment. Try to spot all the resources, trees and animals in the surrounding area in a cursory manner. You will probably have landed on an empty plain and there will be hardly any resources around.

Do not rush to start the game after the source is determined. Then try to identify the best area for shelter. If possible, take care to choose an area that is covered with mountains as a shelter. Because in this way, you will have the chance to close your living space easily.

rimworld tundra best base
rimworld tundra best base

If we have completed the short-term planning process after landing on the planet, you can now move on to the next stage, building a structure.

2. Do Not Use Wood When Building Structures!

Electricity will be your nightmare in glaciers and winter tundras. There will be frequent power outages due to weather-related problems, malfunctions and attacks. So, what exactly does the power cut have to do with wood? Wood produces the electricity and heat needed for the tribe by using a “Wood-fired generator” in the most difficult situations.

Therefore, only use steel and stone as a source when building shelters in the area specified in step 1. Using stones can be difficult at the beginning of the game, so use a certain amount of steel to build shelters. The best advice we can give players throughout the Rimworld tundra guide is not to waste your wood. You must have noticed that when you first set foot in the area, there were almost no trees around.

rimworld tundra base steel
rimworld tundra base steel

Another important point about the shelter is that you should not attempt a major construction process at first. Because the air temperature at night will be between -2 and -7 even if you are in summer. Take care to build only the structures that are needed, avoiding unnecessary work at night.

3. What to Build First?

You have finally managed to build a small steel shelter suitable for the number of people living in the colony. The first construction to be done in the shelter should be the beds and the campfire. You only have a chance to survive a few nights without a campfire. Since you just built the shelter from steel, we already have plenty of wood. Therefore, you will not have a problem with heating for now. However, when the season is autumn and winter, you will have to come up with better solutions.

The first thing you will do after you have taken care of the beds and campfire should be to set up a research table. Because convenience foods won’t be enough to feed the tribe forever. After the Research Table installation is complete, research theHydroponics Press technology. With Hydroponics, you will be able to farm safely and have access to fresh food in a short time.

rimworld tundra hydroponics
rimworld tundra hydroponics

In addition, since electricity has already been researched, “Sun Lamp” should be installed in the areas where agriculture will be made. In this way, you will be able to grow crops faster by creating fake sunlight. This is how you will solve your food problem before the winter months come, thanks to the Rimworld tundra tips.

4. Prepare to Go Hunting, Winter Is Coming!

Although it is safe and warm inside your home, the danger of cold weather still awaits you outside. Moreover, your resources, especially steel, are slowly running out. In short, your colony members need to go out and gather resources. If you don’t produce clothes that will keep the colonists warm, the outside labor will not be productive enough.

For this, start killing all animals on the map, especially Muffalo. Since you will have obtained plenty of meat from the Muffalos you hunted, a small support will be provided for the food problem. In addition, 2-3 Muffalo will provide the colonists with the wool necessary to make a jacket. Now colonists will be able to work productively without getting cold outside.

rimworld tundra tips muffalo
rimworld tundra tips muffalo

By the way, you may be wondering why you don’t tame the Muffalos. Because after taming a Muffalo, wool is obtained only once every 15 days. We did not choose this route, as the 15-day period is quite a long time for the colonists to survive.

5. Expand Your Territory to Increase Production

You have successfully completed the settling process before the freezing temperatures arrived. Now it remains to expand your living space a little more and install the necessary production tools. It’s also important to start researching the Geothermal Generator ASAP. Because the most important point among Rimworld tundra tips is to produce enough energy.

Do not neglect to establish a new “Hydroponics Basin” while expanding your living space until you provide the sufficient amount of energy. Because with the autumn and winter months, you will have difficulties stepping outside for a long time.

6. Key to Survival in the Rimworld Tundra Biome – Geothermal Generator

Since the Geothermal Generator research process takes a very long time, you should expand your territory and create a more livable area by making arrangements such as the ground. Now build a “Geothermal generator” in the nearest Steam Geyser region without the pressure of cold weather.

After building the Geothermal Generator, be sure to cover it with steel walls. A power outage as a result of adverse weather conditions and solar flares could be the end of the entire colony. So no matter what happens, spend all your resources and build a steel wall around the Geothermal Generator.

tundra rimworld Geothermal Generator
tundra rimworld Geothermal Generator

Now that you have a magnificent energy power, you must store this energy. For this, you should build an energy room covered with steel walls near your living area. In short, you need to do “Battery” research in a very short time. Quickly create your energy room when the battery research is finished.

7. From Campfire to Heater

Now winter has come! Even in sunlight, the air temperature shows -20 degrees. Colonists’ clothes will no longer be enough. Moreover, not only outside, but inside the shelter can no longer be warmed by the heat produced by the campfire. Therefore, you need to use our abundant energy.

Rimworld Tundra

Place heaters that will stabilize the temperature at 20 degrees in many points, especially in the sleeping area and agricultural area. In the meantime, definitely calculate the electricity that the heaters will consume. Otherwise, at the slightest interruption, all of the colonists may catch hypothermia and die.

8. Don’t Be Brutal

There will be occasional raid attempts on the region where your colony is located. Sometimes you can be attacked by a large group, sometimes by just a few people. Even if you win the battle at this point, definitely try not to kill the attackers. It would be to your advantage to build a prison for them and lure them in. Then assign the most persuasive person in the colony to persuade these people.

Manpower is of absolute importance in such challenging geographies in the game. The more manpower you have, the faster your effort to become a civilization will accelerate. Considering all these, try to add people to your colony, even if it takes a long time, and reach the highest number of people as possible.

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Bonus – On the Edge of Life

If you have followed all the steps so far, everything will go smoothly and perfectly. But the game is just getting started. The time has come to lay the foundations of society, especially along with your colony’s religious beliefs and other ideas.

Will you be the destroyer or the builder? Can you afford cannibalism for your food needs? It should not be forgotten that you may still be insufficient for the food needs of the community after a while. To solve the food problem, you might consider growing mushrooms in dark areas.

With the new Biontech update, you also have the chance to create mini robots to help colonists. Also, if a colonist is injured, you’ll even have the opportunity to attach bionic limbs to them. However, the more your colony develops, the more dangers will come towards you from the outside. The decisions you make and every step you take can be your destiny in the game. In short, from now on, you will wander on the edge of life, nose to nose with death.

As hard as it may be to survive in the Rimworld Tundra biome, there is always hope for the future. Good luck!

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