Rimworld Enslave vs Recruit | Are Slaves Better? 2023


The people you can work under yourself in the Rimworld universe will help you a lot at some points. The people who will work for you may be prisoners or slaves. But of course, there are certain differences between Rimworld enslave vs recruit.

Rimworld Enslave vs Recruit
Rimworld Enslave vs Recruit

There are labor, speed and economic differences between enslaving and recruiting people. In some cases, slavery is more advantageous, while in others, recruiting is more beneficial. You can focus more heavily on one, depending on the course of your game. We will tell you the major differences between them in this guide we prepared.

What Are the Advantages of Enslaving Over Recruiting?

Rimworld slaves are communities that can be controlled and made to do whatever you want. But of course there are some mechanics and limits. In this Rimworld enslave vs recruit article, we will discuss which one would make more sense to choose.

Here we will talk about the pros and cons of slavery Rimworld:


  • The most well-known use of slaves is ideology. If your ideology requires slavery, it would make sense. Because this can give you some buffs. So it totally depends on the requirements of your ideology.
  • A Rimworld slave has much lower expectations than normal recruited colonists. So this way you can make a good amount of money profit. There is no penalty in the lack of recreation as Rimworld slaves have large mood buffs. If their moods are broken, you can punish them and recover them immediately.
  • Slaves are always skilled at laboring and do most of the work. Rimworld slaves can do a lot of work that colonists won’t do.
  • Your pawns will quickly depise the slaves if your ideo has a high level of bigotry and you enslave them from other ideos; as a result, they will receive a significant mood boost when the slave dies.
  • Even if slaves know how to fight, they are less likely to get involved in a fight. Most of the time they avoid causing trouble and do not insult non-slaves.
  • A Rimworld slave is basically faster and easier to enslave. With a minimum of effort and time, you can make them your slave and assign them to take on many tasks.
rimworld slave house
rimworld slave house
  • You can use your slaves as shields or bait for raids, body haulers and practice dummy. Since Slavery Rimworld is not considered very valuable, you can use them for the most dangerous or undesirable situations.
  • Slaves can fertilize embryos, so you can use them for some purposes like that.

One of the most excellent DLCs to come to Rimworld is Biotech. Our article about the Rimworld Nano Structuring Chip, where we talk about the more technical side of the game, will also be very useful to you.


  • They can not be used in hunting, wardening or any kind of research. They are very useless in this regard and you can only assign them to certain tasks. Also, slaves cannot be given roles.
  • Even if slaves avoid fighting, they tend to revolt at least once a month. These slave rebellions won’t matter much, but they will waste your time. In the Rimworld enslave vs recruit comparison, we can say that recruited pawns do not rebel.
  • Slaves cannot participate in any type of ritual. But you can sacrifice them in these rituals.
  • Slaves cannot share a bed with colonists. Even being married doesn’t change that.
  • Rimworld slaves cannot seek military aid, trade caravans, or personal core locations at a comms console.

Who Wins The Rimworld Enslave vs Recruit?

Actually, there is no winner in Rimworld enslave vs recruit because they both have points where they are superior to each other. Slaves do not have expectations of recruited pawns and have higher mood boosts. This makes slaves even easier to manage and allows them to be used in mood mechanics. Also, enslaving is faster and easier than recruiting. You can use slaves for many useless jobs – the kind that even colonists would refuse to do.

Rimworld Slaves
Rimworld Slaves

On the other hand, slaves may not meet all your expectations. They cannot warden, make art or research, which narrows their usage area. Slaves also cannot synthesize Drugs. But they can still cook them. It is also a disadvantage that the slaves cannot have an ideological role.

So in summary, we think that slaves bring more profit in Rimworld enslave vs recruit, even if they are useless at some points. In general, most of the negative aspects are not things that affect the course of the game deeply. That’s why slaves are better in Rimworld.


Today we discussed which one would be better as Rimworld enslave vs recruit. In conclusion, both have their pros and cons, but the slavery will be more advantageous to you in Rimworld. With the Rimworld slave collar, you can make whoever you want your slave, and it’s that easy. We hope you have a very enjoyable game with your minions. See you for now, bye!

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