Rimworld Genepack (How to Get & Use)


One of the many aspects that make Rimworld so engaging is the ability to customize and enhance colonists through the use of mods. One such mod is the Rimworld Genepack in Biotech (DLC), which allows players to modify their colonists genetically.

rimworld genepack
Rimworld Genepack

This article will explore the Rimworld Genepack and discuss how to obtain and use it effectively.

What is Rimworld Genepack?

Rimworld Genepack is a small capsule containing a package of genetic information. In other words, it’s a genetic modification item that adds new genetic engineering mechanics, allowing you to modify the genetics of your pawns in various ways.

The genepack is used via the gene assembler.

There are three major types of genes that your pawns can have:

  • Endogenes
  • Xenogenes
  • Archite genes

The genepack is used to store Xenogenes. It has a number of blue bars displayed on its texture, indicating it contains between 1 and 4 genes. Xenogenes are genes that can be implanted into pawns. In addition, you can change, remove, and add Xenogenes to your colonists at any time.

How to Get Genepack In Rimworld?

As mentioned above, Rimworld Genepack is an item that is only available in Biotech (DLC), so make sure you install this DLC first.

Although “full gene combination” is considered advanced technology, the genepack is still obtainable in a colony that is in the early stages of industrial development.

There are three ways to get the genepack:

  •  Using a gene extractor
  •  Acquiring from traders
  •  Getting it as a quest reward

You can obtain the genepack from the gene extractor. The gene extractor is the machine that can extract a person’s genes and create a genepack from them.

In Rimworld, you can build a gene extractor using 200 Steel, 8 Components, 9000 ticks of work, Construction skill of 4 only after you complete the Xenogenetics research project.

Once you have the gene extractor, left-click on it, select “Insert Person” and choose the colonist you want to extract, then wait for the process to occur.

The genepack with genes inside will drop on the floor next to the gene extractor after that, but you must place it in the gene bank, where you should build nearby, or it’ll deteriorate slowly.

rimworld genepack
How to Get Rimworld Genepack

You can also acquire a genepack from traders or earn one as a quest reward. Despite the availability of the item, there is no guarantee that traders will always sell it or that it can be obtained as a reward at all times.

In addition, a genepack purchased from traders or obtained as a quest reward may contain exactly one Archite gene. Acquiring an isolated Archite gene is impossible because the Archite gene is always generated with 1 or 2 random xenogenes.

Here are all the configurations that can appear:

  • 1 Xenogene, 66% chance
  • 2 Xenogenes, 20% chance
  • 3 Xenogenes, 5% chance
  • 4 Xenogenes, 2% chance
  • 1 Archite, 1 Xenogene, 5% chance
  • 1 Archite, 2 Xenogenes, 2% chance

How to Use Rimworld Genepack?

As mentioned above, the genepack will drop after the extraction. You then have to put it in the gene bank to be stored.

You can left-click on the gene bank and select “Contents” to check how many genepacks you place on it. 

Using the genepack requires the gene assembler, which is built using 200 Steel, 4 Components, 12000 ticks of work, a Construction skill of 4, and only after you complete the Xenogenetics research project.

By left-clicking on the gene assembler and selecting “Recombine”, the next screen will show all possible genes you have, along with their metabolic efficiency stats and complexity stats.

rimworld genepack
How to Use Rimworld Genepack

Next, left-click on the genes you want to assemble in the “Genpack Library” section. Additionally, you can name the xenotype, or simply let the game randomize it.

Click on “Start Combining” to begin the process. The time it takes to combine your genes depends on the complexity stats. Although it can be reduced by increasing the Research Speed, it can become longer as the complexity of the xenogene increases.

A xenogerm, an organ that can modify your pawn’s genes, will release after the process is done.

To use the xenogerm, you have to pick the pawn you want to implant the xenogerm in first, then right-click on the xenogerm and select “Order Implantation to ‘’pawn’s name”.

Another way to operate the xenogerm is by left-clicking on it, selecting “Oder Implantation” and then choosing the pawn in the list.

Last, you can select “Add Bill” in the health tab of your pawn, then select “Implant Xenogerm”

Once again, the implantation time depends on the complexity of the xenotype. When the implantation is done, your pawn will enter a coma that lasts two days.


Genepacks are a unique and powerful item in Rimworld that allow players to modify genes, along with a gene assembler, gene extractor, and gene bank. By applying these genes to your pawns, you can enhance their abilities and characteristics to create stronger and more resilient members of your colony. Genepack plays a vital role in that process, as it offers a fascinating way to improve your gameplay experience, making the challenges of Rimworld all the more exciting.

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